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Null Poison Ch148

Preparations for Escape

“I agree with Chris-san. Even if we fight this pursuer now, we can’t win anyway…… for fleeing, should we do the same as when we moved here from Realzard and run to a different town?”

“That might work but, if we want to be certain, we have to escape the country itself this time. But if we were to leave the country we’ll need to provide identity papers, and if we do that there is always a chance that the news reaches to Klaus’ underling or something, which will ruin everything.”

“………..Then what the hell do we do? Where do we run to then?!”

“There is one place——the Carlisle forest. We’ll hide inside the forest for the next couple of months, and work solely on getting as strong as possible in a short time.”

Yes, we’ll live in the base I used and I’ll do nothing but devour poisonous plants and gain as much strength as I can.

I’ll move all the plants I was growing here at home to the base as well, and we need to be completely out of here before our pursuer comes to Oxter.


“Certainly, it’ll be hard to find someone who is hidden inside a giant forest like that.”

“So are we all gonna stay in the forest together?”

“That’s the plan. There is a chance that they know about you two already as well.”

“I see………Living in a forest eh. Feels like we’re going back to square one again.”

“No, we are not. Because we ourselves are still growing stronger still.—–But, we can’t do that slowly, step by step like we had until now. I for one am going to devote myself completely to only getting stronger. I will most certainly be causing both of you a whole lot of trouble as well, and if you feel  like you can’t stay with me anymore…….”

“You fucking idiot!! That option simply does not exist for both me and Esta!!”


He slammed the table even harder than before, and shouted in a coarse voice.

“Ralf, thank you……..then, as I explained, this is what we’re going to do from now on. Any questions?”

“……..a simple one. What are we going to do about food and clothes in the time we’re in the forest?”

“As for clothes, I’m planning on asking Shantell and Vice chief for help. I need Shnatell’s help to continue making potions anyway, so I’ll head to her place first thing in the morning today to explain it to her.”

“Then, allow me to go to the Vice chief and talk to him about this. As for food……..are we going to hunt our own food in the forest I presume?”

“That’s the plan, yes. There’s a lot of animals in Carlisle forest, and there’s fishes in a nearby pond as well so we’ll manage. Also…….I’m going to have you two both hunt monster for me to absorb their skills as well.”

“Monsters for skills?”

I’ll have to ask them to hunt monsters in the same area as the Red Kong, and use those monsters for more Ongneer plants.

This will all be for my own sake alone, but for the sake of getting stronger, I have no choice but to make them do this.

“Yes, that’s right. I explained before right? I need monsters to become new hosts for the plant, and you’ll have to carry it to the forest for me.”

“Understood. We’ll get stronger normally by defeating monsters anyway, so we just have to carry those monsters back right?”

“I see. We’ll hunt monsters to get stronger as always and by bringing you those monsters, we’ll make you stronger as well! 2 birds with one stone indeed!”

“That’s right…….Anyway, that’s it for our plans. Our opponent is a man that easily killed members of the [Silver Winged Lion]. I don’t think he’ll come to Oxter instantly but still be very careful—–and let’s get out of this place asap.”

After talking about what happened last night and what we’re going to do from here onwards, we quickly ate our breakfast and started preparing for the future in our own ways.

I’ll head to the [Travelling cat Store], Esta will go to the guild, Ralf was going to handle shopping. To leave Oxter as soon as possible, we all took up different things to take care of.



I quickly made my way to the Commercial street, and entered [Travelling Cat Store].

Since beating the red kong, then carrying it to the forest, then the incident with Alyazi-san; I have yet to get a single wink of sleep, and my fatigue was at its peak. But somehow because my head was working furiously, my eyes were still awake.


Entering the store, Shantell after her usual energetic greeting, acted a bit strangely.

“Welcome! Chris-san—-is it? Eh? A-are you okay??! Y-you look extremely exhausted!!?”

“I’m fine. That aside, I have something important to tell you.”

“I-I see……No, wait a minute!! Let me bring a potion for you!!”

Saying that Shantell ran to the back room of her store, and quickly came back with something in her hands.

What she held was……a strange yellowish potion.

“here, take this Chris-san! As thanks for always helping me! For free of course, so please drink!”

“Oh, Okay. Thanks. Anyway, what I wanted to say was——“

“Drink the potion first! Drink it!!”

Beckoning me to drink it, Shantell continued telling me to drink the potion.

If I don’t this conversation will not continue, will it?

She was a pain as always, so I decided to just not waste anymore time and drank the potion so I can continue talking.

——–I drank the potion not expecting anything and purely so I could get on with things, but the moment I gulped it down, the heaviness on my body suddenly disappeared, and my fatigue blew away as if I had just taken a long nice nap.

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“What the fuck is this potion?”

“It’s not a stamina recovery potion, but instead a fatigue restorative made out of strong nourishing ingredients! It’s usually a super pricey one you know!”

“Amazing. It’s as if all my fatigue has blown away. Shantell, really, thank you.”

“………Eh? E, eh? I-if you thank with such a serious look, it’ll make me feel embarrassed as well!! …..A-ahem, so the main topic!! You had something important to tell me right!?”

Since I don’t ever play along with her, when I actually thanked her seriously, Shantell blushed red to her ears and seemed flustered.

Even though this is the right time to act proud like you always do, seriously, what a pain this girl’s personality is.

 Well, maybe that’s also why I end up always feeling relaxed when I talk to her.

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