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Null Poison Ch156

A Raw Fist Fight

The moment I activated [Mad Warrior], it felt like my whole head became misty.

Soon all sorts of negative emotions began welling up inside me, and raging instincts pushed my sense of reason to the side and burst forth.

Pure Rage.

A rage against everything in front of me took over but—–even that got overwhelmed by a deeper, stronger wrath.

My Father and Klaus. And the man in front of me……Carlo.

The other two here didn’t matter.

I ignored the anger I felt towards Ralf and Esta, and charged towards Carlo who was right ahead of me.

Carlo also looked at me with a smile, a clenched his fist again.

From here, it was only power against power, fist against fist.

Two men who had surpassed the boundary of normal humans began launching fists filled to brim with killing intent. A fist fight to the death.

As my left fist smashed his face, he returned it with his own fist slamming into my face.

When my right fist was thrust into his guts, Carlo also struck my abdomen back.


There were no tactics involved any longer, we just stood in place throwing fists at each other.

Whoever faltered first was the weak one. So Carlo just took every blow, even against me in this state, unmoving and kept launching his fist back at me.

“A full frontal fist fight!! To come straight to my face even though you know you’ll lose is manly as fuck I’ll give you that!!!”


Even though I had [Skin Strengthen] [Iron Wall] and [Fortification] activated on top of [Mad Warrior], every hit I took from Carlo dealt damage to me.

I hated this man to my very core. I loathe him, but all that aside——-I admit, his strength was worthy of respect.

I truly thought so, but I had no intention of stopping my fists.

As my body heated up more and more, the strength, speed, and the killing intent behind every punch increased with every hit.

 At first I was getting in one hit for every hit I took from Carlo but, after a while, I got in 3 for every 2 hits, and soon I was getting in two hits for every hit I took, meanwhile it seemed like he was starting to get duller.

“………..Why…Why the fuck are you still able to keep punching!?! M-My physical abilities are so much better than yours!! And you aren’t even using any skills!!!”

Panicking, Carlo began raising the speed of his punches as well as he screamed and shouted at me.

Yeah, I have technically not ‘spoken out loud’ any skill yet.

Now that I think about it………I also thought that Alyazi-san wasn’t using any skills as he fought at once.

Feeling nostalgic, my fists continued moving again and again as I punched him more and more.

My body had taken damage but thanks to [Pain Inhibitor], I felt no pain.

On the other hand, Carlo was using [Self regeneration] simultaneously but he was still feeling every bit of pain from every hit.

Not to mention, [Self regeneration] still took a couple dozen seconds to heal wound I dealt to him before.

My punch barrage that was enhanced by at least 10+ skills was not going to be manageable by that skill alone. It won’t heal fast enough.

If Carlo still had both arms, or if Carlo had taken me seriously from the start, or if Carlo hadn’t let Alyazi-san run away, well, in the first place if Carlo had not gone after the [Silver Winged Lion] in the first place—–I would have lost to him in all of those situations.


Yes, if I hadn’t inherited Alyazi-san’s skills, I would have been killed by Carlo without a doubt………but of course, those are all just ‘what ifs’ now.

I raised the speed of my punches even further, and every fist was aimed to kill.

Carlo’s face which was smiling and having fun was now cramping from panic, and his punches began feeling weaker and weaker as well, and soon his expression changed to one of fear.


I suppose even a famed killer of the underworld that murders for fun gets scared of death when it comes rushing at him head-on huh.

Watching him act like this, I aimed specifically for his left arm and punched it twice and disabled it completely.

He tried to continue fighting by kicking and headbutting but, I used my kicks as well to stop his own, and his headbutts were stopped by simply another punch to the face.

After getting punched in the face a couple more times, Carlo finally seemed to lose strength and fell to his knees.

After he stopped attacking, maybe he had completely lost his overflowing will to fight……..

And while still on the ground, began dragging his body back on the ground in a attempt to retreat.

“H-How did I of all people lose?……Wa-wait. G-gold, I’ll give you as much as you want. So let’s make a deal, okay?………if you let me go, I will make it a lifetime debt. I-if you’re in trouble, my organization [The Maginicks] will help you in every way possible—-S-so? It’s a good deal right?”

I guess, even Carlo was finally reduced to this level huh.

………A battle loving murder happy assassin.

I really thought that a battle lover would accept defeat and death gracefully but he also, like most, began pathetically begging for his life.

What a disappointment………but I should have figured this from the countless scars on his back. You only get those when you try to run away from your enemies and show them your back.

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Perhaps it was the wiser way to live considering he only became this strong by running away and surviving again and again.

If I was a fellow of the underworld like Carlo, perhaps I would have also let him go for money, or connections or a favour but——–I had absolutely no reason to forgive him.

“Carlo, unfortunately, I need neither money nor status nor fame. All I want to take, is Klaus’ life……….and your life as well.”

Proclaiming that, I activated [Strong arm] and then swung my fist straight at the collapsed Carlo’s chest.

I wanted to slowly, and painfully kill him as revenge for the [Silver Winged Lion] members, but I was exhausted from using 10+ skills.

Completely helpless, Carlo couldn’t defend against my last strike and grabbed his chest in pain, but his heart will not move again.

As if pleading for help, he moved and stretched his arm towards me but……..before his arm could even touch me, it fell to the ground lifeless alongside his body.

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  1. Eli Avery Avatar
    Eli Avery

    Thanks for the chapter!

    An enraged punch to the chest as a finishing blow stopping the heart… Might be an obstacle to getting any of his skills since the tree seemed to need an intact heart to take root properly.


    1. Exfernal Avatar

      With bare hand strikes it would be better to aim for his neck, huh?

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