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AkuMana Ch28

Borrowing inside the Carriage

(In the game’s first chapter, the main story is about the drugs being circulated in the capital. In the games actual scenario, the protagonist would help Ricardo with the investigation, and would attend this evening party with Ricardo as her escort.)

That’s because, among the participants of the party, there is also a [customer] of the drugs coming, or so was the info that they would learn in the game.


The protagonist who comes to the party with Ricardo, would achieve their high society debut and then also meet their fiancé in that very party for the first time.

Meaning, this party was the event where [Leonardo Valentino Aldini] would appear for the first time in the game.

(I know I asked Leonardo to not involve himself in the drugs business but all he said was [he’ll try]. Knowing him, there is always a chance that he goes [well I tried but I failed] and then go back on his promise……….in fact, it’s more likely that he does something like that. I should move with that assumption, honestly.)


She recalled the various situations that she had witnessed or heard of even in her past life.

(Drug business always brought in huge profits. Even in my past life, there were a bunch of other yakuza groups that would break the taboo and secretly deal with drugs……..)

She didn’t know what Leonardo’s objectives were but, she doubted that Leonardo would change his plans just because she went to a party with him.

Or at least that should be the case but Leonardo, who was sitting next to her, was doing nothing but looking at her with a sweet and gentle gaze.

“……..What is it? Francesca?”


To try and change the topic, Francesca spoke.

“You smell a bit different than usual today, Leonardo.”


When she did, Leonardo looked a bit surprised.

And even if it was simply a masterful act, he still showed happy smile.

“Ah, so you actually even remember my scent eh?”



That’s not how she meant it so, she was astonished by his reaction.

“N-no, that’s not it. It’s just that the perfume you used today just happens to be to my liking that’s all!”

“Ohh? Not unexpected I suppose.”

Saying that, Leonardo slowly brought his face closer to her.


“You see, this perfume is from a famous brand called the [Red Rose].”

“………as in, similar to my family’s insignia?”

“You know I do feel a little bit guilty for dragging you out with me like this tonight by using it as a bargain for your request after.”

Leonardo sounded proud though, as he stared directly at her with his moon-like eyes.

“And so, I wanted to really look worthy of standing by your side tonight.”


What a contrived way of flirting. Even Francesca couldn’t help but grimace hearing that.

But Leonardo, seeing her uncute reaction simply looked even more happy.

“Francesca, what are you thinking about right now?”

“That you’re really putting a lot of effort into your lies tonight, Leonardo.”

“Kuh, hahaha!!”


His gloved finger poked at Francesca’s cheek.

“That’s my Francesca.”

(This damn mastermind, is a bit too random at times, it’s kinda scary……..)


Francesca reeled back from him a bit but even then, Leonardo still seemed to be enjoying himself.

(I should brace myself for what’s to come. If everything goes like it did in the game………..)

Having turned away from Leonardo, Francesca looked outside the window of the carriage and gazed at the cityscape lit under the moonlight.

(At tonight’s party, Ricardo will also be there. I’m sure he should have figured out that there’s someone related to the drugs incident at tonight’s party even with his own investigations alone.)

It could be that Leonardo only chose to take part in tonight’s party because he found out that Ricardo, who was investigating the incident, would be here as well.

(In this world, I’m going here with Leonardo as my escort, and there’s a good chance we run into Ricardo there. But it’s the reverse in the game, wasn’t it………)

In the game, being escorted to the party by Ricardo, and the events that follow, the heroine figures out that it was Leonardo that was the mastermind behind the drug trafficking incident. And in her attempts to stop him, she incurs Leonardo’s wrath and piques his curiosity as well.

After that, Leonardo begins to actively target her from then on which goes on throughout the main story of the game.

(I tried to avoid it all so much but in the end I’ve ended up mostly following the scenario of the game. The biggest difference is that the cast involved has been basically reversed from the game………)


Looking away from the window, she turned back to look at Leonardo once again. Leonardo who seemed to be simply staring at the back of her head till then, met eyes with her, and smiled happily.

(………In the game, the heroine makes Leonardo very angry and has her life constantly targeted by him, that’s how it was supposed to be. But instead, I have somehow managed I achieved the exact opposite and even caught his weird interest towards me……….)

Francesca gave up on it all, and leaked a small sigh. And then spoke to Leonardo.


“Leonardo, before we reach the party venue, I wanted to make a request of you.”

“Ask whatever you want. I’ll listen to anything my precious fiancée has to say to me.”

“yes yes, thank you. Then……..”

She opened her palm, covered in her lace glove, and stretched out her hands towards him.

“I want to borrow one of your guns.”

“……..The venue is managed by the royal family. Just like the academy, there’s a skill based barrier set up to prohibit bringing any guns in but…….”

“But you have one right? A specially manufactured gun that can go past that barrier?”

When Francesca said so, Leonardo couldn’t help but snicker.

“It would seem my fiancée is a magician that can read people’s mind.”

“Your coat. It’s a size bigger than what would normally be a perfect fit after all.”

Saying that, Francesca lightly pulled on his high quality coat.

From a glance no one would notice any issues but, when you touch it, you could tell there was just a bit more fabric used than necessary.

“Everything else is so perfect, yet just your coat happens to be a slightly bigger than needed. It’s a noticeable feature of those hiding weapons on them after all, and I was right it seems.”

“I seem to have underestimated you. Very well, I’ll be even more careful from next time.”

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And probably, this wasn’t the first time. Leonardo was probably hiding a gun even in his academy uniform as well.

(Even this carriage, the windows are bulletproof as well. Unlike my last life, bulletproof glass is much thinner and lighter. And it’s nice to not have to tint them dark black either.)

In the bulletproof cars of her past life, even a normal person could tell from outside that the vehicle was made to be bulletproof due to its characteristic looks.


The cars used by her family group were all like that but, in the past life Francesca would go to and fro from her elementary school in such cars without being aware of such a fact.

“Well, if I had asked my Papa for a gun, there was no way he’d have allowed me to go right? But, I do feel a bit scared tonight so I want one……….I’m just nervous since it’s my first ever evening party, that’s all.”


Of course, that was not true at all, and she wasn’t really trying to make her lies seem believable either.

“I suppose it can’t be helped then. If it makes you feel safer, I have no reason to not let you keep one.”

Leonardo reached inside his coat’s inner pocket, and pulled out a dark black coloured gun.

“This time it’s a real one right?”

“Very real. I can’t come without any weapons and hope to keep my cute fiancée safe after all.”

(This man literally can’t help but lie every minute………..)

Even without a gun, Leonardo would not lose to anyone.

“But, where are you going to keep this gun? Your pretty evening dress doesn’t have a place to hide a gun this size though.”

“I wore a belt on my thigh just for this. Of course, without telling Papa though.”


Taking the gun from him, she blocked Leonardo eyes with her hand. With his vision blocked, Leonardo patiently waited until Francesca was done hiding the gun under her dress, on her thigh.

“And we’re done! Thank you Leonardo. Also, if there are any of our fellow students at the party, I’d prefer if we didn’t meet them.”

“Understood, I’ll try my best to avoid them………Now then, we’ve arrived it seems.”

Once the carriage stopped, while being escorted by Leonardo, it was time for Francesca to face her first ever evening party.

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