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Null Poison Ch136


By the time we left the plains, the sun had already begin to set.

Both myself and Alyazi-san were of course exhausted, but Ralf had been getting taught by all three of them together and was now getting carried back, completely asleep on Leon’s back.

“hey hey! So how did things work out for you guys? Did you learn anything from Alyazi?”

“Yes. I learnt something extremely valuable. Thanks to Alyazi-san, I’ve found a brand new path to getting stronger faster.”

“Alyazi——san?? Why does Alyazi get a formal suffix!? Did you acknowledge him as your master or something?”

“Not exactly a master but more like a person I truly respect that’s all………that aside Leon, how was Ralf?”

“OOI! Why do I not get an honorific! Didn’t I beat you in our mock battle! Not to mention, I’m the leader of the party Alyazi belongs to!”

“I lost because of the very obvious difference in our current abilities that’s all. Given time, I’ll surpass you and beat you sooner or later. Not much to respect there.”

“You little shit! Seriously, what a cheeky ass brat! Alyazi, the hell did you to win him over?!”

“No no, I didn’t do much, he just started using an honorific out of nowhere. I was simply teaching normally.”

“Leon, like I said, enough about that and tell me how did Ralf do.”


From there on, I asked about how much progress Ralf had made in this time.

According to him, Ralf was also able to learn quite a lot from the continuous practice.

Apparently he has an exceptional talent when it comes to defence, and Leon was proudly telling about how Ralf was able to completely stop Leon’s serious attacks many a times.


………As I thought, not just because he’s a [holy Knight], Ralf himself genuinely has a talent when it comes to defending.

“But still, why don’t you let Ralf act as the tank then? If you let Ralf become a pure tank, you guys could even take on Platinum rank quests you know! Even though he’s lacking in raw strength, his movements are that perfect after all.”

“You’re only saying that because Leon, you don’t rate him high enough. I am convinced that Ralf will one day become the best adventurer in the world that’s all. Making him focus on only one thing is a waste in my opinion.

“W-world’s best you say? Well that came out of nowhere huh!?”

“I mean it, truly. He’ll get there, one day. If he specializes only on defence, he won’t get there though——Do you understand?”

“You……, you are actually serious?”

“Do I look like I would lie right now?”

Leon though I was joking, but I looked at him with a serious gaze to make him understand my intention.

“………..You, really, really are saying that seriously huh! Now that’s a crazy claim alright!”

“You only get one chance at life. It’d be a waste to live a shit, boring life no?”

“hyuu, Chris is so cool! Even though Leon was also like this back in the day!”

“No no, even I was nowhere near as crazy as this guy, was I?!”

“No, you absolutely were. You’d always tell be how you’d become the world’s strongest, behind everyone else’s back, all the time.”

“Oi, Alyazi! Don’t say more than needed!”

“So Leon you were like that in past as well huh………..tell me, Leon, why did you give up on that dream?”

When I asked that with a serious look, Leon simply looked to the ground silently.

I was sure he’d give another energetic but vague answer as always but……..

He seemed to thinking seriously right now.

“………..because I got to experience, what the ‘absolute best’ actually looked like. A place so high, I could never reach no matter how much I struggled.”

“Hmmm——-kinda lame.”

“AHAHHAHAHA! Leon, he just called you lame!! I like this guy! Guys like you Chris, are always interesting!”

“………I can’t say the same! Shit, why the fuck are you such a cheeky brat huh Chris!?”

“I don’t really think he is though. After all he listened to everything I taught diligently, and even talks to me respectfully.”


And so, while talking to the members of the [Silver Winged Lion], we returned back to Oxter.

I don’t think everyone can fulfil their lifelong dreams, but I simply don’t want to give up on mine till the day I die either.

Talking to Leon, my conviction only became stronger.

“Ohh! Chris, you lot sure live in an amazing place!”


“Damn, it looks crazy big as well! Even though we’re still living in a Inn!……. are you guys making that much money?”

“Nah, the rent was just very cheap. 6 gold a month.”

