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AkuMana Ch62

What they took from Him

Still breathing heavily, his finger somehow reached his father. But that only further revealed the harsh truth.

(………he’s not moving.)

Leonardo tightly grit his teeth.

In the middle of the meeting, the head of the Selena family who seemed to be only gauging their side, suddenly put his hands into inner pocket and pulled out two guns and aimed them straight at his father.


(Even though I knew he was not a trustworthy person at all……)

Leonardo quickly tried to jump in front of his father.

But that was a foolish mistake. Even if he hadn’t done something like that, his father would have been able to dodge the attack.


But as a result, his father jumped to protect the Leonardo that had tried to protect him and had hugged him to defend him from the bullets.

And he ended up taking at least 10 shots straight to the back. One of those pierced through his father’s body entirely and even hit Leonardo anyway.


The last thing he heard was his brother’s cries.

For a moment his consciousness faded, and when he woke up, everywhere he could see was wrapped in a sea of flames. Touching his father’s limp body, he used his other hand to press down on the wound on his own stomach.

Nothing had gone well. He was always thinking about protecting the world he and his brother believed in, but in the end, he had failed at protecting the most important thing of them all.



He must have been injured as well, as his brother was breathing raggedly as well but, inside the sea of flames, he spoke with a hoarse voice.

[………use your skill on Dad.]


Leonardo’s eyes widened with shock. His brother, while still in pain, still managed to make a kind smile and looked at Leonardo.

[The fact that you still hadn’t awoken your skills, that’s a lie right? To avoid getting into a succession struggle with me, you had hidden the fact that you could use your skills right?……..So much so that you never tried them even once, so that you yourself never knew.]


[……….and you want me to use it on Dad??]

What could he do at this point, after everything that had happened? After all, it was already too late for his father.

Just when he thought that, he suddenly saw glimmer of hope. After all, his brother knew what his skills actually were.


He didn’t know how to use his own skills. In fact he had tried his very best to make sure that they never even accidentally activated until now. But clinging on to a last ray of hope, Leonardo touched his father again who was bleeding out in a pool of blood.

The moment he put his thought into it, the fingertip that was touching his father suddenly sparkled and he felt electricity run through his hand.



What was that just now? He thought he had activated his skill but the scene in front of him didn’t change.

Not just that, the black smoke inside the room was only getting stronger, and quickly starting to suffocate them. His cheeks felt hot, and every breath hurt.

[it’s no use, brother! It’s failing…..!!]

[…………in that case.]

With a still gentle tone, his brother spoke to Leonardo again.

[Why don’t you try it on me this time, instead of Dad?]


Nodding, Leonardo touched his brother.

(At least, he could save his brother.)

In truth he should have noticed that something strange was going on there.

If Leonardo’s skill could really save someone, in the first place, his brother wouldn’t have had to order him to use it on him instead of their father.

But perhaps, Leonardo was only thinking of desperately trying to save his brother and nothing more.


(Even if it’s just him, please, I need to let him live……….)

His brother reached out his own finger and Leonardo tightly grabbed on to it.

Unlike his own small hands of a 10yr old, his brother’s were big, he was 17, almost an adult already.

His warm big warm hands, as the next head of the Aldini family, will go on to save a lot of lives in the future.

(I can’t build that future. A place where you could trust and save people.)

His brother was bright like the sun, and he could once again only narrow his eyes and look up to his face inside the flames.


The moment he prayed deeply, another shock like sensation ran through his hand.

Light spread, and danced around his brother. Seeing the light shine so brightly even within the flames, Leonardo was left speechless.


(What? What is this light??)

Seeing that, his brother simply laughed satisfied.

(This is different from before. This is similar to when Dad used his skill——…….)



His brother’s hands suddenly took Leonardo in an embrace.

[You were the pride of our father. And undoubtedly,……… I too was proud to be your brother.]


[That’s why.]

Suddenly, he was breathing much easily than before.

The burning pain in his stomach had suddenly disappeared. For some reason, the portion near his chest hurt but, it was still much better than before.

But on the other hand, something terrible had happened.

[……….Brother, that wound..]

Like a crimson flower blooming, the shirt near his brother’s stomach area was quickly getting stained in red.

The moment Leonardo realized that, his brother hugged him even more tightly and laughed.

[You don’t need to aim for the same thing as me or Dad, you know. Just don’t forget that.]



His older brother lifted Leonardo up in his arms, and then kicked the glass window to break it open.

[——You must always live, the way you want to.]



He laughed after saying that, and then gently threw him out of the window.

Leonardo desperately tried to stretch his hand, but it never reached him. Still smiling satisfied, he left him with these last words.

[Leonardo, your skill is………]


Soon after, only the sound of the room collapsing echoed.

The members that were surrounding the building all turned pale as they ran to catch Leonardo, and then shouted.

[Leonardo-sama!! Are you okay!?!]

[Where are the Boss and young boss…..!? those Selena bastards, they betrayed us……..!!]



He shook them off with all his strength, and even stole a gun from one of the members hands. And then, Leonardo jumped right back inside the burning mansion.



He probably had a broken rib. But this was not a wound Leonardo had received, it was originally his brother’s.

(Brother, to let me live!)

With every step, the cold sweat dripped down his body.


But still, compared to get in shot in the stomach, this was nothing.

(Just to let me live, he did something like that. Because he realized that even if he had escaped with me, I probably would have died on the way from my wounds…….!!)

His brother must have realized that Leonardo gunshot wound was fatal. He had lost a lot of blood which made him dizzy but, his brother must still be losing blood.

[Oi, the brat is still alive!! Kill him!!]


He aimed the gun at the Selena family members that were still there and were about to attack him, and then unhesitatingly pulled the trigger at them.

It was his first time killing a person but, he felt no fear. Once again he realized how much more suited to the underworld Leonardo was when compared to his kind and gentle brother and father.

While creating a bed of corpses, he climbed back to the third floor. He needed to save his father and brother, no at least his brother, he needed to save.

Just when he was about to lunge into the flames again, it was right then.

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From behind, an adults hand grabbed him and held him back.


And in front of Leonardo, with a huge explosion, flames burst out.

Inside the now open room, an immense amount of flames had completely taken over.

[Please return………I beg you…….!!]

[Let me go……..]

But the pain flared again, and suddenly his consciousness faded.

(I couldn’t protect them……….they died because of me. It should have been them, not me who should have lived..)

To him, it was almost as if Leonardo had killed his brother and father himself.


When he woke up, all the executives of the Aldini family had gathered around him. To be exact, the head of the family and the next heir, his father and brother were not there.

The men were all dressed in formal attire, and spoke, with a sincere expression that they had never shown Leonardo ever before.

[No, Lord Aldini……..from hence forth, we will now serve under you.]



In that moment, Leonardo thought this from the bottom of his heart.

( I stole it. Everything. From them.)

And then he looked at his own palms.

(My father’s life, his position. And also—–……..)


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