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Null Poison Ch122

The One-Armed Man

With the huge bag on my back, I made my way to our house in the right-side residential district.

Crossing the dreary garden, as I entered through the door—

“Aurf! AwoAwooh!!”

With breakneck speed, Snow came running while howling and jumped at me.

I was able to somehow catch it, but the momentum behind it was so strong that I fell backwards and hit my head on the door.

“oww that hurt. Well, at least you look energetic as always……..”

As it continued licking my face while I lay in front of the entrance door, Snow’s tail also wagged its tail in happiness.

……, Snow sure has grown pretty big now that I look at it properly.

It was about only 20cm big when we picked it up but now it was almost double in size.

“Chris! You’re back! How did your forest exploration go!?”

“Pretty well………but first let me take a bath, and take Snow from me.”

“Got it! Also, once you’re done bathing, come back down quick. There’s a lot to report!”

Handing Snow over to Ralf, I made taking a bath my first priority.

I washed myself trying to get rid of two week’s worth of dirt and filth, and once I felt fully cleaned, I returned to the living room.

Looks like Esta had also come down from her room to the living room, and they were both, alongside snow, waiting for me to come.


“Sorry for the wait. So let’s begin our reports……..Who’s starting first?”

“Then, let’s start with Snow! Under Shantell-san’s care, he was as obedient as they come or so she told me! Also……Snow, BAM!”

Esta made a gesture resembling knocking and launching an arrow at it, seeing which Snow who was sitting normally, quickly turned over and lay down on its back.

It even acted like its body was convulsing and bubbles frothing out of its mouth.


“This is a technique Shantell-san taught Snow! It seems a bit over the top certainly but, it’s basically learnt playing dead!”

“I-I see.”

Shantell, you mad woman, what kind of weird shit are you teaching Snow?

When Esta made a signal again, Snow sat back normally again and gave a bark.

“Is that all as far Snow is concerned……..?”

“Then, let’s start with our results then! Firstly—–in regards to the person looking for you, he really does exist as the Vice chief had informed us.”

“So pursuers have already made it Norfast huh.”

“But, it doesn’t look like our info has reached them yet. From what we could tell, the people of Norfast had zero clues on any Gold Rank adventurer from Oxter!”

“…….hm? how did you look for the guy hunting for me anyway?”

“We basically imitated him, and went around asking for ‘a man named Chris’. And whenever we got a response like [more questions about this guy, again?], we instead asked them who was the one that was asking about you before us.”

I see.

That’s smart.

“Not a bad plan. So, what kind of guy is this man who’s searching me?”

“A man in his thirties or forties, that clearly smells danger even at a glance. He only has one arm, and that he had a scar on his forehead apparently.”

“hmm……….doesn’t ring a bell at all. Is that all the info you got?”

“More or less. In the end, we couldn’t really trace him all the way back unfortunately.”

“Well, that’s good enough for now. Even knowing that there’s guy actively looking for me is good info. ——–So? What else did you guys do while over there?”


When I asked that, the two looked at each other first, then started talking as if proud of something.

“Actually—–We, got some good coaching while there!”

“Hm? Coaching, you say?”

“It was from someone we randomly happened to meet while looking for your pursuer! They are Mithril rank adventurers based in Norfast, and after we became friends with them, they gave us some light coaching and help as we went with the flow…………It was only for about 3 days though!”

“A mithril rank adventurer party?…….That must have been expensive no?”

“They taught us out of kindness, as a favour you could say! Well, we did at least pick up the tab during meals as thanks though!”

“It was because we come from similar backgrounds, they were also raised in an orphanage and so we hit it off very well!”

Mithril adventurers that were once orphans?

Must have been hard and long journey…………..or they got gifted a super strong job by luck. It’s either one of those two cases really.

“Okay now you have me curious. What kind of party was this?”

“They’re called the [Silver Winged Lions] and the party is made up of a [Scout], a [Hunter] and a [Monk]; these three plus their leader, who was a [Battle Master]. These 4 made up the entire party!”

“It might look irregular but that was definitely a good and balanced party. The standout was obviously the leader, the [Battle Master] I’d imagine?”

“Absolutely! He was a super cool beastman! He’s the one that coached me by the way!”

Recalling his experience, Ralf began talking very excitedly.

………though, even I’m very interested now.

We hadn’t really bothered building any lasting relationships with other adventurers so I’m happy they took this chance to make some friends.

They are mithril rank as well, so they must have learnt a lot from those guys.


“So who did you get coached by, Esta?”

“I took lessons from the [Hunter]. I got taught tricks and tips over how to accurately hit long range attacks specifically!”

“Now that certainly sounds useful………I’d like to meet them one day as well.”

“Apparently they have some business near Oxter soon-ish, so they might come to meet at that time and we’ll introduce you to them then!”

“Sure, I’ll look forward to it.”

These two had achieved a lot more than I had expected during these two weeks.

If they really coached them both so readily, that’s really good for both of them since they never had a proper teacher. Not to mention, having good relations with a mithril rank party is never a disadvantage.

“That about sums our report from Norfast. We also did some shopping as well but nothing worth mentioning really.”

“So how did things go for you Chris-san?”

“I don’t really anything special to report. I just did my usual poison plant gathering as always……..Ah, though, I might be finally able to learn another new skill now.”

“A NEW SKILL?!? You did mention some ridiculous [Increased Breeding Ability] skill that you had gotten before, didn’t you?”

“This one might be a bit more exciting than that one I think.—–Ah, right. I was thinking its about time to get another assessment done for you two as well, how about it? You two haven’t had one done since the last time in Realzard right?”

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I’m interested in seeing their current ability.

How much have they been growing when compared to me.

The last time we did, they were still hunting only goblins after all.

I think we can all look forward to seeing the increase in their stats.


“Sounds good to me! We certainly have money to spare, so let’s get one done since it has been a while!”

“Same, I’m excited to see mine as well! I am curious to find out how much stronger we have become since last time!”

“That settles it then. I’ll be doing my assessment tomorrow so……..let’s have you two do it the day after.”

“…… What’s wrong with us doing it tomorrow with you as well?”

“Well apparently, these assessment cost a lot of mana. The priest here doesn’t have a lot of mana so I alone will have him barely managing it by the end. Adding you two on top of that will be impossible.”

“Wow really!? The priest in Realzard made it look so simple and easy, I thought it didn’t require much effort to do.”

“Well, there is also the possibility that the priest here in Oxter is just that bad at it as well but……..regardless, I’ll have mine done tomorrow, so you two will go the day after okay?”

With this, our individual reports were over, and I headed straight to sleep to prepare for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the entire day will be spent on me checking out how much I’ve grown since last time, discerning the effects of my homegrown plants, as well if the Venom Python poison has any effect and finally, to see what effect does Greath’s Ongneer has. So that’ll be around 4 trips.

I’d be lying if I said that this was not the most exciting event for me not to mention, I cannot wait to see just what effects this Greath’s Ongneer will grant me.

To not get too dejected later, I tried to keep my excitement as low as I could, as I slowly drifted to sleep.

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