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Null Poison Ch190

The Magus Family

“Alright, who’s going first?”

“Does it better but why don’t you start first Chris!”

“Alright.—–As the rumours say, the great forest of Roza turned out to be many, many times bigger than the Carlisle forest. Honestly, it’s so massive that I was genuinely perplexed where to even begin with that place but……..for the time being, I’ve made a base, and I’ve got all the things I need to grow, just like I had in Carlisle forest.”

“Ohh, so it really is that huge?! Faced any dangerous monsters?”

“Dangerous monsters? There was the Orc herd that I decimated because I wanted to use their nest as a base but that’s about it. And even there, only the Orc King was worth being considered ‘dangerous’……….Although, I did sense another presence in the forest that was much stronger than even the Orc King but I didn’t actually fight it so I can’t be certain as to how strong it really is.”


I do need to be careful to not accidentally run into that monster.

I’m sure I could match it evenly if I use all my skills and fight at full strength but……….but that was a monster that treated the great forest of Roza as its home territory.

It’s stupid to fight a monster in their own territory when you’re not completely confident of victory.

“Orc King!? Isn’t that the one even above the Orc general that we fought during the emergency request?”


“Yeah, and it certainly was stronger. I terms of raw physical strength, it was equal to Carlo without his skills, that is.”

“A monster equal to Carlo you say………that sounds quite scary to me, was it not?”

“I mean, yeah it’s attack had strength no doubt, but conversely speaking, that’s pretty much all it really had going for it. It lacked the brains to match it, and so in the end, it wasn’t that strong of an opponent.”

Part of it is also the fact that I have grown massively since then as well but, I genuinely think that both Ralf and Esta would also probably beat the Orc King in a one-on-one.

The scariest part of the Orc King is its capability of leading an army.

And in truth, the soldiers and knights that were directly fighting under it got buffed to be even stronger as well.

“Damn, to imply that even an Orc King wasn’t strong enough is incredible!………Somehow, it makes you sound like a real big shot Chris.”

“Well, I also had Snow with me. It’s only because Snow literally one-shot the Orc General that I am able to make it sound so easy after all.”

“Snow, you did a good job as well! I’m so proud to see you continue getting so much stronger!”

Snow purred happily from being praised and petted by Esta.

“Well that’s about it for my report. Due to the huge size of the forest, I’ve basically just built a  foundation for future explorations this time around and that’s it.”

“I mean that’s good enough already! Then next, Esta, why don’t you go give your report!”

Ralf made sure he was going last it seems.

Judging from his expressions, I could tell that he’s definitely got some good results.

I also started feeling a bit excited to hear about Ralf’s dungeon exploits, but first we focused on Esta to hear her story.

“As for me……’s basically the same as in Oxter. I’m both training and studying hard under him. Phillip-san deals in Grimoires and Magic Balls. Also, he has another speciality shop where he directly coaches people in magic as well so I’m basically using that place to learn as much more about magic as I can.”

“Ohh! So that golem guy had such a great place as well! I really thought he was just some random weirdo back then!”

“Ralf, you really need to show some respect! Phillip-san was once a royal court magician you know? Not to mention, he’s the only disciple of the great Loa Magus!”


Loa Magus? I swear that sounds familiar…….or does it?

I racked my brains to remember what I was thinking of when suddenly, a single person’s face flashed in my head.

Oh right. I swear the guild master in Norfast had the same surname.

What was his name?……..Arkan Magus, I think.


He named himself quite proudly so it somehow stayed inside my brain.

“Hm? In the first place, who the hell even is this Loa Magus!? Never heard of him!”

When Ralf said that, Esta looked astonished and then released a deep sigh of disappointment.

………honestly, I had no idea either so my heart started beating slightly faster after seeing Esta’s reaction.

 “How do you not know of THE Magus family? Loa Magus was the man that created the Magic Balls in the first place, and is a great magician that left a mark in our history as the widely known Dragon Slayer!!”

“Even if you put a ‘THE’ in front…….. I had never heard of any ‘Magus’ before so my reaction was pretty valid! Well, but I get it. The golem guy is the disciple of some great magician.”

“Your conclusion is technically correct but I don’t think you still understand that he’s a much greater person than you can even imagine Ralf! The person who created the golems was Melkirouhi Jeral Magus. A party member of the first hero! And his descendants are the Magus family!”

Ralf looked pretty disinterested, meanwhile Esta was getting all hyped up just talking about them.

……….now, even I remember hearing about Melkirouhi.

The man who was the [Wise Emperor], said to the be the pinnacle of magic-based jobs——or so, Esta had told me.

I see. The name Magus was the sign of being a descendant of the [Wise Emperor] Melkirouhi. No wonder the guild master was so haughty about his name, and was surprised when I said I had no clue what it meant.

“I got, I got it. So, did you learn any new magic then?”

“………yes I did. It’s still intermediate but, I’m learning a lot of more practical magic as well. It’s only been two weeks but I think I have progressed quite a lot in this time!”

“Well I was never worried in Esta’s case but still, it’s nice to hear that things are going well. I suppose having a good master so close really is a boon.”

“Yes! Just this alone has made me glad we came to Edestor. I’ll continue working hard until I learn how to use advanced level magic as well.”

“Yeah, keep up the good work……….on that note, I actually had a favour to ask of Esta, do you mind?”

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As Esta made a guts pose with both her hands and proclaimed, I made a request to her.

Since she had no idea what I would be requesting of her, she tilted her head in confusion while still doing the guts pose.


Without wasting time, I explained the details of my request.

“Actually, I’m thinking of also learning magic from the old golem man. ——so Esta, could you put in a good word for me as well.”

“……….Eh? C-chris-san wants to learn magic………? ——-A-am I perhaps not living up to your expectations!?”

“That’s obviously not true. The more people that an use magic the better, and that’s a fact, so I figured it was time I also learnt some. While I was exploring the Roza forest, it only became further clear to me how much trouble it is to simply dispose of monster corpses when I don’t have you with me Esta. I want to at least learn enough magic to be able to burn corpses or bury them with earth magic.”

“Oh so it was just that……! I really feared I was not strong enough for you or something like that. Well, anyway, he’s already acquainted with you Chris-san, so I’m sure Phillip-san wouldn’t mind teaching you as well!”

“That’s good to know. I’ve been thinking of showing up there sooner or later, so I’ll leave it you to me our intermediary.”

“Understood! Leave it to me!”

And with that, Esta’s report also ended.

All that’s left is Ralf but………he really has the aura of a guy just waiting for someone to ask him about his results.

Part of me wanted to end the meeting right here and ignore him but, I am curious about the dungeon after all so I guess I’ll have to play along.

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