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Null Poison Ch137


Since I began our training with Alyazi-san, 2 weeks have passed.

All said and done, the members of [Silver Winged Lion] ended up staying for 2 weeks here and continued coaching and training us throughout this time. While Esta was getting taught magic from that old man, we also ended up focusing entirely on our training as well.

“Chris-kun, in these 2 weeks, you have improved incredibly when it comes to activation and deactivation of skills. Honestly, your sense regarding this is much better than my own even. The amount of growth you showed in the first 10 days is, quite frankly, unbelievable to the point I have never seen anyone get stronger at such a fast rate.”

“All thanks to your incredible coaching Alyazi-san………Also, although I actually learnt how to use skills without speaking, I still haven’t been able to master simultaneous multi skill activation after all.”

“Like I said before, if you had done so, I would lose confidence in myself. But I have taught you all the basics and methods to practice so as long as you keep on practicing everyday, you’ll get there eventually.”

“You’re right………Alyazi-san, once again, thank you for everything you did for these past two weeks. Thanks to you, I was able to have a truly deep and fruitful two weeks.”

“No, I should be the one thanking you. If the chance comes………let us meet again, perhaps in Norfast. I will show you around the city.”

“of course. We’ll be sure to go meet you guys next time. Please take care of us then.”

I shook hands with Alyazi-san, and finished our farewells.


Ralf and Leon seemed to be doing the same as well, albeit with a lot more passionate words.

“But still……..Esta really didn’t show even once to train these past two weeks huh! I really wanted a disciple as well!”

“unfortunately, Esta just happened to be training under a different person. She woke early, and came back late. Even me and Ralf barely met her in this time.”


“……..Eh? Are you sure she’s fine? It’s not some nasty old man right!?”

“I don’t know much but from what I could tell, he was a decent man. I did want her to at least come meet you guys at least once but, I can only apologize.”

“No need, it’s fine! I just wanted to meet her that’s all, we can do that any time later. This place is not that far away after all!”

As I explained to them, Esta had been training under that old man from morning till night for the pst two weeks.

Well considering that man was a magician that could handle Golems it seemed like, he might actually be someone far more amazing than I originally assumed.

“Now then, time for head off then! Ralf, don’t you skip out on training alright! Chris as well…… time we meet, I’m gonna make you respect me!”

“no, the next time we meet, I’ll be stronger than you Leon.”

“That’s just your wishful thinking! Idiot! —-is what I want to say but, Chris really is a scary fella! I’ll be looking forward to the day you do surpass me!”

Saying that with a refreshing laugh, Leon and the rest began walking towards Norfast while waving back with one hand.

I was about to wave back but then,. Suddenly I remembered something important I forgot to tell them, so I hastily stopped Leon.

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you something.”

“Oi oi! That was a nice farewell scene, why did you have to ruin that!”

“Who cares—— as for what I forgot to tell, there is someone hunting for me in Norfast apparently so please be careful. When talking to others, please be sure to not use the name ‘Chris’ openly.”

“……..Wait what? That was so much info I don’t think I follow.”

“Chris-kun are you a ‘wanted’ person perhaps?”

“Well,……..something like that.”


I mean they are Mithril rank adventurers, as well as strong.

So is shouldn’t need to warn them of danger per se but I still hope they are careful.

If I didn’t, I would end up dragging the members of [Silver Winged Lion] into my problems as well.

“Anyway, we just have to be careful as to not say Chris’s name out loud in Norfast? You got it!”


“Not just that, be careful of anyone who comes to you asking of me as well. It’ll be too late afterwards otherwise.”

“We’ll be fine! We won’t leak any info about you!”

“That’s not it dumbass, that was meant more to keep you all safe………. Anyway, just be careful. As for my pursuer, the only info we have is that it’s a one armed guy that has a scar on his forehead.”

“Got it got it! With that much info, we’ll be fine—-now, it’s finally farewell time! You two, stay healthy!”

He didn’t seem to treat my warning too seriously and, while laughing Leon continued walking away again.

Soon after, Alyazi-san, Janet and Joyce followed him as well, all waving their hands towards us as well.

“Chris, those guys really are good people aren’t they! The [Silver Winged Lion] are awesome!”

“Agreed. They are indeed, all nice people. And strong as well.”

“I know right? I want to become like Leon-san one day!”

“……..yeah, but don’t make that your goal. Make Leon more of a checkpoint on your journey.”

“You know, I’ve been thinking but aren’t you a bit too harsh on Leon-san?! He’s really amazing you know!?”

“I’m not being harsh. Besides Alyazi-san, they are all flat. ………that aside, let’s go to that old man’s place. I’m curious to see how’s Esta been doing all this time.”

“Same here! In the end, we barely even saw her face for the past 2 weeks. Though it did seem like she came back home every night though!”

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After seeing off the [Silver Winged Lion], we decided to go check up on Esta afterwards.

According to what little I’ve heard, he’s apparently teaching Esta magic in the same ruins where we destroyed the Golem.

Since the old man could freely explore the ruins thanks to us destroying the golem, they probably figured it would be better to continue the investigation and teach her at the same time I imagine.

Apparently the plan is to return early today, so we let Snow watch the house………

And me and Ralf headed to the ruins together.

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