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Null Poison Ch13

Dinner party

“Thanks for showing me around today. Made a lot more money than I thought all thanks to you.”

“What a lucky guy, 3 gold coins is enough to last for a few months at least.”

“How about I take you two to the restaurant you mentioned earlier. My treat.”

“Eh Really!?” -(girl)

“Oi idiot! You failed today’s job, got us involved in this mess meaning no income from today. We have to at least get something for the day!”

“But isnt it simpler to just have him treat us to dinner instead…….”

The redhead spoke so.

The boy wanted to get away from me as soon as possible but quickly realized his own fallacy at the girl’s words.

“Tr-true, that would make things easier…….bu-but, why do you want to treat the people that tried to mug you? That’s weird!”

“Is it? I said it was as thanks no? You should give your thanks to the shopkeeper of [Shichifukuya] for that.”

“Then please. We really have no money right now.”

The girl’s words were final, and the boy also agreed to go along with it.

Just because I made some money doesn’t exactly put in a place where I can throw it around but……after spending a month eating alone in the forest, even thieves would make for decent company. It felt good to talk to people again.

Not to mention, these two had a lot of connections around the backstreet it seemed. Better to maintain good relations.

With all that said, we three headed towards a supposedly cheap yet tasty restaurant.


“You sure look like you’re enjoying it. We’re eating the same thing yet you’re making it look like you got a much better dish.”

“Like I explained, all I have eaten for almost a month is flavourless orc meat inside a forest. Well it was tasty in its own way, don’t get me wrong, but a proper flavoured meal could most certainly make me cry right now.”

“I’m almost envious of your body……..It’s amazing how you were able to survive a whole month in that forest.”

“Yeah. For the first few days, it was desperate. I ate, drank whatever I could find just to survive, even muddy water.”

While tasting the dishes , I talked about my time in Peixa forest. Just recalling those first few days made these dishes taste even better.

“Whatever you could find……..if youa ccidentaly ate anything that was poisoned, you’d have been dead in no time you know?”

“That was not really a worry for me. I have a [Posion resistance] skill after all.”

“……You sure you should be so casually telling people about your skill?”

“I don’t mind. Barring very unique circumstances, it’s not a skill that’ll make much of a difference in life.”


“It’s been on my mind, but you are really a carefree guy—–but wait, I actually know a couple people that have the same skill as you but that doesn’t mean they were completely resistant to every kind of poison though? It’s closer to making your digestion stronger, or more resistant to getting drunk from alcohol, that’s about it.”

“Wait really? But I ate all kinds of weird plants and mushrooms, and even rotten meat yet still nothing happened.”

When I said that, both seemed to sense something and nodded to each other.

“Se-see like I told you, he was okay even when I threw an Arryl ball straight to his face! He just got up and chased after me! I thought I had missed!”

“Was that the red thing? That hit me straight in the eye you know?”

“You’re joking……right? Arryl balls can paralyze a normal person for day at the very least! I have never heard of it simply not working.”

“Wait, you two are using some crazy items aren’t you. Wouldn’t you have blinded some poor guy if it was anyone other than me?”

Shocked at the new revelations from the two, I now knew that my skill was certainly not just [Posion resistance]. A faint hope that maybe it was a rare skill and not the generic thing it seemed appeared in my heart.


“If even an Arryl ball had no effect, wouldn’t it make the skill closer to something like [Null posion] rather than[Poison resistance]?………Well, not that it increase the range of usage much more than before.”

“Well it helped me survive that forest and from getting robbed and blinded by you lot so its definitely got a lot more use than I thought.”

I objected, but I knew he wasn’t really wrong.

[Posion resistance] or [Null posion], at the end of the day, its usage was highly conditional.

“I wonder………anyway, what do you plan to do from here onwards?”

“First of all, I have to become an adventurer. Though a little, I have been trained with the sword. I should be able to make enough money to continue living at the very least.”

“Adventurer eh? Well, vagrants like you only get 2 options for the most part. Adventurer, or criminal.”

“What about you two? Do plan to stick to thieving for the rest of your lives?”


On my question, the redhead stopped eating and hung her head.

Perhaps I am overstepping my boundaries but, this kind of lifestyle inst really sustainable.

“I, for one, do plan to do so. I’m not strong enough to become an adventurer, so all I can do is be a criminal instead, like I said.” (boy)

“If it wasn’t me who had caught you two, you’d be inside a jail right about now you know? You should think of other ways as well.”

My words marked the end of any further conversation, and we simply continued to eat in silence.

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