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Null Poison Ch1

Sword God

2 days after the ceremony.

I was told I must depart the house.

The anger that he had forgotten from Klaus being revealed as [Sword God] came back after the day had passed and I had to endure spars against the students of the Sparling house while fighting barehanded against them all.

——-but why am I getting scolded?

The question remained, and once the scolding ended came the statement “A failure like you must leave this house!”

Suppressing the pain from all the swellings across my body, I cried pathetically as I packed my belongings in a small bag.

There wasn’t much, as I was told that most of my belongings were actually the belongings of the Sparling household and not my own.

With the bag on my shoulder, I began to leave but at the entrance of the room I stumbled on something and fell face flat on the floor.

Recognizing a person’s presence, I looked up to see Klaus standing there.

“And here I managed to cleap up the mess you had brought upon us yet you were about leave without saying a single word to me Brother?”

Klaus continued to look down with mockery filled in his words.


I tried to think of whether I had actually even done anything to him but…..nothing came to mind. We had nothing between us.


Let alone conflict or fights, we had barely talked before this.

I wondered if we even qualified as family sometimes.

“……are you expecting me thank you? In the first place, why are you so fixated on me?”

“hahahah! Why you ask?”

He laughed like a madman as his eyes turned hateful as he looked down on me.

“Think of the treatment I had to deal with up till now? Just because you were born a few seconds earlier, you were the pampered heir. On the other hand, I was abandoned. Is the reason not obvious?”

“That had nothing to with our birth but more to do with your weak constitution—-“

“Silence! I hated how you acted like you were superior coming to talk to poor old me as well. But…..kukuku,ahhahah! The heavens have chosen me! A [Sword God] and you a [Farmer]!”

He laughed with his face twisted with anger and madness.

I felt a bit uncomfortable around this unstable Klaus, but was starting to feel the anger from this mockery as well.

What have I done to deserve any of this?

Born frail, he was the one who was pampered by our mother. I would have loved to have had any of that.

“Raised as the chosen heir, yet the heavens have cursed you to work as a [Farmer]! Tell me, how does it feel to get thrown out of your own house? Tell me Chris!?”



I shouted, having had enough of holding my emotions back.

He recoiled for a second, but he kept his expression unchanged and pulled his sword and aimed it at my face.

“Stop shouting, its grating on my ears. You ain’t a member of the Sparling family no more……seriously annoying. Do you want me to cut you down right here?”

The edge of the sword lightly grazed my forehead and a single drop of blood streamed down my face like a single tear.

It was a real sword alright, yet perhaps because of my rage, I felt no fear.

Klaus pulled his sword first. I cant be blamed if I react, right?

Justifying it to myself, I pulled the wooden sword on my waist.

Real vs Wood


I was clearly at a disadvantage as far as the weapon went but……but if I aim for the side of the sword, I should be able to fight normally.


While far from perfect, I didn’t get trained from childhood for nothing.

“Haha! What? Wanna go with me? …….Fine. You’re on.”

Angry that this “farmer” had decided to fight back, Klaus took a stance but both his footing and stance looked shaky at best.

His sword continued to sway, I could hit from anywhere—-he was full of openings.

First, I started with a blow to his wrist and then the torso following the momentum.

As his body began to sway to the right due to the pain, I dealt a blow to his shoulder and then his chest that had been completely opened up, sending him sliding across the floor.

It was a perfect attack, and it’ll be hard to breathe for him due to hit to the chest.

Looking down on the unmoving Klaus on the floor for a while, my anger also began to subside and I began to pick up my things……..

“O-Oi. It-It’s not over yet.”

Klaus stood up, grabbing his hurting chest with a distorted expression.

But any more fighting is useless.

“Its over. I hate your attitude but I don’t enjoy hurting the injured and weak.”

“Shut up!—-I’ll kill you!”

The moment he spoke that, an odd light began to emit from his sword.

It was hard to describe, but I could feel immense power from it….as the light wrapped around the sword, Klaus began to smile deviously.

“DIE! [Sacred Slash]!”

The moment he swung his sword, a slash of light was released from his sword.

In front of such intense power, my legs went numb and I fell on my back, unable to act.

—-I’m dead.


Or so I thought for a few seconds but the slash of light went over my head, missing me, and ripped through the room behind me before disappearing into the horizon.

The cold wind blew in from behind as sweat poured down my body freezing me to the core.

My heart was beating faster than it had during any of the hardest training sessions, and I thought it was going to jump out of my mouth.

“….Tch. I missed because you fell over. I cant control it properly yet because it’s a bit too powerful. But I wont miss a second time.”

Sounding truly disappointed, he went back into his stance.

…….No way. I cant deal with that kind of an attack.

I realized how worthless all my training had been when put in front of a skill like that.

I felt afraid of Klaus who could so easily fire that towards another person as my body began to tremble.

I will be killed here—–realizing that I bent over and, I chose to run.

Still lacking strength in my legs, I fell down the stairs, tumbling and hurting through it all, yet glad that I still at least have my life.

As I reached the bottom floor, I hear the impact of Klaus’ second attack from upstairs. Realizing I had run, I heard his footsteps begin to chase after me.

Miserable and pathetic as it was, I had to run if I wanted to stay alive.

Affirming once again, that I am to never return to this house ever again, I grabbed as many valuable things I could see while running towards the entrance and escaped the house I was born and raised in.

And so I ran, with nowhere to go and no idea where to go, I ran to get away from Klaus.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    Congratulations, Father. You have raised a psycho and put him in charge of the family. Enjoy the notoriety to come!


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