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Null Poison Ch175

Bors’ Battle

After cutting off the ears of the Blue Ogres we defeated, we went around exploring the foot of the Barbadd mountains for another 20 minutes.

This time we ran into a herd of Imps and another Blue Ogre.

This was our first time facing an Imp.

With a body of only 20cm tall, they were much smaller than even goblins, but could use magic making them quite annoying to deal with.

………it really might be better for us to deal with them.

We can always have Bors take on a different Blue Ogre so we tried to step ahead to take care of this but, Bors stopped us with the wave of his hand and took a step forward.

“Let me handle this! I need to show the pride of a Platinum rank adventurer after all!”

“You sure?……….Don’t hate us even if you die okay?”

“Like hell, I’d die against a single Ogre! I’ve gone through mud and dirt to keep this lifestyle for twenty years you know?”


Bors spoke that proudly while patting his chest, but I was still a bit anxious.

Since he said he didn’t want any support either, all we could do was watch from afar.

Just in case, I was ready to unleash all my skills to help him if things got really dangerous but, whether I’ll make it in time in a situation like that is a whole different matter.


The Blue Ogre had a much stronger presence than Bors, and he was completely outnumbered due to the Imps as well.

Of course, if he died it was his own responsibility, but because of the incident with the [Silver Winged Lion], it just didn’t feel right to me.

“Esta, be ready to fire magic whenever needed.”

“Understood. If it became dangerous, I’ll help asap!”

I told even Esta to help in the off chance things go wrong and then watched how Bors fought.

Now then, what kind of fighting style does he have?

Perhaps he possessed a really strong skill to start off the battle? But Bors simply continued slowly walking  towards them and then drew his sword and faced the Blue Ogre head on.

Since he never drew it until now I didn’t notice but his word had a really odd and unique shape.

Just like the halberd, a fusion of a spear and axe,  of the Orc general I once fought, Bors sword was a fusion of a sword with the blade portion of the axe attached to it.

It was also completely black from the handle to the blade which made it look even more uncanny.

While I was distracted by the odd looking sword, The blue ogre noticed Bors approaching and began walking towards him as well.

And the Imps behind the Ogre also began slowly circling around Bors to surround him.

Blue Ogre upfront, Imps around him, Bors was completely surrounded but, he showed no signs of panic.

I still couldn’t notice any skill being used, and his life presence was still the same as well; Not small but not great either.

It doesn’t look like he has a trump card either, so wouldn’t he just lose if it stays like this…..?


I wondered so but, as soon as the battle actually began, my worries got blown away.

The Blue Ogre had been swinging its axe around furiously but, it never seemed like it was ever even close to hitting Bors.


…….But, even though Bors’ movements became faster, it didn’t seem like he was using any skills still.

Yet he continued to casually dodge all of the Blue Ogres attacks, and had now begun to even attack whenever he saw an opening as well.

As someone watching from the side, I had no idea what was happening but……..somehow, Bors was completely overwhelming the Blue Ogre.

That said, he was definitely lacking in raw strength as even though he was landing a lot of hits, the wounds he dealt were shallow and amount of damage he was dealing was small.

That said if he keeps this up, he’ll beat the Blue Ogre sooner or later but, he didn’t have the time to do that because of the Imps who had circled back behind him.

They were readying magic attacks from behind and it’s gonna turn into a pincer attack if it stays like this.

This really might be a bit much so to help him, I was about tell Esta to fire magic at the Imps but……

Bors once again waved his hand towards us to tell us that he didn’t need our support.

“Hey, how is Bors-san completely overwhelming that Blue Ogre?”

“I don’t know either. I can’t sense any skill being used either but perhaps he has a passive skill like my {null Poison] as well.”

“He even noticed me all the way from there as well didn’t he? The moment I was about to use magic, he signalled me not to do that.”

“Did he have a expanded field of vision?…….well, looks like he really might be fine without help I guess?”

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Even after being told not to help, I was still wondering what to do, as the Imps launched magic at Bors from behind while he was busy fighting the Blue Ogre.

The magic was [Fire Arrow], the same one which was also Esta’s speciality.

It was a fast magic, and it approached towards Bors’ back with rapid speed, and hit him——or so I thought but right before it hit, Bors moved his body to just barely avoid it, and the [Fire Arrow] flew past and hit the Blue Ogre instead.

Another Imp fired a [Wind Arrow] soon after as well but this was avoided as well.

The [Wind Arrow] didn’t hit the Ogre again of course, but Bors continued to perfectly dodge magic that was coming from right behind him.

It was as if he had eyes behind his back and knew when to dodge while continuing to fight the Blue Ogre.

I really had no idea how he was doing this as I still couldn’t sense a skill being used but………I could sense that Bors had a level of depth and proficiency to the art of battle, one that couldn’t be measured the same as raw strength or skills.

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