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Null Poison Ch155

True Strength

Since a truly unpleasant feeling was leaking out of Carlo, I couldn’t carelessly close in on him.

While still vigilant, I slowly approached closer and talked back to him.

“Why the hell would I ever work under someone like you?………Is this how you beg for mercy when you’re about to lose?”

“You think I’m begging for my life? AHAHHAHAA! I have been fighting without a single skill until now you know!! Because it’d be damn boring if I killed you instantly! Well, no matter if you don’t accept my offer. It’s a bit of waste, but then again, I only like guys that are obedient anyways.”

——-I had a really bad feeling about all of this.

I had enhanced my abilities a lot by eating poisonous plants, and I was certain with all Ongneers I had eaten, I had gotten strong enough to beat Carlo but…….

If his strength increases a lot beyond what it already is, we’re going to be in trouble.


“Ralf, Esta! We’re going to kill him asap!!”

“Got it! —–I too have a bad feeling about this!”

“I’ll assist you with my magic!”

After getting approval from these two as well, we rushed in to kill Carlo before he does whatever it is that he’s planning to do.


My instincts were screaming at me to not charge in and attack recklessly but, it might be worse to just let him to do whatever he wants.

With Ralf alongside me, we both ran towards Carlo.

The moment we enter the range, Ralf will activate his [Roar of the Guardian] again to attract Carlo’s attention.

In that very instant, I will unleash a full powered blow directly at him——-our sure kill strategy to take down opponents that we’ve planned out beforehand.

As soon as we came closer, Carlo began laughing boldly.

And when he came straight towards me, Ralf activated his skill as planned.

“[Roar of the Guardian]!”

Ralf released a strong presence, and as soon as I confirmed that Carlo’s eyes locked directly at Ralf, I activated my own skills as well.

[Strong Arm][War Dance][Gale]

[Strong Arm] would increase the strength of a single attack, [War Dance] doubled it even further after I focused it purely on my arm.

I reactivated [Gale] once again, and with all of my strongest attack focused skills were sued simultaneously.

While Carlo was still focused on Ralf, I unleashed my strongest attack.

“Too bad! [Body Armour]!”

Even while looking at Ralf, he activated a skill knowing I was about to attack him from the side.

……..But, if it’s just one skill, it won’t matter, my attack will still slice through him.

I filled myself with vigour, and roared from my stomach as I brought down my sword on him with all my might.

The sword struck his shoulder, and as the swing goes through, I’ll slice through his entire body diagonally——or so i though it would happen………


My steel sword only went in a few centimetres into his body, and then broke from the base of the sword with a snap.

The broken blade flew in the air, and I only held the bladeless handle in my hand.


My strike was perfect, the hit was clean, so my skill imbued attack should have torn through his body……….unless, his body was harder than my steel forged, albeit thin, sword.——-Was that even possible?

“That was not a bad attack!! Unlucky lad! [Ability Unleashed][Mind Unleashed][Physical Ability Boost]”

Carlo activated 3 more skills, and released a tremendous aura and killing intent towards me, who was just stood there stunned with a broken sword.

“[Heavy Smash]!”

What came at me, was an attack that similar to Klaus’ [Sacred Slash].

His left arm was enveloped with a dark-purple aura, and his fist approached my face.

As if time was moving slowly, I could see every detail on Carlo’s face as well as the surrounding scenery, but my body didn’t react at all.

——-in such a situation, all I could recall was Alyazi-san’s face.

[Skin Strengthen] [Valour] [War Dance] [Intimidating presence] [Mana Sense] [Pain Inhibitor] [Life Presence Detect] [Perception Enhancement] [Iron Wall] [Fortification]

(T/N, changed encouragement to valour cuz it sounds better.)

I activated every single skill I had that seemed like it would beuseful, and somehow managed to put my two hands in front of my face to block Carlo’s attack.

It was hard to believe that it was also a human that had unleashed such an attack, as a tremendous force struck my both hands.

I got blown all the back in the air from just the force of the attack but——-thanks to the several skills, I was able to limit the damage caused to a minimum.

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Rolling and skidding across the ground as I landed, I used ukemi to quickly fixed my stance.

Thanks to both [Perception Enhancement] and [Perception Range Enhancement], while I was in the air I was able to see both Carlo’s smirk who confidently thought that he had killed me, as well as the nervous and worried faces of Ralf and Esta.


………but its fine. I took [Heavy Smash] head on but I’m not fatally wounded.

Muttering to myself, as soon as I stopped my momentum, I quickly took out 2 vials of Venom Python potions from my holder.

One I drank in its entirety, the other I splashed on myself and drenched my body in it.

Now alongside the effect of the skills, I also have the enhancement from the poison potion.

I have a feeling, that not even Ralf could stop that skill either.

Esta’s intermediate magic could at most keep him on his toes but nothing more, which meant……..

With the skills and potions already used—–I need to use my final trump card, if I want to win.

When Alyazi-san’s face flashed in my head, I already decided to go through with this.

Once, Alyazi-san told me that he didn’t understand what this skill was or how it worked, while shuddering in terror——-because Alyazi-san who was so lacking in physical abilities, had once beat Leon to the brink of death after using it.

——[Mad Warrior]

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