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Null Poison Ch119

The Things We All have to do

Since the day I heard all that info on Klaus, another 2 weeks had passed.

As for what we did during these 2 weeks, well, nothing too special, as we simply continued earning money while earnestly completing silver rank requests.

The reward from the emergency request, the reward for eliminating Greath, as well as the reward from the various requests in these last three weeks; thanks to all of that, we have saved up on a lot of money.

And so—–for the next two weeks, I’ll be secluding myself once again inside the  Carlisle forest for the next two weeks.

I haven’t started eating them but my gardening has been going well, so there wasn’t any real reason for me to stay there for so long anymore, or so you’d think but this time around, my main objective of going in the forest was to find a completely new Ongneer plant.

I have only found the one growing on the Goblin corpse until now, and the nutrients from the goblin must be running out as it was showing signs of withering the last time I saw it.

In the off chance, it doesn’t plant itself into Greath’s body, I will lose access to Ongneer as a whole, so I had to find another new Ongneer at all costs.

And thus, I decided that I’ll head to Carlisle forest to look for one.


My original plan, is to search for a new plant for the entirety of the first week. If I find one, I’ll use the next week to return to my usual poisonous plant gathering, and if I don’t find one, I’ll use the remaining week in search as well.

“So you’re leaving for the forest today for two weeks right?”


“Yeah, you two aren’t planning to do requests as usual this time around though if I recall.”

“Yes. Me and Ralf are thinking of heading to Norfast. We’re going to try and reverse-search the guy looking for your whereabouts Chris-san, gather some info in general as well as do some shopping at the same time.”

“I see. Do be very careful though. I think you two will be fine but there’s a chance that both of your faces are already known as well as being related to me.”

“Yes. We’ll stay on guard!”

Apparently these two are planning on going to one of the three great cities, Norfast.

Just as I explore the forests, these two are also looking for ways to further get stronger.

Snow, who remained, was originally going to come with me to the forest but—-

Shantell enthusiastically asked and promised to take good care of Snow so we’re gonna take her word for it this time around.


Since I’ll be searching for Ongneer, I’ll be spending most of my time away from the base so it’ll be more fun for Snow to stay with Shantell as well.

Well, just like last time, I would have just grabbed its old friend and made it play with Snow while I was away, but this works as well.

And so, while it’ll only be for two weeks, we’ll be going on our separate ways doing our own thing.

In these two weeks, maybe these two will grow exponentially more than they would normally, and so I’ll need to get some results to not fall behind as well.

Soon after, I picked up my luggage that I had packed and set yesterday, and began on my way to the Carlisle forest.


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After leaving Oxter and reaching the forest, I quickly made my way to my base and dropped my luggage and then………

Headed straight to check on Greath’s corpse.

Feelings wise, it might have been better to leave it for last like last time but, this time around I need to check the status of Greath’s corpse before I start as it directly affects my actions here.


It’ll be nice if it probably sprouted, but what was I going to do if it hadn’t?

Unlike the failure with the Orc General, I made sure to keep his heart undamaged……….

As I continued walking with the unique atmosphere the plant releases as my guide, I finally reached the goblins corpse from which Ongneer grew.

And then, I looked at Greath’s corpse beside it.

Just like last time, there were no signs that an animal or even insects had come to eat this corpse.

You’d think maggots would start growing in a corpse like this but I guess the Ongneer keeps them all away.

While thinking of such things, I slowly approached closer to his corpse to confirm——–

“……….It’s growing, yes.”

An Ongneer plant had most certainly sprouted out of greath’s corpse.

And unlike the brown withered look that the one from Orc General’s had, multiple roots could be seen wrapping around it, and a fat bud was sprouting out of the place Greath’s heart was.

I even wondered whether this was like a different species but no, this was another Ongneer plant alright.

I’m happy. I’m really happy but, more than that……….

“……..This is ridiculously creepy.”

The goblin’s corpse was pretty creepy on its own but, seeing greath’s corpse like this was on a completely different level.

It was written in Otto’s book as well, but ‘every Ongneer has its own characteristics’ finally truly made sense to me.

……….But, at least I was successful in make it grow from Greath’s corpse.

Although I felt a bit repulsed by the idea of eating a fruit that grew out of a human’s corpse, but just looking at it I could tell that the amount of potential hidden within this one was in a whole different level when compared to the Goblin’s ongneer.

Judging from the rate of growth, it is highly likely that the fruit will have grown by the time I leave the forest, so I’ll have to come back to check on this before heading back home.

Leaving the place, I began my search for a brand new Ongneer plant.

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