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Null Poison Ch185

The Golden Orc

The remaining Orcs were 2 Orc Soldiers and 2 Orc Knights.

And of course, the Orc general and the Orc king, one each.

If they had heard the noises of the battle going outside and had come out together from the start, even I would have had been in trouble but, they were too late.

Seeing the corpses of their brethren laying around the settlement, the Orc King’s body was quivering with rage.

It was a size bigger than even the Orc general, and had shiny golden fur.

It held an imposing looking sword in its hands, and you could tell even from a glance that it was a level above the Orc general.

But again, if compared individually, it was still not much of a threat to me now.

The Orc King gave some orders quick and made the Orc soldiers and the Orc knights charge at me.

The skill that I had heard about, the one that raises its ally’s strength, had also been activated it seems as the Orc rushing towards me were glowing red.

………I remember seeing this red glow though.


If I recall, the Orc General used this red glow as well during the emergency request.

When covered in that red glow, its physical abilities were increased, so I should assume the Orcs coming towards me have the same buff.

Before this fight begins, I quickly gave the signal to Snow who was to my left.

Until now it hadn’t taken part but now that all the Orcs were out in the open, it was the right time to launch its surprise attack.


Since they were all focused directly at me, I signalled it to attack the Orc general from the side.

Snow, who had been patiently waiting, instantly rushed out and lunged at the Orc general.

To make sure that Snow doesn’t get caught between the general and the king, I need to also quickly get rid of the Orc in front me.

[Ability Unleashed] [Physical Ability Boost]

I reactivated these two skills that I had stopped using to save stamina, and rushed in to kill the remaining Orc soldiers and knights with full strength.

The knights were in front and the soldiers were behind them, in terms of formation.

The knights would try and suppress me and the soldiers would attack during openings——or well that’s probably their plan but, they’ll need to bring at least someone of Ralf’s capabilities if they want to try and suppress me.

On top of the previous two skills, I also activated [Gale].

I instantly rushed in straight in front of the knights, further activated [Strong Arm][Hard Hit], and slashed at the rock greatshields.

When I attacked the knight earlier, it only made a scratch but deflected off of it, but this time with all the skills activated, my sword smashed through the shield and sliced straight across one of the Orc Knight.

The other Orc knight that was acting all calm until now, lost all composure and froze in its place after seeing this.

It’s not like I don’t understand getting petrified from shock when something you never imagined happens but——-I would also never let go of that opening either, would I?

I stabbed my sword straight at the neck of the orc knight that had dropped its shield from shock, and slit its throat.

As it fell to its knees, I brought down my sword from above to finish it off.

The 2 Orc knights were already dead.

The 2 Orc soldiers who really believed that they were well protected behind these two, began running backwards from fear after losing said protection.

They ran back towards their King who had buffed them for help but………

The King seeing them show their backs to me, slashed the retreating Orc and then smashed the other one’s head with the side of the sword.

I thought that it was enraged from seeing its brethren killed earlier but…….

Seeing it so ruthlessly kill its own kin for running away, even I flinched for a moment.

But well, it saved me from more work I suppose.


Also, when I took a quick glance to the left from the king——-Snow was happily wagging its tail with the Orc General’s head in its mouth.

While I was insta-killing the orc knights, Snow also instantly killed the Orc General it seems.

I suppose, to Snow who could kill platinum rank monsters pretty easily, a mere Orc general was not much of an enemy anymore.

Since I had kept it mostly waiting to the side, I kinda wanted to just let it attack the Orc King as well but——–the king was my prey.


I signalled Snow to stand back again, and then began approaching the Orc King.

It’s gold fur seemed like it was shining under the light of the sun.

Its sword was also not some cheap looking one like the rest of the Orcs, and I could see it had been maintained properly.

It’s pressure made it clear why it was at Mithril rank, a whole 2 ranks above the gold rank Orc general.

Under this blood pumping, exhilarating sensation, I almost gave in to my instincts and activated [Mad Warrior] but I held on to my reason and held back from doing so.

……..Sometimes when I’m duelling with Ralf, I get overcome with a similar sensation as well.

It feels like ever since my battle with Carlo——My body wants to relieve that adrenaline pumping sensation and craves that same sensation.

I now understand why Alyazi-san was so fearful of this skill.


“I have no idea what you’re saying but, you can come at me whenever you want. It’s a classic 1v1, battle to the death.”

As the Orc spoke things I didn’t understand, I instigated it and told it attack me.

It must have made this nest to raise an army of its own here but thanks to me, that dream had been shattered instantly, hence its rage.

It’s body shook from my provocation, and seemed to use a skill on itself as a gold aura covered the Orc King’s body.

Then , it took a stance with its sword, and charged at me.

It speed was, well, just average I guess.

It’s strength seemed to higher than I originally thought so the best action would be to simply dodge it all but……….I decided to hold up my sword and clash swords directly with it.

I didn’t even think of dodging and I matched its swing with my own along with the activation of my own skills.

[Ability Unleashed] to 30%.

On top, I used [Strong Arm] [Hard Hit] and aimed directly at its sword as I swung my sword at it.

Our swords clashed, and a explosive sound resounded in the great forest of Roza.

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A body numbing shockwave spread through me but unlike the Carlo fight, my sword didn’t break this time.

Seeing how the Orc King’s sword was also fine, we both readied our swords and clashed again.


If I used even a bit more technique, I could parry it or dodge it and instantly end this battle but, it’d be waste to not test my strength out against a rare strong enemy no?

How much burden can my body take from all the skills, how durable really is this sword from [Ichiryuu] and how far could I go with [Ability Unleashed].

Finally finding an enemy against whom I could test these things out without holding back, I didn’t feel like ending the fight so soon.

Everytime our swords clashed, I increased the limit from [Ability Unleashed] by 1%.

After I had raised it to 35%, I was clearly the stronger one, and once I raised it further to 37% and swung my sword again, the Orc King was unable to hold on any longer and fell to its knees.

But it showed no signs of giving up as it stood up again and charged at me again but——before it could even swing its longsword, I swung mine faster and slashed through the Orc Kings body.

……….Honestly I wanted to keep on going a bit longer but even if it hadn’t taken any damage, it must have gotten exhausted from this exchange of sword clashes, as the swing was simply too slow and my sword just rushed past it and sliced through its body.

Having been cut deeply through, the Orc King was unable to hold on to its longsword raised overhead any longer, lost its balance and collapsed backwards.

In terms of raw strength, this Orc King really was equal to Carlo, before he used all of his skills of course.

I gave a sincere apology in my mind for selfishly attacking and destroying its nest for my own gain, and then dealt the killing blow to not make it suffer any longer.

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