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Null Poison Ch141

The Ongneer of the Strange Monster Bird

The next day.

With Snow alongside me, I made my way to the Carlisle forest once again.

Esta was of course still busy with her magic training and with me deciding to go to Carlisle forest, Ralf has been doing some personal training as well.

I felt a bit bad for Ralf, but I decided to come check on the Ongneer and took Snow with me as well.

Of course I wanted to check the growth of the Monster Bird Ongneer, enough time had passed for another Greath’s Ongneer to have ripened again.

I won’t get any more skills from his’ but the fruit still raised some of my physical stats greatly and was still very useful.

Well, I’d rather never have to eat it again if I could but…… long as its raising my endurance and Strength by 6 and Stamina by 12, I simply can’t skip out on eating it.


While feeling complicated, I continued walking towards my base——-and by the way, Snow has gotten ridiculously strong now.

Every goblin or kobold we ran into on our way was killed by Snow by itself.

I was thinking of helping but Snow’s ability to sense enemies is so much better than my own that by the time I even sensed them, Snow had already gone and hunted them down.


Its wind based elemental attack was especially convenient……..just swinging its claws from afar towards a goblin would result in the goblin getting ripped to pieces.

Could it be that its stronger than its parent already?

Judging by its fighting style, it couldn’t be judged as a silver rank monster anymore. No seriously, are we sure that Snow was even a Snow Panther?

Its body is still mostly pure white and it could be a different breed of cub, or at least I started feeling that way……….

While watching over Snow happily hunting down Goblin and Kobolds, I raised this suspicion in my mind, and before we knew it, we had already reached the base.

I then had Snow wait inside the base, and I decided to instantly go and check on Ongneer.

“Snow, be a good kid and wait for me inside okay?”


“good boy. I’ll be back soon.”

After giving Snow another couple of headrubs, I left Snow inside the base and headed out.

I’d  feel a bit bad for Snow, but I have been thinking of growing an Ongneer out of a normal wild Snow Panther sometime in the future as well.

It could control ice type complex magic, that was a mix of wind and water, and seeing Snow they must possess a skill to accelerate their body as well.

They also might have some more skills that I have yet to know about so it made for a great candidate for the next host for Ongneer………but they were only found at the top of the Northern mountains.


The distance from there to the Ongneer was no joke, not to mention, I’ll definitely get seen on the way which could raise suspicions as well.

Carrying dead monster around into the forest would make me look like a psychopath after all.


While I kept walking and continued thinking of who to use as host after the monster bird——-

I suddenly started feeling a heavy atmosphere surround me. It was even denser and thicker than the last time so my expectations only increased.

“I can see it. Both the corpses are still there……..also, looks like Ongneer grew properly as I had hoped.”

I muttered to myself.

Greath’s had obviously grown well but seeing another fully grown Ongneer from the Monster bird’s corpse as well really made my tension level rise.

Last time, it was still not clear whether it was going to sprout properly or not but seeing both trees growing alongside well, made me breathe a sigh of relief.

Not to mention it has a fruit fully ripened as well…….now I should be able to absorb the Monster bird’s skill as well.

I slowly approached the Bird’s corpse and began gathering the fruit.

It looked slightly smaller than Greath’s fruit. But the colour, compared to the goblin or Greath, was a lot more deep green.

I plucked the fruit and then plucked the fruit fully ripened on Greath’s tree as well.

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I held two Ongneers in both of my hands. I almost wanted to eat them right away but I also want to make sure I discern their effects properly, and considering how bad they tasted, there’s a good chance I’ll just ended up vomiting if I try them out without proper preparations.

I put them inside my bag and properly sealed them, and then returned back to my base.

I had been thinking on the way as well but, I really need to figure out the next host for the Ongneer.

It didn’t seem like it was close to withering yet of course but I don’t when it might end up drying out either.

And considering I couldn’t find a new one even after a whole week of searching, I need to be very cautious and make sure I keep it alive.

After a little more time has passed, I should probably aim for a monster subjugation request that would make for a good host.

While thinking about what kind of request to take, I made it back to the base with two new Ongneers inside my bag.

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