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Null Poison Ch146

Last Request

I called the name of the person who was collapsed there—-Alyazi-san, but I got no response and he seemed to not even move.

I quickly rushed to his side, and quickly turned his body face up towards me.

There was whole in his stomach area, probably where he got stabbed, and the wound was bad enough to make one avert their eyes.

——-but, he was not yet dead, as I could still sense him breath, if only faintly.

To try and treat him, I was about to carry him into the house when Alyazi-san’s hand stopped me as I was about to pick him up.

“nn…….Chris-kun, is that you?——–thank god, I was able to talk to you before I die.”

“Alyazi-san, just, what the hell happened!?”

“Don’t bother carrying me inside. I’m using my skills to just barely keep me alive but the moment my stamina runs out and the skills stop working……..I’ll die.”

“No! I know a talented alchemist! Her potions could—-“

“I know my body well. This wound cannot be healed no matter what you do, I know that better than anyone………so please, just listen to what I have to say. Otherwise, me coming here all this way would be meaningless.”


Even at the verge of death, Alyazi-san strongly pleaded to me with his words.

I don’t want to give up on him. I don’t but——

Even I knew that the flame of his life was disappearing, painfully so.

Once again I was made aware of my pathetic weakness that needed to come this close and confirm with my own eyes before realizing who this was, even after heightening my focus to the max.

Then the least I could do………was to respect his wishes. I need to hear why he made it all the way here just to tell me something. Else I would have wasted all of his effort for nothing.


“………….I understand. Please speak.”

“Thank you. First, let me tell you what happened……….this evening, we got entangled with a certain man. ——a man with a single arm, and a scar across his forehead. He called himself, Carlo.”

“one armed, scarred face……… pursuer.”

“Precisely. That man had found out that you are in Oxter. Apparently he heard that from some adventurer called Henry.”

Henry? Henry………I remember. He was one of Greath’s lackeys.

When they all ran from Oxter, after their party disbanded——- one of them went to Norfast, and ended up leaking my location to this one armed man it seems.

……….I really should have killed them all right there and then. No, I needed them alive to avoid getting suspected for killing Greath.

Not to mention, at that time I had no idea, my pursuer had made all the way to Norfast already——ah whatever.

This is……not the time to be analyzing the past.

“Henry was once an adventurer in Oxter. He must have talked I imagine.”

“Ah, so that was true after all. Just like Chris said, we were careful to not say your name out loud……..But he reacted to the word ‘Oxter’ and we ended up getting dragged into this mess at a bar. We all realized that the man was the one pursuing Chris as soon as we noticed the missing arm and the scar but——we were far too naïve.”

“Did you fight that Carlo and then Alyazi-san was…………”

“Yes. We all thought that if we all fought this single man, we’ll win. He was the one who picked the fight anyway so we simply reacted but then left. But as soon as we were in an empty place, out of nowhere Joyce-san’s head got chopped——-and I ended up like this.”

“……….. even you guys couldn’t hurt him?”

“Joyce-san was unable to do much, and I even activated my skills but was still unable to react in time. Realizing that we couldn’t win like this, Leon-san and Janet-san acted together as a wall for me, to let me run away as I was the fastest, even if I was wounded.”

……..which means, most likely not just Joyce, even Leon and Janet are probably dead.

The inside of my head was a mess with regret and rage.


“I’m really sorry. If only you had never interacted with me……….”

“No, this has nothing to do with you. We were always going to go to Oxter and we are the ones that picked a fight without properly judging the strength of our enemy. If anything, I should apologize. Even though you so seriously warned us, we let our Mithril rank get to our heads and didn’t heed your warnings properly.”

Even while breathing painfully, Alyazi-san made sure to console me.


……….no matter what he say, it’s a fact that I got the [Silver Winged Lion] involved in this.

As I looked at the deep wound on Alyazi-san’s body, my head hurt like it was about to burst.

“It looks like I’m at my limit……….my stamina is about to run out. I’m glad I was able to make it here and properly tell you everything.”

“Alyazi-san, I’m sor-……, thank you——for coming all this way just for me. Thank you very much.”

“………fufufu, Chris-kun, you are my one and only disciple after all.”

Filled with pride, Alyazi-san looked at me and spoke so.

“it was only for a little while but I’m glad I was able to be your teacher…….When you one day become strong and famous, be sure to tell everyone in the world that I was your teacher okay?”

“——yes. I promise.”

“…….good. As for my body, please use it for yourself…….if what you told me during our training is true, then you can absorb my skills…….you can right?”

“I-I can but, I can’t turn you into food for some plant..”

“……..this is my last request. I’m asking you to do so……….this way, together with Chris-kun, I too can aim to be strongest.——For in the end, I was never able to do so on my own.”

“………..If you say so……….I cannot refuse your last request.”

“Forgive me. I know this will hurt you. ——–now, I, soon……..I must go to sleep………..It was fun……..yeah, it was really fun. My dreams, carry it——I entrust them all… you, Chris-kun.”

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While gripping my hand and looking straight into my eyes, he strongly said so. And as his stamina depleted, I felt his skills stopped working.

He really was at the edge already, as the moment the skills deactivated——–Alyazi-san quietly breathed his last.

My chest hurt so much I could go crazy.

I have known Alyazi-san for only a short time.

But, he truly accepted me as his disciple. And taught me everything he could and asked for nothing in return.

During our training sessions, we would talk about the world, about each other, so I knew Alyazi-san’s background, his past. And so I told him mine as well.

One day, one day I would return this debt in full. I swore that to myself , but it looks like till the very end, he only kept giving and helping me, and then he left this world.

……….It hurts. Its frustrating. I hate this weak me so much. I hate myself for not being able to do anything.

And above all, I hate Klaus for getting innocents involved and that one-armed pursuer, Carlo for doing this.

——-If you want to kill me, then aim just for me.

My urge to kill Klaus as well as my raging hatred towards that one armed man, gushed forth.

If I could, I would head to Norfast right now and rip him to shreds.


My heart was telling me to do so………but I knew that this man could easily take on both Leon and Alyazi-san, two people I didn’t manage to beat in a one-on-one, even once.

Even if I challenged him now, I would be swiftly killed——and I knew I would be dealt a pathetic death in front of Klaus.

Rage and hatred boiled inside me.

But I calmed myself and sealed it all inside a cold prison, and after taking off all of Alyazi-san’s personal items…………..

I picked up the dead Alyazi-san who looked like he was peacefully sleeping, and then headed back to the Carlisle forest once more.

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    Klaus. You are now beyond all redemption. Your death will be special.


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