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Null Poison Ch2


Having escaped home to get away from Klaus, I left the all too familiar streets of Dezir and ran into the Peixa forests that were close to the town.

 I finally stopped at a small spring in the middle of the forest and slumped down on the ground.

My heart felt like it was about to burst and I still felt like I was being chased but for the time being, somehow I had lost Klaus for now.

Being hurt all over, I was sure he’d catch up to me but…….

If it was just physical prowess, just like the first round of their sword bout, I was still above him.

……….still, my body hurts all over.


I was desperate while running so I ignored it but now all the wounds I took while tumbling through the staircase had begun to hurt now that I have finally sat down.

On checking, I had sore blue spots all over and my right ankle was all swelled up.

Chased by my own family, nowhere to go, and all these wounds on top. It was the worst.

It was fine to take a breather for now but I needed to figure out what do from here onwards.

With all things I grabbed on my way out, it wont be a surprise if the Sparling family sent pursuers after me.

That means I cant leave this forest carelessly.

That means, I have to stay in this forest till things cool down a bit so……

I opened my bag to see the items I had on me.

Please have something to eat.


I made a wish in vain. All I had was my few personal items as well as my Mother’s accessories and Father’s pocket watch that I had nabbed on my way out.


That and a small pouch with some water and some bland beef jerky.

I could eat all of it at once. It was only that much.

Yet, I must, at the very least, spend at least a week in here.

If I wasn’t so injured, I could at least try and hunt some monsters for food..

Broken already, I was already considering returning home and begging for forgiveness.

 But soon after, the image of my father’s screams, abuses, punishments of being beaten by the house’s disciples just for being given [Farmer] and getting exiled came to mind.

And of course, Klaus’ angry face who tried to seriously kill me.

Only death awaited me there…..I wont break here and accept defeat to my father—and him, to Klaus.

 “I will survive no matter what it takes.”


Making a strong resolve, I tore a part of my sleeve and alongside a stick I found, attached it the injured joint that was struggling to move.

While it wont allow me to fight monsters, at least I can walk properly.

As for food, I guess I’ll just have to find things that look eatable.

My skill [Posion Resistance] that I thought would never be of use to me, will at least keep me alive here.

As far as survival in mountains and forests go, at least its quite useful here.

Well, though that’s probably where its usage ends as well, but I was still thankful as it was keeping me alive.

With having resolved to live a few weeks in Peixa forests, I prepared for my long journey towards the centre of the forest, a place that had been deemed forbidden to enter, hoping to find a place to make my base.

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