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Null Poison Ch160

Chapter 160


We lined up in the line towards the Trading counter, and waited for our turn.

It was definitely a big guild as even the number of counters was bigger than the ones I’ve seen yet, each still had long lines on them.

“……….umm? Why are we lining for the trading counter again? Weren’t we trying to ask info?”

“Yeah we will…….from the receptionist here.”

“The receptionist? But why specifically them?”

“Because they look like they’d have info we want.”

Unable to understand what I was implying, both Ralf and Esta tilted their heads in confusion.

Sure, my actions may seem a bit incomprehensible but of the 2 strongest presences that I sensed in this guild, one of those was the receptionist on this counter.

They looked not that different from the other receptionists on the outside but their life presence was at the same level as the old man from before.

Well, maybe not as high as Carlo or the old man but still……….


[Mana Sense]

Activating my other skill, I checked their mana and——as expected it was monstrous.

They seemed to be hiding with the help of either a skill or a an item but thanks to my own skill, I was able to see through it.

“Welcome. This is the counter for Trading, how may I help you?”


“I am not interested in buying or selling anything actually, I just want to ask a question. Do you know about the [Silver Winged Lion]?”

“……..Eh? u,ummm, if it’s an unrelated question then please go to the other counters……..”

“No, not the others, I want to ask you specifically. That old man back there refused to talk so I came to you. I’ll ask again, do you know about the [Silver Winged Lion]?”

“that old man?——Oh, I see. Very well, this isn’t the place to talk so if you don’t mind can you go through that door over there and wait inside the room for a while?”

“Of course, and thank you.”

As the receptionist had asked, we went through the guild personnel only room and waited inside this room where only the employees could come.

I asked Ralf and Esta to wait outside alongside Snow, and I came here alone.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. Please, can you come here into this room.”


After waiting a while, the receptionist finally left the counter and came and led to me to a private room to talk.

………..thanks to [Perception Enhancement] I could tell, but this receptionist was slightly leaking a little bit of killing intent as well.

My actions must seem very suspicious to her and so they seem ready to use their skills at any given moment.

While cautious myself, I entered the room I was led to——-It was a surprisingly luxurious room.

And on the even more extravagant table kept I the centre of the room, there was label that said [Guild Master] on it.

“So? Why did you go out of your way to specifically talk to me?”

Hearing a male voice suddenly, I turned around to realize that it was actually a guy crossdressing.

No, it wasn’t even crossdressing,……..he was simply disguised as a normal receptionist then?

“Wait, you were a guy?”

“Ha? Is that not why you talked to me!?………What the hell, did I just let some weirdo inside? I guess the line between a genius and moron really is thin.”

The guy in receptionist clothes muttered with his head in his hands.

He looked pretty young, but was almost certainly far, far older than he looked.

And the fact that he brought me here means………that this crossdresser was the guild master of this place.


“I don’t care whether you’re a guy or not, I spoke to you only because I could sense your strength. Your strong life presence was hard to miss after all.”

“I wonder about that. Maybe you just got lucky by mistake?”

“No………Oh right, if you want to me to further prove it, more so than your life force, it was your mana that was stronger. Which means you’re probably a magic-based job holder.”


“——correct. I’m the guild master of this place, Arkan. Arkan Magus…… must have heard of me I assume?”

“No, not really.”

“You’re joking right……..? There are still people who don’t know of the name ‘Magus’……..?”

He looked genuinely surprised, but I wasn’t lying. I have never heard of him.

Well, he’s this strong so I assume he’s probably famous here in Norfast but I am an Oxter inhabitant.

“Anyway, just tell me what I want to know. I’ll pay if you want.”

“Hm? Information………about the [Silver Winged Lion] was it? Before I do, I want to ask something first. Why are you searching info about them?”

“Because they were my acquaintances. I’m from Oxter. Those guys came to Oxter for work and we got to know each other. It happened about four months ago.”

“——That’s true. They did take a request near Oxter around 4 months ago. I see, I understand now……….the [Silver Winged Lion] are all dead. Murdered by someone. Only one them maybe survived, emphasis on maybe. But we have yet to find or get contacted by them.”

So they really did all die.

I was hoping that maybe Leon had some kind of trump card, something that would have helped him survive but……….

As for the ‘person who survive’, he’s probably talking about Alyazi-san.

“I see. And where have they been put to rest? Surely, they got graves somewhere right?”

“You don’t seem very surprised.”

“Well, if an adventurer disappears for a long time, there’s usually only one answer after all.”

“…………..makes sense. As for their graves, go ask at the church. I’m sure they’ll let you know.”

“I see, thanks. Here’s payment for the info.”

I put a silver coin out and began leaving the room, when the guild master stopped me by calling me again.

“Wait a minute. I have another question. Who are you?”

“if I answer, will you answer another question of mine as well?”

“Very well.”

“I’m an adventurer, the name’s Chris. Like I said, I’m an adventurer from Oxter.”

“Chris?……………I see, Chris huh.”

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When I said my name, the guild master put his hand on his chin and began thinking hard.

I don’t know if he’s heard of me because of some connection to Klaus, so I wanted to leave quickly.

“Then, I want to ask my other question as well. What’s the best weapon store here? Surely, the guild master would know best right?”

“Wha?……..A weapon store? Oh, well, if you’re looking for one in Norfast, there’s no place better than [Ichiryuu].” (T/N: Ichiryuu literally means first class or top grade, so I’m leaving it as it is)

“I see, thanks for the info. Then, I’ll take my leave.”

Leaving the desperately thinking guild master to himself, I left the room and made my way back to the main floor.

Right as I rejoined Ralf, Esta and Snow, I heard the guild master shout “I remember!” from inside.

Since I don’t know whether he’s an enemy or not, and judging from the info I got from Realzard’s church, it’s better to avoid these kinds of people.

Since he gave me good info, I ended up stupidly naming myself in return but, I really should have used an alias———regretting it now, we left the guild and headed towards the church as per the guild master’s info.

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