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Null Poison Ch16

Adventurer Guild

The next day…….. I only slept for about 2 hours but I did get rid of some fatigue so I decided to head out back into the city.

Before I do anything, I need money.

Thanks to selling the stolen items, it might seem like I had sufficient money but if I really planned to travel to find these rare and unknown poisonous herbs and plants, I needed a whole lot more money than what I have now.

I could survive by eating whatever but if possible I never want to relive that lifestyle ever again. Not to mention I have to pay for this book as well.

Not to mention, I desperately need better equipment, and I need to find a way to increase my knowledge in regards to plants and vegetation in general.

If I were to calculate my 5 copper rent, about 5 copper on food, which is 1 silver for day; for 10 days that’d be 1 gold coin in just expenses…….

Without money I cant lead a proper life. Shocking, I know.

Being made a [farmer] and pulling a defective skill, I have finally found a silver lining, a way to get stronger. And to follow that small possibility, I must become an adventurer to make money.

…….But, now that I have a proper goal to work towards instead just becoming an adventurer to survive, it’s like I have a newfound level of motivation pushing me on.

I pushed through the crowd of tough looking adventurers, and entered the guild.


The inside of the guild was ridiculously spacious and was built with multiple reception counters.

From a glance they were, for putting a request, for taking a request, for trading, for advice or guidance; these four. The amount of staff working for the guild was not in any way lacking to the number of adventurers either.

The receptionists were all of course women, but the people working inside were mostly men and even those had some strong well built looking people among them.

I suppose the employees cant allow to make themselves look weak and get bullied by the adventurers.

Perhaps because it was morning, the amount of people were less than yesterday and I could get to the counter for guidance without needing to get into a line. The beautiful receptionist gave a smile and quickly began the conversation.

“Welcome, this the advice and guidance counter, how can I help you?”

“Advice……well, I want to become an adventurer but is this place to start the procedures?”


“Yes. If its registration as an adventurer, you are at the right place. First and foremost, the registration fees is 1 silver coin. Would that be okay?”

“Yes, here you go.”

I handed her a coin from my bag.

She quickly made a check to make sure it was real, then put her smile back on and put a card on top of the counter.

“This is the adventurer card. Your personal details will entered with magic so please clearly speak the required information.”

“Chris Spa—…..No, just Chris for my name. Age 16.”

“Name- Mr. Chris, age 16, and then registration guild Realzard—-and done. With that registration is complete. This will record your quest records, help identify your ability at the church, as well as act as identification paper when required so please be careful about not losing it.”

With the reminders, the card was given to me by the receptionist.

For safekeeping, I put inside my bag.


“With this Mr.Chris you are an adventurer. You can now accept quests as well trade with the guild. Any other questions?”

“As for quests, can I take any quest?”

“Unfortunately no. The guild splits them and ranks them by difficulty. At first you will only be able to take ‘Rookie’ quests but as you complete quests, depending on the percentage of completion and number, your rank will go up and so will the rank of quest you can accept.”

“How many ranks are there?”

“It starts with Rookie, then bronze, silver, gold, platinum, mithril, and finally diamond. Above that there is Orichalcum and finally Hihiirokane but…..very few make it there so I wouldn’t worry too much about those for now.”

“Thanks for the explanation. I did have another question—-“

And thus, I asked basically everything I wanted to know about adventurers from the receptionist. Even though she was smiling at first, it was slowly shifting to an expression that screamed ‘please stop already’, but I didn’t stop till I was satisfied.


Information is as good as money after all.

She was the one who suggested me to ask anything, I’m not the type to hold back though she might hate me for it.

“……..fuuu, anything else sir?”

“No, I have asked pretty much everything I wanted.”

“I see. Then good luck as an adventurer.”


And thus the receptionist sent me off without a smile.

With a light thanks, I left the counter and headed towards the counter for taking quests.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    She should be grateful. An inquisitive adventurer is a successful adventurer, and likely to remember his friends.


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