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Null Poison Ch149

A Request to Shantell

Shantell was still blushing from being complimented.

I should probably wait till she calms down but……..I didn’t have the time for that and decided to start talking about why I came here in the first place.

“The reason I came here was to tell you that………we, have decided to leave Oxter.”


Her blushing face instantly returned to her usual colour, and after a moment of pause she simply muttered that in confusion.

Unlike the usual peppy and energetic Shantell, her voice sounded flat, almost a bit angry even.

I think she might e misunderstanding something so I decided to continue explaining.

“When I say leave, I don’t mean we’re moving somewhere far away permanently. We’ll be simply living inside the Carlisle forest that’s all.”

“…….Oh. Well, that’s alright then! I almost thought that you were leaving us for good so that’s a relief——Is that what you thought I’d say!?! Why do you suddenly have to go live in a forest!? Did you hit your head or something Chris-san!??”

“I can’t explain the details, but I have people hunting me. So I need to hide. And so I came here to ask you a favour, I need you to come to the entrance of the forest once every week.”

“Ahh, my head can’t keep up with any of this!!…….Wait, you want me to come to the forest entrance??”

“To keep making the potions you have until now, and to hell us buy some daily necessities. My pursuer might come to Oxter at any time so, I came to you today to ask you if you’ll be willing to help………Of course, we’ll pay you as well. So, are you willing?”


It was pretty clear that she hadn’t made sense of everything I had just said but still, I asked so.

Even after she looked up to the roof for some time thinking, it didn’t seem like she made sense of it all inside her head but……..


“I’ll be honest I’m not sure I followed everything you told me, but sure I’ll help!! I owe Chris-san at least this much for everything you’ve done for me!”

“Shantell, seriously, thank you. Then, once very week, bring the Jinpi potions and some daily necessities to the forest’s entrance. There, I’ll also hand you more Jinpi Leaves as well as the money for next time so——we’ll be in your care.”

“Sure! Leave it to me!!”

Then, I warned her to not tell anyone about me or even talk of me, and after giving her my thanks, I left the store.

Sure she can be a pain sometimes, and at first I doubted if we’ll ever get along but…….I am genuinely glad I became friends with Shantell.

Maybe it’s because of her personality being like this that I was able to unhesitatingly ask her this favour, and she accepted it without showing a hint of annoyance.

A pain, but a genuinely good person at heart, I will have to one day return this favour as thanks in full at all costs.


Early morning, the next day.

Having finished everything that we had to do in Oxter yesterday, we packed all of our stuff and were planning to head to Carlisle forest today.

We’ll leave our house as is, and we’ve already paid a couple months rent in advance.

In case something happens to us, I have already made arrangements to have Shantell null the house contract but——I promise, I will be back.

With such strong resolve, with our luggage packed, I left the house.



Ralf and Esta, with Snow in tow, soon followed me to the base in the forest as well.

It was once a Goblin nest so there was more than enough space for three people to live, and since I regularly came here and kept it maintained, while far from perfect, it was still pretty comfortable, certainly not as bad as sleeping outside.

“Ohh, so this is the place you’ve been using as base all this time eh?”

“This is a whole lot better than what I was expecting, I must say. ……..Honestly, isn’t this still more comfortable than our [Shangri-la hotel] room.”

“C’mon, now you’re exaggerating——-is what I’d like to say but the fact it’s kinda true is pretty sad honestly. That room was genuinely suffocating at times.”

Seeing my base, both Ralf and Esta gave their impressions.

Looks like it wasn’t as bad as they were expecting so they should be fine for living here for the next couple months I think.

“Now then, from here onwards, we are not going to waste a single day——only think of making yourself as strong as possible.”

“I know. To avenge Leon-san, I’ll go through hell and back just to get stronger.”

“Same here. So that we don’t lost to anyone or have to run from anyone ever again as well…….we’ll grow stronger.”


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Ralf, Esta and even Snow proclaimed so, and thus our intense training inside the Carlisle forest began.

I too will focus only on making myself stronger, and will train till I’m on the verge of death.

All I’ll eat is poisonous plants. While I gather them, I’ll simultaneously practice activating and deactivating skills, and do anything that will help me win against that man, Carlo.


Slapping my cheeks, and firing myself up I……first, began with replanting the seeds I brought from my homegrown plants near the base.

I could have simply abandoned them in my house as well but, then they’ll end up dying so wondering and hoping if I could grow them near my base as well, I brought them all back here in my bag, similar to how I first carried them home in the first place.

I could even create like a small farm near this place but I only had a couple months for this.

Not to mention, I don’t exactly have the free time to be indulging in farming so I’ll simply replant the ones I had already grown and take care of them.

Planting Reizen, Lizaf and Jinpi leaves, I put the logs with genpei and Eggmash leaning on the walls of the cave entrance.

Now, I just need to properly water them from time to time.

Since the environment has suddenly changed, the ability increasing effect might also change, but I had no way of assessing myself here.

I’ll simply assume that they’ll raise each stats by 1 just like the naturally found plants did.

After replanting the homegrown plants, I headed out to gather and collect more poisonous plants.

Since I had mostly gathered most of what was available near the base, I’ll now focus on other areas where I hadn’t yet gone through.

To not waste my time on goblins and kobolds, I took Snow with me as well…….and thus me and Snow, went off on our gathering trip.

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