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Null Poison Ch131


Having returned to Oxter after leaving the ruins, we left Snow at the house first, before heading to the request giver.

Apparently the person who made the request was a person that came from [Edestor], one of the three great cities, just to investigate this Golem.

This persona came all the way to Oxter just for this, so I presumed they’d probably be a weirdo but……

Reaching the appointed place, and checking around the café, all I could find was a normal looking old man.

“You the client? Phillip or whatever?”

When I spoke up, the man suddenly looked at me surprised.


“y-you……..assuming I am this client of yours, is that any way to talk to someone? Y-you sure have rude manner of talking, don’t you think!?”

“Sorry. But I don’t care how old you are, or how rich you are or how strong you are either. I only use formal speech with those I truly respect from the bottom of my heart. Don’t take it too personally.”

“M-My God!……what a crazy adventurer! Dear me, are there no normal adventurers anywhere these days?”

“Enough already. Let me give my report.——as for the results of our investigation, the Golem was most certainly sleeping inside the ruins. Still active as well. It attacked us as soon as we entered so we had no choice but to destroy it.”

“D-destroyed it!?………mumumu, well if it attacked I suppose it can’t be helped. Did you at least recover its remains properly?”

“Of course. Here’s the remains. And this its power source, the core.”

“O oooh! ——-You managed to take out the core this cleanly!? I was disheartened when I heard you destroyed the golem but if the core is in such pristine condition, it’s hardly an issue!!”

The old man suddenly started getting all excited on his own.

Back when I bought the Grimoire from [Shichifukuya] and I saw the store owner get all happy, I felt it back then as well but watching old people get all excited and happy without showing any restraint or reservation is…… do I say this, makes you want to just walk away slowly.

“Well, I’m glad you’re happy. Then I’ll take that as request completed then. We’ll take our leave now.”


Saying that, I began to leave the café but, the Old man still in high tension, called me back.

I wondered if there was something I missed but, apparently that was not the case.


“Wait wait. Since you did such a fine job, I was planning on giving some kind of additional reward, but do you not want it?”

“Not reall—–“

“Umm! Mister are you a magician?”

The reward that was designated before hand was good enough so I was planning on refusing but…….

Esta suddenly interjected and joined the conversation, and then asked so.

“Hm? But of course. Young miss, are you one too?”

“Yes! Umm……..could you teach me about Magic please then?”

“Now that’s a sudden request………umu, well if you want magic teaching as the additional reward for this—–I suppose I don’t mind?”

Scratching his chin, the old man said so.

Well if he’ll really teach Esta about magic, I’d be thankful as well.

“Chris-san! Can we take his teaching as the additional reward then!?”

“Hm? Yeah sure. I wasn’t planning on taking anything in the first place so if the old man’s okay with, go ahead.”

“Thank you very much! Mister, I’ll be in your care!”

“Sure. It’ll only be for the short while I’m in this town but, it that’s okay with you I’ll gladly teach as much as I can! It’s been a while since I’ve had an apprentice so I’m not sure how good I’ll be at teaching though, I’ll say this beforehand.”

“I’ll happily take whatever I can get so please, it’s fine! Once again, please take care of me.”

And so, somehow, Esta became a disciple to the strange old man.

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Just like the comrade of the first hero, it was a magician that could make these golems, or so I recall Esta telling me.

That’s why………she was probably planning on asking him to teach her from the start, when we took on this job.

“Then that means, you’ll be busy with this magic training for a while and not take any requests I imagine?”

“I’m sorry but………yes, that would be the case. Is it really okay?”


“Of course. I go on my personal trips for plant gathering as well don’t I, I will never be against anything that you’re doing to get stronger.”

“Thank you very much!”

That said, doing requests with Ralf, just the two of us, can get a bit dicey.

Not only did Esta handle the information gathering part, she also carried Snow around and also chose when to let it go out of the bag as well.

Although judging by today’s battle, even without her over protective guidance, I think Snow will be fine even during Gold Rank requests.

……… Snow is a quite the curious case as well huh.

As we all know it’s just a silver rank monster, a Snow Panther, I mean we killed its parent after all.

And its lacking battle experience as well, and its far from full grown on top, yet it could go against a Gold rank golem as well.

I’m going to have to do some investigation as to why Snow is this strong in the future as well……..

But for now, I need to first figure out how we’ll manage things from yesterday while Esta is busy with her training.

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