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Null Poison Ch14

Inn Selection

“Thanks for the treat. Really, thank you.”

“Thank you very much.”

“The pleasure’s mine. And thanks for being my guide. With everything done and settled, no debts on either side. But well, don’t ignore me if we see each other around the district. Let’s get along as simply similar aged friends shall we?”

After half day together, I said my goodbyes as I parted with the two, and I headed towards the main street once again.

For kids who had to steal to live, their personalities weren’t twisted by any means. In comparision, my father or Klaus, born and raised supposedly ‘decently’, looked insane by my standard.

Rage seeped back in just remembering my family, so I quickly tried to change my thoughts to something else. Yes, lets think about where to stay for the night.

The two recommendations from Ralf were [Dove inn] in the back streets, or the industrial district’s [Shangri-la].

The [Dove inn] had showers, attached toilets and supposedly also provided high quality mattresses and was one of the best cost efficient inns in all of Realzard.

[Shangri-la] on the other was lower in quality, but also the cheapest place to stay in the city.

Quality or Price, the age old question was in front of me. One more thing, [Shangri-la] was in the industrial distric which was also where the Adventurer’s Guild was making it the prime spot for money-less novices like myself.

There’s a chance I could build some connections with fellow adventurers there, or at least I hope, and thus chose Shangri-la as my destination.


Back on the main street, I moved through towards the east road and went towards the industrial district.

Compared to the commercial district, you could see mills and workshops one after another and there were not a lot of people on the streets giving a cold feel to the place.

Moving ahead, I reached the street with all the different guilds related to various jobs were present.

Among those, obviously the Adventurer guild looked the busiest of them all, and looked much more livelier than pretty much the entire rest of the district.

But as you’d expect from adventurers, they weren’t the most friendly looking bunch and the place made you feel far from what you’d call comfortable.

Just thinking about how I had to jump into this crowd tomorrow made me gloomy, but let’s just focus on getting to the Inn first.


Passing the guild, I finally reached one old looking building.

Judging by the characteristic green roof, this must be the aforementioned [Shangri-la].

You couldn’t find a worse match between a name and a building even if you tried. The wooden inn looked like it had been here for decades, if not centuries. Perhaps it could live up to its name when it was built but it was clearly way past its prime.

But for someone like me who had a called a gap between two rocks ‘home’ for more than a month. This was still a major upgrade.

Pushing through the loosely fit door, I entered the place.

Unlike its outer appearance, the inside was well kept——or so I hoped, but really it was the same. Rundown, was the best way I could describe it. While glancing around the place, I made my way to the reception.

“Welcome, here to stay?”

An old lady, about my mother’s age spoke in a hoarse voice. Her voice was husky enough that it could be mistook for a man’s voice honestly.

“Yes. I’ve just come here and have been looking for an inn to stay. What’s the rent like?”

“……A night with two meals- 1 silver coin. Just staying, no meals- 5 copper. Sharing with another person, that’ll be 2 copper.”

“Just 2? sounds pretty cheap.”

I unintentionally spoke loudly from the surprisingly low cost.

At just 2 coppers for a night, I could live for almost half a year with no problems.

“Being the cheapest across all of Realzard is our selling point. Room will be shared by three people hence only 2 copper. It might seem like a great deal but the room ain’t too big, and split between three you’ll have basically no privacy which is the obvious negative.”

“I see, that makes sense considering you have to stay with strangers I suppose.”

“Well if you friends, or acquaintances, you can share a room with those if you want, we don’t care. Well, those cases are pretty rare tho.”


The low price comes with a different cost I suppose.

Well, the room I’d share with would almost certainly be other adventurers. don’t know how I’d handle it if I was stuck with 2 beefy old men.

The 2 copper sounds like a great deal, especially for me right now, but I should take the single room, even if it costs more, at least until I get used to this place, this kind of crowd.

I can look for people who I wouldn’t mind sharing a room with and just switch at that point.

“Then I’ll take the single room, no meals; please.”

“Sure. Here’s the key, room number 122.”

“Thank you, I’ll pay 3 silver for the next six days in advance.”

“Of course, thanks for the patronage. When extending your stay, please pay it here again. If the payment doesn’t come by 8pm, we will kick you out by force so please don’t be forgetful.”

“Got it, thanks again.”


Giving a curt bow to the receptionist, I took the key and headed to my room. Starting from 101 I should reach soon by continuing to the left.

Soon enough, I was in front of my new room. Unlocking the door with the somewhat rough to turn key, I entered my room.

With nothing more than a bed and a lamp, it was small, simple, square room. The mattress seemed to have an odd colour and looked musty.

“More than enough for me.”

Me of the past would have been complaining but after sleeping on the bed made of branches and leaves of Peixa forest, this was a big upgrade.

Having experienced the lowest of the low, I seemed to have become capable of showing gratitude for even the smallest of things.

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