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Null Poison Ch186


I was able to defeat even a mithril rank Orc King with quite ease and strength to spare.

I think I have gotten a lot better at utilizing my skills, and this was probably the most fruitful battle I have had since coming to Edestor.

Due to the recoil from the [Ability Unleashed] skill, I felt quite fatigued……..but if its only this much, I could probably use [Fortification] or [Iron Wall], maybe even [Self Regeneration] and other such defensive skills to sharply reduce the pain on my body.

The main issue was as always, my stamina. I used the skills quite delicately, constantly activating and deactivating them to keep things efficient, but still I ended up consuming a lot of stamina.

My stamina stat was around 350 approx already but that still nowhere near enough……, I am glad I had Alyazi-san teach me how to quickly activate and deactivate skills.

I decided that my main focus from now should be towards raising my stamina stat, but before all that, I should be happy to have subjugated this Orc herd safely.

I ran up to Snow who had followed my instructions perfectly and was currently waiting by the side, and gave it a bunch of headrubs to praise it for its hard work.


I didn’t really allow it to do much because I really wanted Snow to specifically deal with Orc General, but regardless, it did what I asked perfectly.

“Good job, Snow. Next time, I’ll let you battle a stronger opponent by yourself okay?”


After playing for some time with Snow who also happily nuzzled its body with me, I finally began dealing with the corpses of Orcs.

Since it would be a lot of trouble to bury the bodies of 18 ORcs that were all bigger in size than myself, I wanted to burn them all but……….


Even with [heat Control], I could only generate a small fire, nothing more.

If I increase the output, I could potentially create something lose to Esta’s basic [Fire Ball] in terms of power but, before that I’ll end up burning my own body instead as well.

If I also had [Heat Resistance] like I had [Cold resistance] then things would be different but alas, you can’t have everything go your way.

I guess I have no choice but to use my skills to dig up a big hole and get rid of these bodies.

I’m thinking it might be time to ask Esta’s teacher, the old golem guy, to seriously teach me magic as well.

If it’s just magic and mana, I have increased that a lot thanks to Eggmash.

Even with my magic stat above 100, I still didn’t understand even the M of Magic even after reading the Grimoire, so I do think a lot of it depends on natural born talent but still………

I hope I can at least learn enough magic to burn the corpses of the monsters I hunt, or earth magic to bury them.

While seriously pondering over such stuff, I continued digging a huge hole while being watched over by Snow.


“………phew, it’s finally done.”

Honestly, digging this hole was tougher than actually fighting the entire herd.

After burying all the corpses properly, I need to begin cleaning and turning this nest into a usable base for myself but……

Before that, I need Snow to do something for me.

“Snow, can you freeze the corpse of the Orc King for me?”


Orc King’s body was the only one I didn’t freeze.

Like I said, I wanted to save it in case I find an Ongneer inside this forest as well but, if I just let it lie here in the open it’ll decay pretty quickly, not to mention the bugs, insects and monsters that’ll get attracted to feed on it as well.


I don’t know if Snow could manipulate Ice magic enough to freeze a body, but if possible, I want to at least try it.

I tried to explain what I wanted with hand gestures and motions as well, and I think Snow got what I was asking of it as it covered its fangs in Ice, and then bit on to the body of the Orc King and then just sat there waiting as slowly, the body of the Orc King freezing all over.

“Snow, I honestly didn’t expect that you actually could do that.”

And so, after a short while, the Orc King’s body became encase in a block of ice.

Surely with this, it should stop decaying completely for at least a couple of days.

“……… really are amazing. When did you even learn to do this kinda stuff?”


While praising Snow for a job well done as it ran around me in circles and howling, I placed the Orc King’s frozen corpse in a corner.

Snow did the job perfectly, so I should get to work and quickly complete our base now.

Since the hole digging took a lot of time, the sun was already setting, so I hurried to fully complete the base.

I’ll leave the fence for later, and for now focused on cleaning and ventilating the orc huts, and to create a fire for food and light.

I’ll have to wait before using those huts though as I need the smell to completely disappear, so for the time being a I made a small temp house out of straw for myself.

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After completing that,…….well, I should get something to eat and then go to sleep for the night.

It’s not perfect yet but with the temp house made, I can begin gathering poisonous plants from tomorrow as well.

Earlier since I was mainly searching for a base,  I was not focusing on finding more plants but I still noticed a lot new and suspicious plants that I had never seen before.

Perhaps I’ll find a brand new way of strengthening myself———while thinking of such things, my blood began to boil with excitement, wanting to explore, but I calmed myself for tonight and went to sleep.

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