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Null Poison Ch161


I have gone to churches many a times but, this is the first time I’ve come to one for something other than an ability assessment.

While thinking of such things, we entered the church.

Norfast’s church was a splendorous one similar to the one in Realzard.

The inside was spacious and you could see lots of people coming here to attend the Mass.

…….I guess the one in Oxter really was an anomaly.

The priest there wasn’t a bad person by any means but, he’s hardly the type that would instil religious devotion in you either unfortunately.

“Should we go talk to the priest here?”

“Yeah, looks like he’s not busy right now either.”

We decided to go talk to the priest, who was standing to the side, rather than on the main platform.

He looked the same age as the priest in Oxter, but his appearance was whole lot more neat and tidy and gave off a much better impression than the other.


I approached said priest and began asking.

“I needed to as you something, do you have the time?”

“Hello, and why of course, what do you need to know?”


“We’re searching for the graves of an adventurer party called [Silver Winged Lion]. Would you happen to know where we could find that?”

“[Silver Winged Lion]………yes, I do know. Allow me to lead you there.”

Well then, we somehow happened to in the person in the know on our first try.

I guess that crossdresser guild master really gave accurate info huh.

We left the church by the back door, and reached a cemetery with numerous graves erected across the field.

For a cemetery though, it was very well maintained and clean, and you could feel a sort of holy atmosphere in the place.

“This grave here, belongs to the [Silver Winged Lion]. All three of them.”

“Thank you for guiding us here.”

“No need for thanks. Then, allow me to give you some privacy.”

He gave a bow and the priest returned back into the church while we just silently observed the grave for a while.

The names of the fallen memebers—Leon, Janet, Joyce, were engraved on the grave.

“They really are all gone huh……..I still can’t bring myself to accept it as fact.”

“I can’t believe it either but, with the grave right in front of me, at least we know that their bodies were recovered safely.”

“A saving grace among all the tragedy. Just thinking about how if Carlo had made their bodies to ‘disappear’…….it makes me filled with even more hate, even though we have already killed the man.”

I could feel the anger in Esta’s eyes as she spoke.


I lightly patted her shoulders to calm her and then prompted them both to pay their respects to the graves of the [Silver Winged LIon].

“………Leon-san, Janet-san, Joyce-san, Alyazi-san. It was only for a short time but we still owe a huge debt to you all. You were so kind to us complete strangers, and we’ll never forget about that.”


“I won’t forget either! Janet-san, Joyce-san, Alyazi-san and—–Leon-san!! I’ll use everything you taught me and definitely rise to the top as the greatest adventurer!! I’ll carry your dream Leon-san, and continue living on so……… please rest easy.”

Esta, and then Ralf after her, unloaded their feelings in front of the grave.

They were both trying their best to not burst out crying but I could see tears already welling up in the corners of their eyes, and their sadness flowed into me as well.

“It’s my fault all of you got dragged into this mess……….No matter how much I apologize, I could never truly earn your forgiveness. You only get one chance at life, and there’s no way to change that. Alyazi-san did his best to console me even at his deathbed but, I will live with these feelings for the rest of my life.——–I have avenged you all by killing Carlo. And don’t worry, I will soon kill my own younger brother, Klaus, who sent that man as well………..All you were gentle and kind people so I’m sure you won’t wish this upon me, I imagine.”

If even one of them were alive, I’m sure they would have tried to convince me otherwise at all costs I think.

That’s why I know, this is just for my own self-satisfaction.

And so—–one more thing, I proclaimed an oath in their name.

“Once I have taken my revenge on Klaus………I will fight to protect and help the weak, I swear. I don’t know if the [SIlver Winged Lion] even did something like that but, whether it be taking care of orphans or releasing slaves, I will crush every dark underworld organization, and forever hunt those who prey on the innocent and weak. So please, watch over me from the heavens above.”

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Making that proclamation, I took off the necklace I wore as Alyazi-san’s memento and left it beside the grave in a beautiful box.

If possible, I wanted to bury him together with the rest of his party as well but, in the end, this is the least I can do.

Finally, all three of us gave a deep bow in front of the grave and then left the place.

I felt my body filled with a whole new drive as I made the proclamation.

But Klaus comes first. After that, just as with Ralf and Esta, and the members of the [Silver Winged Lion] who were also orphans, I will devote my entire life in the aid of those born unfortunate. I swore to myself.

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