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Null Poison Ch123

The Effects of Homegrown Plants

The next day.

After having just breakfast, I headed empty-handed, straight to the church.

First of all, I need to see my current abilities, and compare how much they have increased from last time.


The last time I went was when I found EggMash, the magic raising plant, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a huge increase in the stats.

Sice then, I had completed multiple silver rank quests, defeated the Venom Python herd, Greath and the monster bird.

I have defeated countless things since then.

Not just the (+) values, even my base stats must have increased, so while feeling hopeful, I pushed open the doors of the church.

Inside, the priest was taking dozing off on the lecture platform, with his elbow resting on it.

……….is this priest really alright?

I never see him doing any kind of work but——–well, as long as he does my assessment properly, I don’t really care about anything else so I woke him by calling him out.

“sorry to disturb your sleep, but I need my abilities assessed.”

“—–Ueh? Ah……….i-I wasn’t sl-sleeping!! I was simply, uh, meditating, yes! An-anyway, welcome. Please come over here, into the room. Please!”

Considering the drool on his face, he was almost certainly sleeping but I didn’t need to retort so I simply followed him into the usual room.

Sitting down in front of the crystal, I quickly handed over one gold coin and my adventurer card.

……….But still, this priest really never even asked me any questions and just continued doing his job.

Since he rarely gets any visitors, maybe he doesn’t even know how odd my actions are.

“Ngahh,phew…….it’s done. Here’s your card.”

“Thanks for the help.”

Taking back the card, I quickly turned it check.

Let’s see these stats shall we?




Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 20(+77)

Strength: 18(+91)

Stamina: 16(+69)

Magic: 4(+10)

Agility: 11(+20)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability]


Holy shit——-what an increase!


Almost every stat has gone by 10 or even 20, and thanks to the numerous Lizaf fruits, my physical strength had gone up by almost 40!

As far as just numbers are concerned, I wonder if I’m already equal to Platinum rank adventurers?

Maybe I should have found a way to see Greath’s stats to compare. I could ask the Vice chief to see how I compare with other adventurers.

Also…….my own base stats have also increased by quite a lot since last time as well.

Well, at the same time considering how many things I have defeated, the increase was far less than normal but, even if little, I was happy to see my own progress.

Now then, with my current stats confirmed, time to start testing the plants that I have been waiting for.

First I’ll return home once, and eat all 5 types of sundried homegrown plants that I have stored for myself.

My hope was that it increased the value by 1 just like the wild plants, but I was afraid that it would be 0.

Praying in hope that all my work wasn’t for nothing, I went back home.

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While dealing with an excited Snow, I consumed all 4 plants as well as the Jinpi potion and then returned to the church.

The priest showed no surprise on my second arrival and quickly redid my assessment.

“Fuh, hah! phew…….it’s done, here’s your card.”

I took the card, took a deep breath, and then checked.



Suitable Job: Farmer

Endurance: 20(+79)

Strength: 18(+93)

Stamina: 16(+70)

Magic: 4(+11)

Agility: 11(+24)

Unique Skill : [Null Poison]

Common Skills: [Increased Breeding Ability]



OOH! All of them increased normally, and Endurance and Strength went up by 2 even!

Not to mention, agility went up by 4 somehow.


Since potions made out of wild Jinpi leaves increased agility by 2, this was basically double in effectiveness.

On the other hand, Stamina and Magic only went up by like normal but that was still more than satisfactory.

Stamina and Magic were increased from genpei mushroom and Eggmash, which were both easy to grow mushroom types so it wasn’t much of an issue.

I don’t know if there was an individual difference between every item, or was this increase a fixed value yet, but I can slowly figure that stuff out.

I sundried my homegrown plants as well so I had a lot more stored already——-and I will continue growing a lot more like this.

Since I’m raising them inside small room, there’s only so much they can cover so I’ll still have to go to the forest, but the amount of times I’ll have to will most certainly decrease thanks to my home gardening.

Not to mention, I genuinely enjoy exploring the forest as I gather these plants so, if anything, I was in weird way, happy that this didn’t completely replace the need to go to the forest…….

But considering how I could use that time more effectively now, overall it’s obviously a good thing for me.




After that, I drank the Venom Python poison that I got from the Vice Chief, and after taking a break for lunch in between, I headed to the church for a third time for an assessment.

The result……..was unfortunately that nothing increased.

As I originally thought, it was not the poison itself, but the plant that could create and hold such poison that has the ability increasing effects.

While thinking of other uses of the Venom Python poison, I continued exploring for new solutions……..

And finally, it was time for discernment of Greath’s Ongneer fruit.

I wonder what stats would it increase. I felt excited—–and also dread from having to actually eat that thing.

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  1. Vyda Avatar

    I have a feeling soon his body will get used to the increasing effect of the plants and he is gonna have to start searching for even more dangerous plants…otherwise he would become too OP too easily

    That being said, maybe he is actually growing at a normal rate. We only have the other kids’ stats as comparison…maybe having a fighting class allows them to grow their stats a lot more easily than Chris


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