“6 gold a month!? That’s crazy cheap!!”

“Yeah, there was an incident before, apparently the previous inhabitant committed suicide. Which really dropped the rent.”

“…….Ah that makes sense. That explains the odd presence I was feeling from this house.”

The one said that was the Monk Joyce.

As expected of a monk, she has an instinct towards things related to the Undead it seems.

“oi oi, don’t say that. Now I’m afraid of entering the house!”

“Leon, are you bad with undead monsters?”

“No! Of course not! But still, doesn’t the idea of lingering regrets of a man that killed himself don’t give you the creeps anyway?!”

“Not really to be honest. Nothing strange has happened in the house anyway………Well if you don’t want to come in, you can stop here. Thanks for carrying Ralf till here though.”

“I’m joking! I’m not going to turn back after coming this far am I!?”

Leon, with Ralf on his back, brushed me aside and opened the door.

I tried to stop him, at that moment but…….

“Buaafu! Wh-what!? I can’t see !!”

The moment he did, Snow, who was lying in wait behind the door, jumped right at his face.

Thankfully, it didn’t directly launch an attack at least.

“Oh, is it your pet? Wow, it’s so fluffy and cute! I love cute animals like this!”

“Janet! Just take it off me!!”

“Here here, who’s a good boy! It’s fur is so white and fluffy, ahh so cute!!”

Taking Snow off of Leon’s face, the members of the [Silver Winged Lion] began adoring Snow.

“Hey, is this………a snow panther?”

“Oh you’re right. It was so pure white that I didn’t notice but this is definitely a Snow Panther.”

“Oh, you can tell just from looking?”

“Well of course! It’s still a cub but it still has its distinctive features.”

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Even after realizing that it was a monster, Janet and the rest continued petting and rubbing Snow’s head.

Huh, maybe there are other people that raise monsters a pets?

“Are people with monsters as pets not rare in Norfast?”

“No, it’s rare, but again not that rare either. I mean, among other Mithril ranks like us, there are a couple monster users as well.”

This is the first I’ve heard of this.

Because there were no monster tamers in Realzard and Oxter, I thought that it was taboo or something but, maybe we’ll be able to keep Snow as our pet for a long time then………

Maybe we won’t have to keep it constantly hidden inside our bags.

“So, whose Familiar is this? Ralf-kun seems unlikely, so it has to be either Esta-san or Chris-kun, right?”

“No, well, it was a stray so we just sort of took it with us that’s all.”

When I said, suddenly the air in the room froze—-and suddenly Janet, put Snow down and slowly took a distance from it.

Suddenly seeing the people who were petting it move away, Snow looked at them while tilting its head.

“Now that is not normal at all!! It’s not a Familiar monster!?”

“Ah so it is not normal after all. I was right to keep it hidden from others.”

“Chris-kun, it really doesn’t attack you?”

“No, Not yet anyway. Snow’s very smart, and I just don’t see it attacking us anytime soon to be honest.”

“Well, I suppose that’s okay then……..I guess?”


I picked up Snow while Janet tilted his head still confused.

It started licking my face as always, as I returned it back inside a room.


After that, I welcomed everyone inside our house, and everyone started looking around the place with curiosity.

“Just let Ralf down over there and let him sleep……..Will you four spend the night here tonight as well? Consider it a thanks for teaching us today, I can at least offer a nice play to stay the night.”

“Nah, we have an inn already rented out so its fine! Now then Chris, I think we should leave! See you guys tomorrow!”

“Chris-kun, make sure to properly rest your body. I will train in skill usage tomorrow as well.”

“Understood. I will make sure to take a full rest.”

As so, after leaving Ralf in the house, the members of the [Silver Winged Lion] left the house.

Judging by their words, they’re probably going to be training us tomorrow as well, so while Alyazi-san is still in Oxter, I need to master how to use skills without speaking it out loud.

Having set a personal goal, I carried Ralf to his room on the upper floor, and then headed outside to buy food for the night for everyone since it seemed like Esta will be late today as well.

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