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Null Poison Ch174

Blue Ogre

With our roles for this battle decided quickly, we began our subjugation of the Blue Ogres.

“Let’s go! I’ll attract their attention so defeat them in the meantime alright! [Roar of the Guardian]!”

Ralf rushed ahead and stood right in the middle of the two before activating his skill.

As if hooked on bait, both Blue Ogres roared and began walking towards Ralf to attack.

“Snow, can you beat the one on the right by yourself?”



When I pointed o the right Ogre and gave the instruction, Snow gave a howl and rushed in to attack it.

Normally, making a Silver rank monster take on a Platinum rank monster would be a a stupid thing to do but……..

Perhaps it was because its fur was all white, but Snow rushed in towards it target with such a high speed that it was difficult to even keep track of it with your bare eyes.


Of course, the BlueOgres that were completely focused on Ralf would have no way to react to such speed, and soon enough a close ranged Ice element slash attacked the Blueogre.

And while it’d didn’t kill the Blueogre in a single strike, the slash still tore deep into its chest to its belly in a line, and the BlueOgre looked astonished from the sudden damage.

Only now did it finally look away from Ralf to try and find whatever it was that had attacked it but——-it was already too late.

Right after launching the ice slash, Snow ran around the Blueogre and had already positioned itself behind the enemy.

Unable to deal with the rapid and deft movements from Snow, the Blueogre’s defenceless back got lunged at by Snow with its sharp ice covered fangs, and instantly, ripped its neck apart .

………..Snow’s strength was so great that even I just stood there watching it amazed.

I really couldn’t fathom how rapidly and how much Snow was growing as time passed by.

A while back, I tried to mock Ralf that Snow might be stronger than him but honestly, right now, even I might have trouble keeping up with Snow.

Reenergizing myself, I began my charge at the other BlueOgre that was currently being held at bay by Ralf.

[Flesh Enhancement][War Dane][Stealth][Silent Steps]

I activated 4 skills and approached my target without getting noticed.

The best way to take it down was with a single clean strike while it was completely focused on Ralf still.

Without making any noise, I swiftly moved to the BlueOgre’s back.

And to not get shown up by Snow, I launched an attack to similarly sever its head with a single attack.

[Gale][Strong Arm][Hard Hit]

I activated three more skills after taking the enemy’s back—–and then swung my steel sword with full strength.

My movements were perfect and so was the sensation of blade cutting through its neck.

Unable to sense me even to the very last moment, its head flew in the air as my sword slashed cleanly through it.

While the head was still falling , the severed head finally looked me in the eyes.

Its expression revealed that it still had no idea what had happened——-and once it finally noticed its body still standing further away from its head, it finally realized that it had died………and its expression became extremely distorted as the head finally crashed into the ground.


This was my first time using this steel sword that I bought at [Ichiryuu] against an actually strong opponent and I’m happy to say, that this sword felt incredibly easy to use.

It gelled well with my skills, and I was able to execute an attack that wasn’t inferior in anyway to Snow.

I cleaned off the blood and sheathed the sword back and walked towards Snow and Ralf to praise and thank them both.

“Ralf, good job drawing the aggro from both. Snow as well, that was a great attack. Had me completely stunned as well.”


Snow howled happily and began wagging its tail as it came to nuzzle against my body.


“No no! what do you mean ‘drawing aggro’………both you killed them instantly, I barely got to do anything! Snow and Chris, both of you are way too strong!”

“That was only possible because neither of them noticed me or Snow till the very end. Not to mention, Ralf did you find blocking their attacks hard?”

“……….Well no, it barely felt like I was in danger even! Each and every attack of their was below half in strength to Carlo’s. Damn, did we really get that strong?”

“We’ve grown rapidly but we’re still far from calling ourselves ‘too strong’. Remember, we came to Edestor to get even stronger after all.”

That’s right. If you get complacent from your current strength, you’ll only end up stagnating and stop growing further.

It’s because we have always been looking ahead and keep on training hard that we’ve finally made it this far and with such speed.

But we need to still keep aiming for the top, and keep growing even more.

“——-Oi oi oi oi ! Are you kids really gold rank!……..Instantly killing two Blue Ogres, that’s something not even Platinum Rank adventurers can do you know!?”

“Well this was a humanoid monster which definitely worked in our favour. But, at the same time, this was not a fluke either I can tell you that much.”

“Well yeah I watched the battle with my own eyes so I can tell that this wasn’t by chance! I had intended to help you kids out but I might really be the one who’s gonna get helped here.”

Bors spoke seemingly genuinely surprised.

He must have gotten fired up from seeing our battle as while he spoke self-depreciatingly, his eyes were lit up with vigour.

“Anyway, we need one more to finish the request. But since we can hunt more and earn more, let’s hunt as many as we can but………Bors, what do you wanna do?”

“Of course we hunt Blue Ogres for another 2 hours! After that, the monsters that appear here change so we need to leave the mountain quickly afterwards though!”

“Got it…………as for the ‘monsters that appear here changes’, is it a really dangerous monster?”

“Not a lot of dangerous monsters show up here in the foot of the mountains but, the miasma that gets released is very dangerous! And that miasma gets thick about 4 hours from now. Also the monsters that show up changes after 2 hours is also because of the miasma as the ones with strong perception skills climb down the mountain during that time.”

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Changing monsters, Miasma……….this really isn’t something that happens in a normal mountain, is it?

Also, this may sound obvious but man Bors was really knowledgeable about these things.

As expected of a 20yr veteran adventurer living in Edestor I suppose.

Now I haven’t seen him fight yet however but………I wonder if we’ll get to see that now that we’ve shown him our ability.

“Next, I’d like to see Bors fight as well. Would that be okay? Of course, we’ll support you properly.”

“I don’t think it’ll be anything exciting like what you guys showed me, but sure!……..Allow me to show you what my experience has taught me even if you made fun of it!”

“I didn’t make fun of it though. But sure, I’ll look forward to it.”


So next up, we’ll see Bors fight up front.

At first I wasn’t really interested and us defeating everything would be much faster obviously but…….

His detection skills were the real thing, and he was even able to completely follow our battle with the Blue Ogres from afar as well.

From what my skills have shown me, Bors shouldn’t be very strong but then again, I recalled Alyazi-san never had a strong presence either, so I want to see him fight for real before coming to conclusions.

If there is even a little I could learn from him, I absolutely will do that.

Rather than watching the most boringly strong people fight with brute strength, it’s often the weak ones that are aware of their own limitations and learn to work around it that give the best ideas and inspirations to grow even further.

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