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Null Poison Ch17

Accepting a Quest

According to the info from the receptionist, Rookie quests are simple enough that they can be completed alone so I figured I’ll work solo to start with and look for a party later.

If you work in a party the rewards are obviously divided so for me who’s especially desperate for money first and foremost, working alone is the most efficient way to go.

Of course, in the future, it’ll be almost necessary to join a party to increase my rank and take even harder quests which will in turn increase the rewards as well but…..

After I’ve gathered some money, I plan to leave Realzard in search of unknown poisonous plants so joining a party will definitely cause issues later on.

For now I’ll stick to clearing quests in straightforward fashion and at the same time find some footing and figure out just what I am capable of, and how strong exactly I have become.

With such thoughts in my mind, I joined the line in front of the counter and waited till my turn came.

“Welcome,  this is the counter to accept quests, how may I help you?”

“Uhh yeah, I’d like to take on a quest please.”

These receptionist must be trained with a strict manual or something. Even tho this is a different lady, it felt like I was talking to the same person. Even down to the way they talk is same.

I suppose they need to be both sociable yet well trained to deal with a wide variety of crazy adventurers I suppose.


“Then may I see your adventurer card please.”

I took it out from my bag and gave it to the lady.

“Um, Mr Chris yes? Rank Rookie, no quest clears yet it seems; this would be your first quest I presume?”

“Yes, aa, but don’t worry I got all explanations from the previous receptionist already.”

“Very well, then I’ll skip the long explanations. Then quickly moving on, I would like to present a catalogue of quests you may take but before that, do you have a specific category of quests you would particularly want?”

“Monster hunting, if possible.”

“Very well. The ones available are, Goblin extermination in the western countryside, or the goblin extermination in south-western forests as well as the Goblins on the abandoned north-western highway.”

“Are they all goblins only?”


“Yes that is correct. Rookies are only allowed goblin and Kobold extermination quests. Right there are no kobold extermination quests available so you are unfortunately left with only goblins. If you dislike it, how about making your first quest a item gathering one instead?”

As expected, rookie’s are only allowed to accept quests to hunt low level monsters.

Having beaten an Orc one on one, goblins wont exactly make a good target to judge my own strength which is unfortunate but it cant be helped.

I am a bit interested in these gathering quests as well, but I want to make my first one a hunting type.

“No I’ll take the goblin hunt. The one on the north-western  abandoned highway please.”

“Understood. Then the quest is yours. We will pay 1 silver for 5 kills. The quest only needs five to clear but there is no limit. We will pay 2 copper for every extra you kill.”

“And how do you confirm how many I’ve killed?”

“For verification purposes, please bring the left ears specifically from the goblins you kill, and don’t forget that.”

“Got it.”

“Then I’ll return your card to you. We wish you the very best luck.”


And thus I became a full-fledged adventurer and left on my first ever quest.

2 copper for every extra kill was it? I don’t know how many goblins are there and how many I’d be able to kill; I’ve only ever killed that Orc as far as monsters are concerned after all. But I need to kill at least 10 otherwise I wont be in the positive money wise.

As long as I’m a Rookie, I’ll need to be aggressive about making money otherwise it’s gonna get rough for me.

While I had the earnings from the sales, I wanted to quickly get into the flow of spending only what I earned from work and also save money on top for future. With my resolve made, I put so0me strength into my legs as I left the guild. My goal, to kill 10 goblins at least.

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