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Null Poison Ch181


“Maan! I’m glad Bors-san just happened to call out to us eh!”

“Yeah, it was quite the blessing to get friendly with someone so knowledgeable about Edestor.”

“He might seem a bit nosy but the steak from [Pekopeko] made it all worth it!”

“Yeah, that really caught me off guard! That taste you feel the moment it enters your mouth can only be described as shocking!”

“That really might be the most delicious thing I have ever eaten honestly.”

On that note I wondered if it was specifically wyvern’s that had such tasty mean or all Dragon-kin species had such a delicious quality meat.

I had no idea, but if it was the later……..I wanted to go out and hunt as many dragons I could; that’s how tasty that meat was.


Among all the dragon type monsters, Wyverns were at pretty much the lowest end of the spectrum when it came to strength.

So would a higher class dragon have even tastier meat? My imagination was running wild.


“Anyway, we’re gonna go all in on completing requests from tomorrow. There were a lot of interesting requests that we can take on.”

“I know right! Let’s go back and go to sleep quickly! Maybe it’s because it was our first job in quite some time, or just nervousness of the first request here in this city, I’m feeling a lot more fatigued than always.”

“…………..Umm, actually there was a place I wanted to visit so, can you two go back to the Inn ahead of me? Since it’s already so late, I won’t mind even if you go to sleep before I come back too.”

While on the way back to [Gorush], Esta suddenly said that.

Unable to think of where would she even want to go at this time, I ended up tilting my head in confusion.

“A place you want to visit? At this time no less?”

“I did consider going tomorrow as well but, if possible I’d really like to at least pay a visit as soon as I can so……..”

“Where in the world are you planning on going?? We already visited all sorts of stores, didn’t we?”

“It’s to Phillip-san’s place. He has a place here in Edestor actually.”


………..Ah, the old man that gave the Golem request.

I didn’t recall who that was instantly but now that I think of it, I do vaguely recall that the man did say he came all the way from Edestor.

Esta then became an apprentice under him, and then learned intermediate magic.

“Oh yeah, he did come from Edestor didn’t he? So you wanna go pay him a visit, is that it?”

“Yes! We only had limited time to train back then, so I could only learn intermediate magic but……..there’s a chance I can still learn more practical and effective magic, as well as even further higher level of magic as well from him so I really want to go and meet him as soon as possible.”

“Ohh now I recall who you both are talking about! That’s the guy that taught intermediate magic to Esta right!? Then it should be fine to let her go visit him right? Though I don’t know if his shop would be still open at this time!”


“That’s true. But if its for Esta’s further growth, perhaps it is better to at least pay a visit asap.”

“Thank you very much! Then, I’ll go and check out Phillip-san’s store.”

“Yeah. We’ll go pay him a visit some other day as well so give him our regards as well when you meet him.”


“Of course! I’ll be sure to do that.”

And so, Esta left us to go and pay Phillip a visit.

I didn’t actually have this in mind but having Esta’s teacher right here in Edestor might be a great benefit on top of everything else.

Esta’s overall strength went up by quite a bit after she learnt intermediate magic, and if she can learn even advanced level magic from him, then………

Esta might really grow explosively from there.

“………..Ralf, are you panicking a little again?”

” It’s not even ‘a little’ at this point!! I had completely forgotten about the golem guy. Now Esta has a teacher and you, Chris, obviously have the great forest to go and explore new poisonous plants, and Snow just sorta gets stronger out of nowhere anyway………..I’m panicking a lot, I’ll be honest.”

After seeing Esta off, Ralf seemed to stop talking so I asked but it seems he really is in full panic mode now.

As for Ralf’s own teacher, Leon……..had passed away, and unlike me and Snow he can’t get stronger on his own so he has no choice but to find a new master to grow.

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“Well if you want advice I’m always here to help. That said, since you’re fully specialising as a tank now, there’s only so much I can do when it comes to fighting related advice.”

“Chris, thanks anyway! I’ll keep working hard so as to not fall behind you and Snow too much, so don’t give up on me just yet!”

“Don’t worry. I have always had high expectations of you.——–You are still going to be the greatest adventurer in the world, right?”

“Damn right!!”

While walking through the still pretty busy main street, us two guys fist bumped.

If he’s like this, I’m sure he’ll figure something out on his own even without my help.

I am a bit worried that he might get a bit too impatient and do something stupid but, well, that’s where I’ll have to come in a stop that from happening beforehand.

With Snow in tow, who was looking at us curiously, we made our way back to our inn.

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  1. FrozenLake Avatar

    Okay I think I have to read more wholesome for a while because I feel paranoid whenever it’s mentioned that Ester goes to the old man alone I’ve been reading to many betrayal fantasy novels/Mangas like that tamer who becomes a Necromancer and ‘I’ve come to another world but where’s the way home and a few others I can’t name off the top of my head have any recommendations


    1. sorenknight Avatar

      Lol, I know the feeling


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