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AkuMana Ch63

A Mastermind’s Thinking


Slowly, he climbed up the stairs.

Soon after, from the wound on his stomach, he could feel the blood seeping out, but Leonardo only smiled wryly.

“……….Ah, shit…….”


The intense pain only made him break into a chuckle.

He pressed down on his stomach, but that only made him feel the wet sensation of blood on his hands. The area around the wound began to feel hot, like it was on fire.


And yet, cold sweat was dripping down his skin.

(………Well, at least Francesca’s beloved father won’t have to suffer from this.)

Fuu, he exhaled out.

(As long as I don’t have to see her cry, that’s good enough for me.)

And then, he flung the door open.

Having assumedly fallen over multiple times, and his hair looking like a complete mess, the Serranova family head was currently frantically rummaging through a chest of drawers.

While making sure that his own breathing didn’t turn ragged for even a moment, Leonardo smiled.

“Did you find what you were looking for? Serranova.”


Gerard’s shoulders jumped, and turned to look at him with a desperate look on his face.

During the meeting of the family heads, he was always looking very calm and composed. Yet, not even a shadow of that composure remained, and his face was filled with impatience and rage.


Gerard pointed his gun towards him once again, and screamed in a fit of rage.




He foolishly fired blindly, without properly aiming. Just by stepping to the side slightly, he was able to dodge the bullets.

If he moved too much, his bleeding would worsen which was a lot bigger threat to Leonardo right now.

While thinking of such things, he ended up chuckling to himself.

“You sure are sloppy. It’s because you’re like this that not just me, but even Francesca saw through your lies.”

“SHUT UP……..!!”

Leonardo’s eyes narrowed, and then deliberately began to question him.

“……….So? do you think you’ll be able to destroy the evidence that connects to the real [Mastermind] any time soon?”



More gunshots rang, and one of the bullets grazed past Leonardo’s cheek.

“What are you talking about…………!?”


“Are you really trying to feign ignorance even now? Just stop already, you dumb old man. No matter how poor your family may have become, a thick headed man like you would never be able to create such an over-the-top plotline all by yourself.”

The Gerard Leonardo knew of was always a person that would stick to the [Traditions] he so deeply believed in.

In many ways, Ricardo was quite similar to his father. The father-son duo were so alike, and yet suddenly, only the father had a complete change of heart for whatever reason.

“With the pathetic state you’re in right now, surely you’re not going to tell me that no one actually brainwashed you right? If you understand what I’m saying, then give up and talk to me calmly.”

“You bastard……..”

Gerard still hadn’t even noticed the small pool of blood that had formed under Leonardo’s shoes. Confirming that, Leonardo smiled again.

“This drugs incident isn’t the first strange incident that has occurred in this country.”


Even long before that, things had been getting twisted by something, or someone. Was someone from the underworld behind it, or perhaps it was the royal family, or someone else from the surface world that was causing it?

“Even the gun in your hand right now is, in some ways, an anomaly right? The rule is that you can’t bring guns inside this mansion, and the [supervisor] that makes sure of that serves the royal family directly. It’s one thing to miss Francesca’s gun, considering she’s not normally involved in such matters, but there’s no way he would ever let a family head accidentally walk inside with a gun, normally speaking.”


“Shut up…….”

“Since many years ago, strange things have been happening inside this country. That’s why, I too had been making moves that would look to be quite convenient to the [mastermind] and yet—–…..that person contacted you, instead of me. I’m quite sad that I got given the cold shoulder you know?”


“Oh yeah, by the way..”

While still maintaining his flippant tone, he took a small breath to pace himself without letting him notice his condition.

(——there’s no point trying to buy any more time it seems.)

He gave up, and laughed while hanging his head.

The skill he used before had not yet finished its cooldown and couldn’t be used again yet. But that was normal, it takes a predetermined amount of time before it can be usable again after use.

(As far as I know, there is only one way that allows people to use the same skill consecutively………)

Recalling the figure of a certain girl, he wryly smiled to himself.

While continuing to take small breaths, Leonardo raised his head and then continued to speak while looking as composed as always.

“……..the mastermind that manipulated you, apparently possesses quite the strong kind of mind control skill, even compared to others of the same type.”

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That person had been able to brainwash a large amount of people inside the party hall on that night as well.


And seeing Gerard right now, he could tell just how strong and advanced the technique was. It didn’t completely dominate a person’s will, instead it could allow people to act as they always are normally, but also control the more fundamental aspects of what they will do and how they’ll do it.

“If I was a [mastermind] with that strong of an ability, I’d put a trap inside your mind as well.”

“A trap…….?”

“First of all, when you get caught by a third party, first and foremost you’d be forced to [destroy all evidence that leads to them], that’ll be the first priority. Sounds familiar? Kind of like what you are doing right now, don’t you think?”

Gerard’s face twisted with deep displeasure.

“And then, there’ll be one more thing, the next priority. Especially, when you failed to destroy said evidence, this will take the first priority.”




Seeing Gerard press down on his head with both hands, Leonardo readied himself to fight.

“——If a person were to find your secret, you’ll try to kill them by no matter what means necessary.”


In that moment, Gerard eyes completely lost any focus or clarity they had remaining, and then he aimed his gun again and pulled the trigger.

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