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Null Poison Ch132

[Silver Winged Lion]

Leaving Esta in the café to talk, me and Ralf headed to the guild to report the completion of the request.

I was also thinking of checking out what request we could take on tomorrow…….

When we entered the guild, Ralf suddenly pointed his finger and raised his voice in exclamation.

Looking towards where Ralf was pointing to, it was towards four distinctly dressed adventurer.

You could tell at a glance that they were all powerful, especially the one in the middle—–the beastman, was unleashing an incredible amount of pressure.

For a second I was confused, but thinking of Ralf’s reaction, the fact that it was 4 member party and the leader was a Lion-type beastman. I figured it out quickly.

These were most probably the adventurers that Ralf and Esta became friends with in Norfast, the [Silver Winged Lion] adventurer party.


“Ooohh! Well if it isn’t Ralf!! I knew we’d run into you if we stopped by the guild!”

“Leon-san!! You came to meet us so quickly!?”


“Well, we didn’t exactly come here just to meet you lot you know! We did tell you that we had some business near Oxter soon didn’t we? So we thought we’d drop by since we were near here after all!”

The lion-type beastman called Leon talked heartily with Ralf.

It’s rare to see Ralf be on such good terms with someone else but if I recall he took coaching directly under Leon so it does make sense.

“Still, I’m happy to see you guys again! How long are you going to be here?”

“How long……..well we’ve actually already finished the work we had here so technically we’re free till however long we want! Also, I don’t see Esta here!——–Oh and, is that person behind you your Leader, the one you spoke of?”

“Yes! That’s our party leader Chris!”

“Hello, I’m the one leading our 3 person party, Chris. Ralf and Esta were in both in your care from what I’ve heard, thanks for that.”

“—–Oh! So Chris is a cheeky type eh! Let me introduce my party members as well!”

With Leon’s words, the three standing behind him also moved forward.

If I recall,……..they were the Scout, the Hunter and the Monk?


“I’m the Hunter, Janet! I was the one that gave Esta accuracy training!”

The woman named Janet had black hair, shorter than even my own, but had a nice face and gave off big older sister vibes.


She had big scar above her right eye, and she wore all green, probably for camouflage. Her bow looked simple but I could tell that it was very high quality.

She was clearly very capable.

“I’m the Monk, Joyce. Nice to meet you.”

Joyce was……another woman.

Unlike Leon and Janet, she spoke in a less energetic, kinda monotone voice.

Her striking blue hair stood out matched with aloof looking face, but overall I’d say she was still pretty good looking.

She wore Priest-like clothes, and she carried a longstaff with mystical ornaments adorned on it.

“And I’m the Scout, Alyazi. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

The last to name themselves, was the scout Alyazi.

He was a man cloaked in black, but shorter than me in height.

You could only see his eyes so I couldn’t really tell what he looked like………but from the way he carried himself, I could tell he was a strong person alright.

I’ve never really heard of the ‘Scout’ job but I have to assume he’s very strong.

“I know I just said it but once again, I’m Chris. Nice to meet you all.”

“Nice! I don’t mind guys like Chris you know? What should we do? If you have time, maybe we could give you some coaching again?”

“Really!? Please, it’ll be an honour! Chris you want to coached as well right!?”

“Well, I don’t………..”

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I spoke but stopped there. I mean it’s a good chance to get to know them well.

Since we’ve finished our request for today anyway, and while it might be a bit of a bother, there’s no reason to refuse it either.

“Sure, why not. Allow me to take you up on your offer then. I’m curious to see the ability of a Mithril adventurer as well.”

“HEHEHE! That’s the spirit! Is there a good open space somewhere nearby?”

“The plains in the north seem like a good spot no? Not a lot of monsters, and it’s a pretty huge open land.”

“Ah, that does sound nice! Since these plains are close by, you can teach us there!”

The northern plains were of course the ones that spread right before Indera marshlands.

The place I was testing out my skills.

“Great then! Let’s head there right away!”

And so, out of nowhere, we ended up getting taught by the members of the [Silver Winged Lion].

They are all people more powerful than me.

This is a good chance, I should absorb as much knowledge and techniques that I can from them.

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