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Null Poison Ch120

Search for Ongneer

4 days had passed since I began my search for a new Ongneer in Carlisle forest.

I had been searching and exploring the forest in every direction, but I had yet to find anything, not even a trace.

It poisons its surroundings, it can propagate aggressively, and has no natural enemy, so it wouldn’t be weird if it was growing all over the place.

………yet, not even a single sign of another plant anywhere could be found.

Well, calmly thinking, it’s not like it can grow directly in soil like normal plants and considering it failed to bug out of a kobold, normal monsters probably don’t usually have enough nutrients for it to sprout.

Did the goblin just happen to miraculously have enough nutrients to make it work, or maybe there just weren’t enough monster that were compatible with its propagation in this forest.

This explained why Otto’s book had no records of Ongneer being in Carlisle forest.

Judging by how well it stuck to Greath’s corpse, maybe it’d be easier to think of a way to propagate more out of that plant itself…….

But first, let’s not give up before the original planned 1 week had passed.


With such thoughts, today once again I began my search——–when I suddenly heard a cry that I had never heard before. And I sensed a strong presence from the direction of that cry.

There were mostly Goblins and Kobolds in this forest, with the occasional LoudFrog mixed in but, suddenly I sensed a really strong presence in the Carlisle forest.

It was much, much stronger than even a ForestDoll.

……..which means it was at least a Gold Rank monster, but should I check it out or run right now?


After hesitating for a while, I decided to go see what it was at least.

Worst case, I’ll just have to run as fast as I can towards the Ongneer plant, because no living monster will ever go close to that and will have to give up on me.

Making sure that I don’t get found out, I silently made my way towards this presence.

As I got closer while using the cry and its presence as my guide, what my finally came into my sights was an extremely flashy coloured giant bird monster.

It stood on its two legs and was flapping its wings around, having fun it seemed.

Underneath its legs, I could see a couple of goblin corpses lying about messily eaten in parts.

It was a carnivorous bird monster, much bigger than me in size.

After confirming all that——I quickly recalled Shantell telling me about a ‘strange bird’ that was seen in the forest.

Well, both its look and personality certainly lived up to the nickname of ‘strange bird’.

Observing it carefully, I could tell it was a tough monster but not one I couldn’t defeat.

But, I had no experience fighting things that can fly so that was my main concern.

“……..But, I can’t just run away can I?”

The last thing I want was to spend the entire 2 weeks time without getting anything to show for it.


This bird should make for a great host for Ongneer, I was sure. And normally, someone would see me if I carried a monster this big around, but considering how deep I am in the forest, I doubt I’ll run into anyone on my way from here to the plant.

Resolving myself, I prepared for a bird hunt.

My first priority was to make it incapable of using its wings.

Dealing with attacks from the air would be troublesome to say the least, and it’ll be even more annoying if it just flew and ran away the moment I corner it.


While moving under the shadow of the trees, I made my all the way to the tree right in front of the bird without getting noticed.

Now I just have t wait for it to turn away, and I’ll jump and cut its wing off in that instant.

I waited to find an opening, as the bird continued flapping it wings about, dancing almost—-

The moment it showed its back, I instantly jumped out to attack.

My aim was……..obviously its spread out wing.

I stepped in forcefully and swung my sword as hard as I could towards the wings.

—–but, before I could slash it, it must have sensed me as it turned and jumped into the air.

Because of that, all my swing did was shed some of its feathers and mostly cut the air.

Maybe I should used a stab, as it would have hit, but then again a stab wouldn’t have done enough damage to stop it from flying so I guess it can’t be helped.

With the moment of the jump, the bird flew into the air so I had no choice but to give as it flew away, when……….

The bird made a loud cry and then turned in the air and began diving back straight towards me.

I thought for sure it had run away so I had completely dropped my guard but——-somehow, I rolled across the ground to dodge its attack.

The bird landed perfectly, and stood back up on its two legs, before turning towards me and fully spreading its wings in an attempt to intimidate me.

As the wings lifted it back to the air, it shook its belly and made a strange cry at me.

…….judging its appearance as it is now, it sure lived up to its nickname of a ‘strange bird’ alright.

I fixed my balance and took my stance with the sword when——this time, it ran on the ground and tried to kick me from the front.

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Looking closely, the muscles on its legs were pretty well developed, and it was fast as hell.

It ran straight at me and threw a kick up front.

I matched its kick with the slash of my own sword and as if two swords had collided, a sharp metallic clank resounded in the area.

……….this thing, is a lot more stronger than I had originally presumed.

It looks weird, and so were its movements, but nonetheless, it was strong.

It’s beak was huge, and its claws were sharp enough to match its developed legs.

Not to mention, it can also fly and has instincts good enough to doge my surprise attack.

This might be stronger than a Gold Rank.

I might have to fall back and rethink my plan, but I doubt I could run away with how fast this thing is.

I also have some of the plants I have gathered, but I don’t think I could put my had inside its giant beak.

……..panicking over results, I rushed an attack which I was now regretting, but now I had no choice but to overcome this situation so I tried to cheer myself up.

“Sorry but………I am going to start taking this seriously, from here onwards.”

Muttering that, I instantly increased my concentration levels.

Having finally mastered it during my fight with Venom Pythons, my senses strengthened to their highest focusing only on the battle in front me and so I entered -[The Zone].

I began using my full strength, and decided to hunt this bird down for good.

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  1. Exfernal Avatar

    “Not to mention, it can also fly and has instincts good enough to doge my surprise attack.”
    doge –> dodge
    Or you are memeing about doge.


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