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AkuMana Ch6


“Nice! You’re pretty good! So dignified, and gutsy as well. It would seem your pretty appearance is not the only beautiful thing about you.”

Saying that, he reached into his coat’s inner pocket.

You could tell from a glance that Leonardo’s clothes were all tailor made for him. Under his black coat, he wore a striped vest and a white shirt. The buttons on it were grey but the strings tying it were red. Such unique yet subtle details were very visible across his entire appearance.

“Looks like I won’t be able to truly break you with normal methods eh?”


From inside his coat, he pulled out a gun.

Francesca was of course expecting the muzzle of the gun to be pointed towards her. But before she could prepare and get ready to deal with that, Leonardo, as if to ridicule her thoughts, took a completely unexpected action instead.


He grabbed Francesca’s hand.

And then made her delicate heroine hands hold the gun instead.

As he gently held and covered Francesca’s both hands with his own, he pointed the muzzle of the gun towards Leonardo’s own left chest and pushed against his own body.

And then he showed a tender smile again.

“Pull the trigger, if you want to.”


Leonardo’s voice was husky and had a listless nuance to it, feeling almost sickeningly sweet.

As if he was whispering words of tender loved into the ears of his lover, he brought Francesca’s finger over the trigger of the gun.

“If you don’t kill me right now, I will continue to try and harm you again and again. I will break even that strong heart of yours, if it helps attain my goals.”


“So? What will you do? Sole daughter of the Calvino family. If you kill me now, your future life would be much more peaceful.”


She fully and truly agreed with his words.

She had witnessed all the chaos and problems the game’s heroine was destined for in the 5 chapters that are about to follow. And right now, the mastermind behind those all was smiling in front of her, defenceless, asking her to “kill him”.


But Francesca simply sighed.

“Don’t be stupid.”

“Oh dear. Are you perhaps telling me that even the daughter of a mafia household can’t bring herself to kill someone?”

“……….before all that…”

Francesca pulled her hands holding the gun away from Leonardo’s gentle grip and escaped from his clutches.

With her finger still on the trigger guard, she spun the gun around it. Within the palm of her hand, the gun did a couple of rotations in a smooth manner, and then stopped perfectly back in her grip.

And then, Francesca pointed the gun straight at her own head.

Without ever looking away from Leonardo’s eyes, Francesca unhesitatingly pulled the trigger.

What came next, was not the sound of a gunshot.


Kachin! As a small clicking sound resounded in the room, Leonardo simply softly blinked his eyes.

Francesca closed her eyes at the foolish test of courage, and then held the gun out for Leonardo to take back.


“………..Amazing. Even though it’s supposed to be an almost perfectly recreated fake.”

“No matter how accurate, a real gun doesn’t weigh so light. Since it’s a gun for show you carry on you all the time, it’s probably made from a lighter metal, isn’t it?”


If a real gun was made with such a light metal, there’d constantly be accidents during use, or at least that’s how she saw it.

(Before I was born in this world, I had seen enough guns in my past life to the point where I was sick of them after all. Although the guns in this world aren’t exactly the same in structure as my past life but still……….)

She recalled the days of her past. After coming back from middle school, the members of her family were panicking to hide something away from her eyes while creating a ruckus.

[“…………you guys, what you just hid behind your backs, was it really……….”]

[“O…….Ojou! that’s not it, um, oh yeah, this is for use during festivals in those shooting booths you see! It’s just a model gun!!”]

[That’s obviously a lie!! Here, give it to me!!”]

[“Ple,please don’t be unreasonable…….! A, ahh!! Ojouuu!!”]

While the gang members panicked, she brought something out from her school bag. She held up the gun in her hand, and then stuck the magnets she had pulled out her bag on to the gun.


[“Look, even though the gun is black, the magnets are still sticking on to it! If it was really a model gun made of metal, it’s legally not allowed to have them in black colour, don’t you know that!? Only model guns made out of resin are allowed to be painted black, but then magnets won’t stick to it. So tell me, how exactly is this a model gun huh!!?”]

[“aah, ojou…….before we realized, you have already grown up enough to tell real guns from fake………”]


[“Now’s not the time to get emotional over my growth! I told you didn’t I, you guys are forbidden to carry guns openly while inside the house!! At least hide them properly if you really have to, and don’t flaunt them outside!! The neighbours are only terrified of us enough already, you guys need to stop causing more problems! AM I CLEAR!?”]

It was just a nostalgic memory now. But not letting her emotions show on her face, Francesca stared directly at Leonardo.

“Next time you want to threaten someone, don’t let them touch the gun……….whether it’s a fake or a real one.”


Leonardo lips twisted into a smile once again.

“Hahahaha hah……! What the hell, you’re really fascinating!”

(Why’s he getting so happy all of a sudden. Scary……..)

In the game, you could only understand him so much from his limited words and actions but, seeing him in front of her in real life really drove in how eerie he always seemed.

While Francesca was reeling back from his reaction, Leonardo suddenly squinted his eyes, and suddenly snatched the gun from Francesca’s hand.


And then, threw the gun smashing straight through the window of the house.


The window glass smashed to pieces with a loud crashing noise.

Leonardo was still staring straight at Francesca, and didn’t seem interested in looking away from her either. Meaning, he had never even looked towards the window even once.

And yet, a short scream came from outside, followed by the sound of someone collapsing to the ground.

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Apparently, the gun had hit the head of someone outside and instantly knocked them out.

“Seriously. These peeping toms . So vulgar, don’t you think?”

“……….Oh so the guy outside wasn’t your subordinate?”


She had also noticed that someone was trying to hide their presence and spy inside the house to see what was going on.

The situation being what it was, she figured it was someone from the Aldini family but, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Leonardo simply shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s me first time meeting my lovely fiancée, I’m not the type to let other people see something like that.”

“You really do lie as easily as you breathe huh………”

In truth, the only reason Leonardo showed up was because Francesca had spoiled the original kidnapping attempt, and wasn’t even planning to show his face originally.

(But, I can use this to my advantage, maybe? If I show him an unattractive, charmless side of me, perhaps Leonardo will break the engagement off on his own?)

She began to hope so. Leonardo, got up from the sofa where he was sitting close to Francesca, and walked towards the window through which he had thrown his gun.

And on the way, he looked back at her as beautiful face showed a stunning smile.

“——-You have piqued my interest. Francesca, my lovely fiancée.”



Due to the light pouring down from the window and shining from behind him, Leonardo’s smile seemed a bit dark.

“It’d be a waste to simply throw you away. That’s why, I will not break our engagement.”


At his declaration, Francesca could only stare in amazement.

“………You, you are definitely planning to use me for some nefarious plan, aren’t you……!?!”

“HAHAHA!! The fact that you can say something like that straight to my face is also what makes you so incredibly cute!”

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