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Null Poison Ch177

A Tour around Edestor

After returning to Edestor, first of all we submitted our completion report for the request, and then headed out to the city with Bors as our guide to show us around.

“Maan, that was fun! Made quite the cash today thanks to you lot so let me treat you today!”

“Actually, we do need to know all the good eating joints here as well but, first I’d like you to show us around the city as a whole. The best weapon and armour stores, item shops, and if there’s an alchemist store here; I want to know about all of them.”

“Ah, can you also show us what are the best inns here as well? The place we are staying at right now costs 2 silver for a night, fairly expensive in my personal opinion.”

Esta further added that after my personal demands.

It’s true, if we can find a better one that was cheaper, I would also like to know about it.

Well, with the amount of money we can make now, it’s not exactly hurting to simply stay where we already are though.


“Understood! Very well then, allow me to show you lot around Edestor!”

We followed Bors who was in high spirits and began our Edestor tour.

The first place we went to was a back street, slightly away from the bustling main street of the city.

The atmosphere here was similar to the street [Shichifukuya] was located in.

“Are there even any good shops in such an unpopular place?”


“hehehe, You’ll know soon enough.”

Talking proudly, Bors kept walking before stopping in front of a store made out of stone.

Various parts of the wall had turned black, and just from the looks alone, it felt like a suspicious shop.

There was no billboard or sign outside either, and you couldn’t see anything inside the store, so I couldn’t even tell what kind of place it was but…….

The stone house had a chimney up top and I could see black smoke rising from it.

“……….is this, an armour and weapons shop?”

“Ooh, correct! This place, you see, is a top quality store that only select few know about!”

“A secret store……..! Sounds cool!”

Ralf muttered that, his eyes were glittering with excitement from Bors’ explanation.

Judging by the chimney and the smoke, it’s also probably a blacksmith’s store, just like [Ichiryuu] in Norfast.

“It does doesn’t it!? The store owner is bit of a stubborn one, but it’ll be fine with me here!”

“I really want to by a good weapon if there is one! Seeing Chris’ steel sword, I’ve been wanting a new one as well for a while now.”

“Aren’t swords not that important for a completely defence focused tank? And you bought a brand new shield in Oxter if I recall, right?”

“Hey, just cause I’m a ‘tank’ doesn’t mean you can’t be ready for abnormal situations right? This worn out iron sword ain’t gonna help me in such a situation!”

“Well, it’s your own money so it’s none of my business I suppose.”

While making such small talk in front of the store, we soon followed Bors into this shady looking store.

The moment we entered the place, the heat hit our skins, and the smell of iron and oil assaulted our noses.

[Ichiryuu] was also like this but, since at least there the smithy and the store had been separated by a wall, it wasn’t this intense.

There were weapons on display, but they were mostly lying around in a cluttered mess, and didn’t even have price tags on them.

Honestly, it was hard to call it a store even, that’s how tasteless and dreary this place was.

“Oi! Kevin, you here??”


With loud voice that resounded inside the small building, Bors called out to a man named Kevin.

Of course, there were no other customers besides us, and since there was no one hammering a sword either, the place was silent and Bors’ voice echoed across the place.

“Tch, noisy as always. I can at least tell when someone enters my place without you needing to shout dammit.”


From the smithy side, another dwarf, like the one in [Ichiryuu], showed up.

With a scraggly beard, he had a short and stout physique.

His hair looked a bit reddish but with a very similar fierce looking face and expression that seemed to come with  their lineage, I don’t think I’d be able to tell him from the owner of Ichiryuu if someone made them stand side by side.

“And you’re the same as always, Kevin!”

“Right back at you Bors. So, who the hell are the ones behind you?…….Never seen them here before.”

“They are adventurers who only just moved to Edestor! They’ve made a temp party with me so I’ve been giving them a tour around Edestor.”

“Ah, you did tell me that your party members had gone down with sickness if I recall?………the name’s Kevin. I’m the owner of this place.”

The dwarf Kevin, introduced himself.

He looked the same as the one at [ichiryuu] but Kevin seemed a lot more calmer than that one.

“My name is Chris, that’s Ralf and she’s Esta.”

“And that pup?”

“That’s Snow, our monster.”

He must really like animals as he didn’t even look much towards us an walked straight towards Snow.

And Snow of course, also happily jumped at Kevin.

“Doesn’t look much like a monster. More of a dog, this one.”

