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Null Poison Ch144

Fierce Attack

Watching me smile like a villain, the Red Kong stopped in its tracks for a moment, but soon recovered and started attacking once again.

I quickly cancelled [Fortification], and activated [Skin Strengthen] in its stead.

Furthermore, I gave the signal to Esta to start attacking as well, and with my shield in hand, I began slowly memorizing every single move and action the monster made.

As it tried using its long thick arms to almost wrap around my body, I deflected the arm sweep with my shield once again.

I then twisted my body to dodge the back kick after the sweep, and when it tried to grab me, I used shield bash to smack its face.

Eating the shield bash directly to the face, it faltered for a second and during that timing, Esta hit the Red Kong with her [Frost arrows].

……..The Red Kong was capable of flowing from one move to another and its attacks came in waves. But as long as they are only powerful enough that I can still deflect them with my shield, I can still manage.

The strength behind its Back Kick was pretty high but I wasn’t going to be blocking every single attack in the first place.

Right now, of the ones I have seen, the only attacks I need [Fortification] to defend against are the Left straight and the Back Kick.


If its just this level, I have no chance of losing but, the Red Kong has yet to show all of its cards.

After getting struck by the [Frost Arrows], it got back up while shaking its head and began drumming its chest even harder than before.

Looks like we’ve finally made it take this seriously, and every time it drummed its chest, its muscle mass seemed to increase further.


Furthermore, flames started flickering out of its body so it looks like its going to start going all out from now on.

“We’re going to go all out from here on as well! Ralf and Snow, match my timing and launch your attacks when I give the signal. Esta, continue blasting it with magic like you did just now.”

“Got it! Snow, c’mon let’s go!”


Giving them both their instructions, I activated [War Dance].

I focused all the enhancement in just my right arm.

My shield was in my left, and in my right I held my sword.

Now, I won’t just guard its attacks but will also start dealing back damage at the same time to create openings for the rest.

As its red fur bristled up, the Red Kong launched its attacks with even more force of its entire body.

……..My job was to restrain its movements, and to create openings for Ralf and Snow.

I dodged every single blow that it aimed at me, and when it used its backhand to catch me off guard even at the cost of its own balance, this was where I used my shield to completely block and then deflect it into the ground.

Doing that, I instantly realized that right now both hands of the monster were currently on the ground, and so I slashed directly at its belly.

Since [War Dance] enhance the strength of my right arm, if I land a clean it hit, it could very easily be fatal——-but even against such an attack, the Red Kong countered by enveloping its long tail in fire, and swung it aimed at me.

“Shit! Why is it so tough—–also hot!?”

I quickly changed my target from the belly to the tail and swung my sword hoping to cut its tail in two but, only the sound similar to steel clashing steel reverberated and I was unable to cut through it, and we only nullified each other’s attacks.

The heat wave from the burning tail hit me and made me aware of how hot those flames were.

—–It’s like a sword of flames.


As I made judgement on the nature of the burning tail, my attack had failed but……

“Ralf, Snow! Now!!”

Since the monster was still out of balance, I gave it no chance to reset or rest and told Ralf and Snow to launch their attacks.

At the same time, Esta also launched her magic.

“[Hydro Ball]!”

Intermediate water magic, [Hydro ball].


A powerful ball of swirling water headed in a straight line towards the Red Kong—— and crashed into its body in an attempt to extinguish the flames.

Soon after the [Hydro Ball] hit, Ralf launched his attack first. Behind him, Snow followed as Ralf swung down hard on the Red Kong.

Since its balance was already off, and had been by Estaa’s powerful magic as well, it couldn’t deal with his attack and so without getting interrupted by the tail, Ralf sliced right into the Red Kong’s flesh.

Matching the timing, Snow enveloped its fangs in ice and bit into its left arm.


Roaring and screaming in pain, it flailed its arms to try and hit the two close to him.

But,……I rushed in right as their attacks ended to switch places, and deflected all of its attacks, and then followed up with my own counter attack to stab my sword into its flank.

Couple with the boosted power of [Flesh Enhancement] and [War Dance], my sword thrust went in cleanly.

Then, it got hit by the second volley of intermediate magic, followed by another diagonal slash from Ralf and Ice Bite from Snow, after which, I unleashed another stab into its side, finally making the Red Kong take a knee on the ground.

………But, it’s eyes showed that it was from death, and was desperately trying to launch its next attack.

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To stop its vain struggle, we need to kill it right now.

Feeling that strongly, I signalled both Ralf and Esta again and we all launched another attack to deal the killing blow.

“Esta, magic, again!”

“[Frost Edge]!”

As I spoke, a blade of ice attacked the kneeling Red Kong and as it hit, I rushed straight to its right side.

Ralf went to its left, and we both launched an attack together from both sides.


Ralf shouted with vigour as he launched a full powered swing, and aimed for the part that had been ripped open by Snow’s bites, and sliced all the way ripping apart the thick left arm into two.

The [Frost Edge] had put wounds all over its body, and Ralf’s strike cut off its left arm.

……..Now, I just need to deal the final blow.

I can’t aim for the heart, and I can’t slice its body in two either, which only leaves the head.

So I aimed for the skull of the immobilized Red Kong, and stabbed my sword straight at it.

The clean hit pierced straight through its skull, killing it, and finally its rampage ceased as the Red Kong fell face first into the ground.

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