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Null Poison Ch178

The Best in the Business

After leaving Kevin’s weapons store, we returned back to the main street.

I was expecting another secret secluded shop but the next place Bors stopped at was………..the biggest, most busiest item shop on the main street.

“Is this item store you want to recommend?”

“Ah, after the cool secret weapons store, are you a bit disappointed?……..but you see, when it comes to general items, the variety and price both matter a lot! The place I’d recommend in whole of Edestor is the best and the biggest one here, [Relabo Market]. There’s a huge crowd here always but as you could probably tell from the sheer size of the place, the variety of items they have here is beyond plenty. On top of that, it’s comparatively still pretty cheap making it unquestionably the best item shop there is in all of Edestor!”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed at first but if Bors is speaking that highly of the place, then it must be true.

Thanks to my impression of Kevin’s store, I had a lot of trust in any place Bors was going to recommend to us.

I doubt using the shops he recommends would turn out to be a mistake.


“Bors, if you are speaking that highly of it, I won’t doubt you either.”

“Why thank you for trusting me!………Well, I’m just another customer here as well so I can’t put in like an actual ‘introduction’ or anything like that here. If you don’t have anything you want to buy urgently, we should move on to the next spot, shall we?”

“I don’t have anything I want right now.”

“I am a bit curious to check the inside but I can always do that at a later date so I’m fine as well.”


“I’ve got nothing either! All I want now is just that Sword!

Leaving Ralf who still hadn’t moved on, we didn’t go inside the Relabo market and moved on to the next store.

All that remains is a good eatery and an alchemist’s store but, I wonder where we’ll head to next.

Since we were at the  main street, I thought we were heading to some restaurant but…….

We continued heading straight until we were out of the main street and then passed even the adventurer guild before entering a normal looking house.

The city walls were right beside us so I knew that we were at the very edge of the city.

From a glance, it looked like a normal home but, recalling Kevin’s shop, perhaps this was an alchemists store instead then?

Bors did say that he wanted to introduce his party members as well so perhaps we are heading to their house instead.

“Is this place also a shop?”

“It is! I don’t use it much but, it’s the alchemist’s store that Chris, you wanted to see! They sell all sorts of potions and such.”

So it was an alchemist’s store after all.

It was at far edge of the city and it looked like any other normal home but if Bors is recommending the place, it’s probably good.

While making sure to not have unreasonable expectations, we followed after Bors inside the store.

With a cling-clang, a gentle bell rang, and sweet smell of nature tickled our noses.

It looked like normal home, but on the inside it was a proper store alright.

All sorts of potions and plants were displayed around the place, and unlike Kevin’s shop, the inside was quite elaborately decorated.

“Oh hello, and welcome. First time visitors I presume?”

At the reception counter sat an old lady, around the same age as the owner of [Shichifukuya].

She wore a black robe and a black pointy hat.

This is the most stereotypical magician looking person I have seen in my life.


“no, I’ve come a couple times before………maybe Rupert’s party member rings a bell?”

“………..Hm? Aah, well I was wondering who’d have such an explosive hairstyle, but it’s just Bors eh. It has been quite some time no?”

The old lady seemed to recall the name Rupert as she clapped as she remembered Bors’ name.


Like he had said before, Bors himself doesn’t seem to show up here very often.

“Oh you actually remembered! I cam e to introduce some acquaintances you see!”

“Ah the people behind you? How rare, for Bors to be introducing someone.”

“Well they seemed to be looking for a good alchemist after all. This one’s Chris. That’s Ralf, and the girl’s Esta.”

“I’m Chris, nice to meet you.”

“Ho Ho. How rare for a young one to hold interest in an alchemist’s store. Nice to meet you as well. I’m Trisha, the person that runs [Gaddfoura], this store that is.”

I shook hands with the lady who introduced herself as Trisha.

Both her looks and her aura was much more reminiscent of a legit alchemist, unlike Shantell.

……..well, even Shatell, while cursed with that personality and looks, was still a very skilled alchemist.

“Actually, I was hoping to get certain potions made from you but before I talk about that, do you even make custom made potions for people?”

“Custom made potions? What an odd request. Well, of course I can do it but……it will cost extra money for that alright?”

“That’s alright. I’ll pay for both materials and your labour.”

“Then there’s no problem. Then, would you like to make an order right now?”

“No, I don’t have the items on me right now, but I’ll be sure to come back to you later.”

“I see, I see. Well, I’ll be waiting then.”

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For one, I’m glad she takes special orders.

Just like with Shantell, it’ll cost extra money to make them but I have already decided to not be stingy when it comes to these things.

A proper order will only be made once I have paid a visit to the Great Forest of Roza but, if I can find Jinpi Leaves there, then I’ll need her to make more jinpi potions.

Also, I have been thinking of tying out more poison potions made out poisonous monsters like the ones made from venom Pythons.

The stronger the poison I find, perhaps the strengthening effect would increase with it, or at least that’s my theory.

There’s a lot of strong monsters that live around Edestor. It won’t be a surprise to find at least some that possess strong poisons in them as well.

“Alright then………that’s about it! Be nice to Chris alright!”

“It’s been a while since I have received a new customer. I’d do so even if Bors didn’t ask me to you know……….that aside, is Rupert alright?”

“Yeah, thanks to your medicines he’s been getting better! Once he gets better, I’m sure he’ll show up to pay you a visit again!”

“I see. That’s good to hear! Oh, be sure to hand this to him as well. It’s not medicine but, it’s a potion that will act as nourishment for his body and reduce fatigue.”

The old lady handed Bors a bright yellow coloured potion.


It looked very similar to the one Shantell gave me, and judging by the effects she just told, it might literally be the same one.

“Got it! I plan on meeting him today anyway so I’ll hand it over to him. Thanks as always!”

“It’s not for your sake you know……..anyway, Chris, I look forward to working with you as well.”

“Yeah, same here.”

After finishing our greetings, alongside Ralf and Esta who had been looking around the store, as well as Snow, who was hiding in his bag with only its tail visible, possibly because of the smells in the shop, we left the store.

Even though it liked the smell inside Carlisle forest, I guess it didn’t like the smell here.

………now that I think of it, Snow even avoided Shantell the one time she came to our house right after finishing making some potions.

That made me remember how after that, Shantell would always take a full bath and change all her clothes and only then would she come to our house.

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