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Null Poison Ch145

A Bad Feeling

“Chris! Is it over?”

“Yeah, it’s dead.”

I answered to Ralf who quickly came running to me to check.

………still, this was a strong one.

I thought I’d be able to take it down with just [Flesh Enhancement] and [War Dance] but that was not the case at all.

We all had to work together with perfect coordination to narrowly attain victory.

—–But, now I can get the Ongneer to use this Red Kong as the next host.

This was a risk, but the reward was well worth it.

“It was a close one. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be this strong. Even though I hit it perfectly with my [Frost Arrows] it just barely flinched.”

“Yeah, I underestimated it a bit as well I must admit. That said, both you Esta and Ralf did incredible in such a situation. Of course, you as well Snow.”

As I praised Snow who was nuzzling near my feet, I began dealing with the Red Kong’s corpse.

We burned the arm we cut off, took off its left ear as proof——and the rest, I’ll carry to Carlisle forest.

Since it was pretty big and had huge muscle mass, it’ll be pretty heavy but……..with the amount of strength I have gained thanks to all the lizaf fruits, I should be able to carry it.

I’m definitely going to stand out and catch a lot of attention, and while dragging it with me was going to be tough, at least the Carlisle forest was between this area and Oxter, which made things much easier.


“So you’re gonna be carrying the Red kong back after all huh.”

“It’s necessary to get new skills for me. If it’s a corpse I can carry the distance, I simply cannot miss the chance to do so.”


“Umm, we never really asked any details but I feel like we should now so, how exactly do you attain these new skills Chris-san? And speaking of carrying corpses I did recall one other thing……., If my memory serves me correctly, the skills you have now are the ones Greath had, am I correct?”

“Ah! You’re right, the skills Chris is using are in fact the ones that Greath had been using now that you mention it!!

Now that she mentions it, I never really explained the process in detail to them did I?

It completely escaped my mind but, I only told them about the existence of Ongneer not how it worked.

“There’s a really dangerous poisonous plant, that could grant skills. I think I told at least that much right?”

“Yes, the one that could kill if you even approached close to it, right?”

“Exactly. That plant grows by parasitically attaching itself to other living beings and uses them to absorb nutrients—–and also their skills. And by eating the fruit that has absorbed said skill, that skill would then get absorbed by me.”

“Basically…….by eating the fruit that grew out of Greath, you gained his skills?”

“Precisely. And by using this Red Kong to grow the next fruit, I’ll gain its skills as well.”

“Are you serious!? That’s incredible but………I’m amazed you are able to actually eat such a gross and disgusting thing.”

“Oh the fruit is far, far worse than anything you can imagine right now Ralf, trust me. But for more power, I have been slowly eating them in parts, though if I could make do without doing so, I would gladly never eat another one of those again in my entire life.”

Esta seemed amazed from hearing the explanation of the Ongneer fruit, while Ralf was just disgusted.


“Which means…….if you were to massacre a lot of strong people and use them to grow more fruits, Chris you could pretty quickly become the strongest person alive no?”

“In theory, yes. But I have no plans of doing such a thing.——Even using monsters like this, has me constantly worried of catching attention you know.”


“Well, a person who keeps carrying monster corpses into the forest is bound to look suspicious after all. Anyone who doesn’t know the circumstances, is more likely to believe that you are some kind of crazy cultist.”

“Pretty much. If I catch to much attention and someone were to start investigating, it will lead to a lot of people dying to the Ongneer poison and it’ll turn into a huge incident.”

Because of the deadly poison involved that I’m using, I need to be extra careful.

Barring people like my family or Greath, I’d rather not cause trouble to normal people around me.

While having such conversations, we headed back from the north east mountain forest area and headed towards Oxter.

Leaving this area, I separated from the rest and headed towards the Carlisle forest on my own.

It was already evening, so it was dangerous to be carrying the Red Kong’s body alone in the dark through the forest, so maybe I should have taken the two with me but…….

If I recall, back when I carried the Orc general’s corpse, scrub monsters didn’t dare attack me, so if I’m carrying the Red Kong, the effect should be the same.

Hence, there was no need to bring them with me and it was more efficient to have those two go back before me and report the request completion instead.

By giving this reason, I refused the offer from them and walked through the Carlisle forest on my own.

As I thought, I didn’t get attacked as long as I had the Red Kong’s corpse with me, and I continued walking deeper inside the forest.

Since the corpse was pretty big and would get stuck here and there, on top of being generally hard to carry around, it was a great relief that I wasn’t getting attacked on top as well.

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As the sun set, and it started to turn dark, I reached my base and from there I headed straight to the Ongneer’s place.

Walking through the oppressive atmosphere where the Ongneer grew, I finally dropped the Red Kong corpse near the two fully grown plants, and then made my way back to the base.

I was hoping to pluck another fruit if it had grown but……….unfortunately none of them had ripened yet, and there were only a couple of small, still unripe fruits.

Giving up on that, I left the forest and headed back to Oxter.

Since I was also tired from the battle, and I was bound to get attacked by monsters on the way back, part of me wanted to just spend the night in the base but if I didn’t return, I’ll just make those two worry so I made my way to Oxter in the end.



By the time I made it back to Oxter it was so late that there were barely any people around.

It was the same as when I took the Orc General but, when I take a monster all the way inside the forest the day we subjugate them, it is always past midnight by the time I’m back.

Next time onwards, I’ll tell them in advance that I’ll spend the night in the base and will return the next day. Making that decision in my head, I made it to our home with heavy steps.

The light inside the house was still lit, but they must have gone to sleep by now.

As I continued walking, suddenly I felt this bad and uncomfortable feeling  hit my body.

When I looked towards the ground, I saw a trail of blood heading towards the door of our home, where someone was lying there, collapsed on the ground.

Since it was late into the night and there not much light around, and the fact that the person was wearing all black, I didn’t instantly notice them there……..Who could it be?

Judging by their physique, it was definitely not Ralf or Esta, I was sure.

Judging by the pool of blood, they were fatally wounded and I could barely feel any life out of them.

I racked my brains, and thought of the man looking for me in Norfast.

But, they had both arms intact so it was definitely not him.

I tried thinking but I couldn’t think of anyone so I slowly, cautiously made my way closer to the collapsed person.

After reaching a bit more closer, and seeing their full body properly——I instantly recognized who that person was.


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