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Null Poison Ch142

New Skills

A week had passed since my trip to Carlisle Forest and the gathering of the Strange Monster bird fruit.

A few days ago, Esta’s special training also finally ended and our party finally went back to completing Gold rank requests for the last few days.

Esta’s intermediate magic was tremendous, and her firepower was now strong enough that she was able to kill even Gold rank monsters 2-3 spells.

And maybe because she was already practicing high power focused magic even with beginner spells, she was able to further make these new spells feel even more explosive than they were.

Ralf also made good use of the lessons received from Leon, and his movements as an attacker had greatly improved, and it feels like his raw strength has somehow increased as well but…….

In contrast to Esta’s happy mood, he looked a bit down.

Seeing Esta’s strength after learning intermediate magic, he must be also thinking of various things as to how to keep up with her I imagine.

From my point of view, Ralf is also growing at a fast rate but even after I told this to him directly, his expression didn’t seem to change much.

Also, as for me……..I earned two new skills after eating the bird’s Ongneer.


The first was [War Dance]. The second was [Hearing Enhancement].

Both were classified as common, and were active type skills.

[War Dance] was of course, the strange dance that the bird did during our battle.


By moving the body around in weird ways, it was able to increase your physical abilities similar to [Flesh Enhancement] but, the funny part was that the enhancement only applied to the part of the body you moved and shook around during the skill.

If you move your whole body around, it would divide the effects across your entire body and the overall effect was similar but a little weaker to [Flesh Enhancement]. But if you shook just your arms, for example, all of it would go to your arms alone and the increase in strength was many times bigger.

If you limit it even further and only move one arm, all of the effect would accumulate in just one arm making it deadly.

On top of its great utility, [War Dance] was also just a interesting and fun skill all around.

The only downside was the fact that you had to shake your body around to activate it, but even with that, it was a skill with great amounts of flexibility and uses.

The second skill, [Hearing Enhancement] was exactly what it sounded like.

Just like the bird did, it allowed you to detect things all around from just the sound and it made your ears as good as Snow.

It’ll allow me to basically never get ambushed and during battle, it would allow me to detect even the most minute changes.

But it’s stamina cost was pretty heavy, though not as much as [Fortification], and while my stamina was still not that high, the amount of times I could use it was still limited……….but again, it was still a very useful skill.

That was just the skills. As for the stats increase, Endurance by 8, Strength by 6, Stamina by 5, magic by 1, and agility by 9. As you can tell, it was quite an all around increase.

The taste on the other hand was of course horrible as always but—–it was still much better than Greath’s.

……..well that about covers my updates.


I have been able to grow rapidly thanks to Ongneer, as well as learn new useful skills.

If I can keep this up, I am bound to catch up with Klaus sooner or later.

This confident was proof for how amazing the Ongneer really was.

While I was thinking that, Esta began talking to me as we walked towards the Guild.


“Chris-san, what kind of request are we going to be taking today?”

“I’m thinking of taking on the subjugation request for Red Kong in the North-east mountain-forest area  today.”

“Red Kong……If I recall, was it the one that had a bonus cash reward?”

“Oh yeah, I saw that too! But wasn’t it platinum rank? If you had the normal reward, the total came out to be a crazy 5 platinum coins!!”

“Yeah, and that’s why we’re taking it. It’s why we took a holiday yesterday, so that we are all in our perfect condition for today’s battle.”

“You should tell that beforehand you know?! I would have gone and done some shopping for stuff!”

“No we don’t need to do that stuff. I already have enough healing potions already. Also……if I had told you, you two both would have wasted your energy doing excessive training on your own, right?”

It was a bullseye. As both of them turned their heads away and started whistling to feign ignorance.

It’s nice to be hard working but resting your body regularly is also an important part of your training.

Especially before fighting a strong enemy.

“But, can we even accept a platinum rank request? We’re still gold rank after all.”

“I already got permission by asking the vie chief. The Red Kong has already caused a lot of damage, and even after offering a bonus, …………no one has come forward to accept it after all.”

“That’s………well, I mean we did get rid of the only platinum rank adventurer they had.”

“Exactly. If we don’t take it, no one else here would, so since we have already proven ourselves before, I got the permission.”

Once again, I was glad that we became friends with the vice chief.

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“Well if that’s the case, I guess there no problems there then! ……..but what about our actual strength? Can we take it on?”

“It will be a tough monster, make no mistake. But as we are right now, I do think we can win. Red Kong is a monster that excels in close combat as well as uses fire elemental attacks. As long as I keep its attention and deflect his attacks, Esta and Snow can blast him water and ice magic and Ralf can cause damage with his sword……….We will win in the end.”

“Ohh! Kinda similar to how we handled the Golem huh?”

“I guess it is. Think of it as a stronger golem, that’ll be fine.”

It was right on the line whether it was a monster we could fight right now or not, and so I spent the entire last week pondering about it…….

But after seeing the force of Esta’s intermediate magic, I am pretty confident now.

If we win, that’s 5 platinum coins as a reward, and we’ll be a lot closer to being promoted to platinum rank as well.

And on top of all that,…….this was the perfect monster to become the next host for the Ongneer.

The north-eastern mountain forests were pretty close to Carlisle forest which was in the east so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to carry it all the way.

It does create the extra restraint of having to defeat it without damaging its hear but, if I can suppress it perfectly, we should be able to clear that condition as well.

And thus, after taking on the request officially we headed towards the north-eastern mountain forests to subjugate the Red Kong.

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