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AkuMana Ch9

Please tell me how did things end up like this!?

Today morning, Francesca was supposed to be all excited awaiting the start of a new chapter in her life.

After today was the day she transferred into the academy. A moment for celebration.

She had dealt with a lot worries, but the today was the first big step towards achieving her lifelong dream of making friends.


(The moment I enter the class, let’s give a nice, energetic introduction to everyone…..!! Rather than try and force a good impression, let’s just try and talk to people who are willing to talk to you and focus on being easy to talk to and be polite to them. Haah, I’m so nervous…….!)


But this nervousness was not a bad thing per se. Just like the clear sky on a cold morning, it was a good way to fire yourself up.

(Friends, I hope I can make some.)

As the April flowers danced in the air on the road, from the window of her carriage, she stared into the distance while deep in thought.

(………I have avoided meeting members of the other families, and I need to make sure it stays that way even at school. It’ll be fine! I got the notice for which class I’m being transferred into yesterday but, from what I could tell it was not one of the classes that showed up in the story of the game……!)

She was feeling all excited, but what had instantly broken her on the very first day was the sight of Leonardo sitting at the back of her class.



As soon as the first lecture ended, Francesca screamed almost at the verge of crying.

From the moment she entered the class, during the lecture, and even no, this question was constantly floating inside her head.


But now it was break time, and the root of all evil had come to sit right beside her, so she ended up speaking it out loud.

“Hm? Why you ask………”


In front of her, was the beautiful face of the unnecessarily handsome man. His quirky black hair, as well as his golden moon-like eyes.

He was wearing the academy’s uniform but, his black necktie was loose, and the top two buttons of his shirt were also open.

You could see his clavicle clearly, yet it hardly made him look untidy, and instead gave him more of a sexy look if anything.

But Francesca couldn’t care less about any of that.

“You’re the one who suddenly transferred into my class, if anything, no?”

(But that’s exactly what I’m so confused by!!)

Leonardo continued to gaze at Francesca in amusement and rested his chin on the desk as he laughed.

The classes in this academy were designed more life a lecture hall. Every seat behind the other was a step elevated than the one before it, with long counter-like desks placed on each step, where students could come and sit wherever they wanted.

She had specifically picked a spot far away from where Leonardo was sitting, but it became meaningless when he just got up and sat down right by her.

Above all, the classmates around them were all staring at Francesca and him from afar.


“………What a surprise. To think he would actually show up to class for once……..”

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen him but man, he’s so cool! I’m glad I’m in this class……..! it’s fine even it’s just for a second, I hope he looks this way, please…….”

“Idiot, stop it…..! Do you have any idea what he might do to you if you get involved with him?”

“Wait, before he changes his mind and leaves again, maybe we should call people from other classes as well!!—–But still..”

Everyone was in a hubbub, making racket over his appearance and then they all focused their sights on Francesca.

“………that transfer student, what relation does she have with Leonardo-sama…….?”

(Yeah of course, this is how things would turn out huh…..!!)


It was clear to her that this kind of attention was not what she had originally hoped for.

If anything, she was already being treated as a oddball, as if they were all looking at some alien creature. She tried to move all the way to the edge of the desk to get away from him, only for Leonardo to slide back close to her.


“P,Please I beg of you, just stay away from me……..!!”

In a small voice, Francesa pleaded with Leonardo.

“How rude. Aren’t we in a relationship?”

“I don’t remember that happening! IN THE FIRST PLACE! WHAT EXACTLY! DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!?”

Just as she had told Leonardo yesterday, she wanted to not get dragged into the schemes of this man. But Leonardo simply reached into his pocket and brought something out in nonchalant manner.

“No need to be so afraid. I simply had something I wanted to return to you.”

“……..and what would that be……..?”


Leonardo put down a piece of cloth right in front of Francesca’s eyes.

“……..this is…….”

She felt she recognized it but, the answer didn’t come to her instantly.


After a second passed, Leonardo leaned in to put his lips near Francesca’s ears, and teasingly spoke in secret.

“……….It’s the waist ribbon of the dress you were wearing yesterday.”



Suddenly, their surroundings were in a stir as well.

Leonardo had whispered quietly so they shouldn’t have heard what he said. But, because he had suddenly leaned in so close to her in the middle of the class, it was obvious that everyone would be surprised.

Francesca who had ended up screaming in surprise, quickly tried to gloss over the situation.

“Wah, wa, Ah…….Aah, but still, today’s weather sure is nice huh!! In such a lovely  weather, it’s normal for Aldini-san to suddenly feel sleepy, and accidentally lean towards the person sitting beside you right!!? But it can’t be helped! So anyway let me go out for a quick walk to get rid of the sleepiness as well!!”

Saying all that aloud to herself, she quickly got up and left leaving Leonardo behind.

She didn’t want her classmates to be any more suspicious of her but, Francesca didn’t realize that acting and talking in such a manner to Leonardo was only making her stand out even more amongst her peers than she could ever imagine.

“Francesca. Wait. I’ll come with you.”

(Of course………!!)

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Even after leaving into the hallways, she got called out by Leonardo so she walked out of the school building with quick steps.


But, Leonardo refused to lose her, and she finally stopped right when they had reached behind the school building.

“Oh, that’s dangerous.”


Turning around with tears in her eyes, she showed her resentment, which only made Leonardo laugh happily.

“Even your crying face is so cute.”

“Listen here, you!!”

She’d love to think of it as just flattery but, she knew very well that he totally meant it knowing his personality. Only a miserable man would truly enjoy seeing a girl’s crying face.

“I know very well that this all calculated on your part!  As for the ribbon, I lost it because YOUR men tried to kidnap me, so you better not try and make yourself look thoughtful!! That said! I do appreciate you giving it back though!! “

“Hahaha, you’re angry at me, at the verge of crying, but also thanking me. What a brilliant mess, it’s amazing to watch.”

Leonardo heartily laughed and then cast down his eyes as he smiled.

“I apologize, Francesca……….I am the one at fault for teasing you and making my darling dearest cry like this.”

Saying that, he lifted his hand to wipe away the tears forming at the corner of Francesca’s eyes.


But Francesca, who was still pouting her lips, grabbed Leonardo’s wrist before that.

“That’s enough from you.”


Her tone turned cold as she spoke, and Leonardo once again found her reaction to be a fresh one.

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