“Nah that’s one hell of monster, there’s no doubts about that one. I saw that one fight, and it’s honestly a couple times stronger than even myself!”

“Ohh, stronger than even Bors eh……….must be quite the beast.”

Happy from being petted, Snow was happily licking his face.

I have always wondered, but Snow really does seem to get friendly with people.

It’s been like that since the day we picked it up, and it lacked the monster-esque hostility towards people that we all know and see regularly.

“Anyway, we just came here today for a quick introduction, so Kevin, be good to them if they come to you alright!”

“Sure……..Right, should I make some equipment for Snow as a meeting gift? Of coure, I will charge you for the cost of materials at least though.”

While petting Snow, he suddenly suggested that out of nowhere.

I never even thought that armour for monsters even existed so I had never considered it but……….can he really make stuff for Snow?

“Wait, can you actually make equipment for Snow?”

“Of course I can. It’s still growing so I’ll make a elastic leather set. It’ll cost about 5 silver……..what do you say?”

“For just 5 silver, by all means, please go ahead. Kevin, we’ll be in your care.”

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When I gave a bow to request it, Kevin gave a thumbs up as affirmation.

Having armor made for Snow will be of great help to us.

“Um, I would like you to choose a weapon for me as well if possible?”

“……Hm? What are you using right now? Show me.”

“Umm, it’s just this unfortunately.”

“………..Now that’s a poor one. But I can tell you have taken good care of it regardless. Wait here.”


After taking a look at Ralf’s iron sword and handing it back, Kevin walked back to his smithy.

When he came back, he had a brand new sword in his hand.

“The size and the weight is almost the same as the one you have. It’s made of Iron Sand Steel (tamahagane). It’ll cost 2 platinum coins………what do you think?”

A sword made out of iron sand steel.

I could tell from a glance but…….that was a top quality sword.

The 2 platinum coins may seem expensive but, it honestly was a cheap cost for a sword of that quality.

But, I think its cost is beyond Ralf’s current savings.

“Uooh! What a sword………I really want it but……..I can’t buy it with the money I have on me now.”

“Ah lacking funds I see………Then, how about this one? This one’s a bit heavier sword made of steel but the quality shouldn’t be anything to criticize about. This one’s 5 gold coins.”


With the iron Sand Steel sword in his right hand and the steel sword in his left, Ralf was comparing them both inside his head while observing them.

I mean if you are just going by the eye test, it was obvious that the iron sand steel sword was the better one. Even an amateur could tell you that.

But what he could realistically buy right now was only the normal steel sword, even if he wanted the other one.

This conflict in his head must be going on.

” Why not just wait and save up for now? Ralf, the one you really want is the iron sand steel sword right?”

“I do but………look at the state of my current sword?”

“I mean, you’re still a tank at the end of the day, you’ll make do even without a brand new sword for a some more time. Just save up and then buy the one you want later.”

“You’re right……..u,um! Can you perhaps not sell the Iron Sand Sword, at least for a while?”

“I don’t really follow but I doubt it’ll get sold that quickly anyway. As you can see, I’m just running a smithy in quiet place.”

“Then, I will save up and then definitely come back to buy that sword! I will, so please just wait at least for a while!”

“……….Sure. That said, if someone really came to buy it, it’s unlikely I’ll refuse them though.”

Ralf made an indescribable expression on hearing Kevin’s words.

Well, that’s how most weapon shops work though.

Anyway, Ralf decided to save up more money to buy the sword he wants, and meanwhile he’ll make some armour for Snow.

I really didn’t think he would make personalized equipment for Snow, for that cheap no less.


As expected from the place Bors introduced thanks to his years of experience in the city of Edestor, this place turned out to be better than I had imagined.

From the outside, I was doubtful of it but once again, I seem to have made the mistake of judging something by its outward appearance.

“Now then,……..with the introductions done, let’s go to the next place! Also Kevin, please try and be a bit more flexible for the lad eh!”

“I will. A little. Well, I’m sure it’ll be fine anyway.”

“That’s good enough! Then, see ya later!”

“Once again, I’m looking forward to Snow’s new equipment. We’ll come back here later after some time has passed for it.”

“Sure. I already got the size measurements for it , so just leave it to me.”

With our farewells done, we left Kevin’s shop.

……….The first shop was a great success.

Now then, I wonder what place will he take us to next.

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