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Null Poison Ch191

The Edestor Dungeon

“Alright, lastly Ralf——-what did you do in the dungeon?”

“Hehehehe, Chris, so you’re curious after all eh? eh?”

Sitting upright on his chair, Ralf asked with a grin.

This to and fro was a pain in the ass so I made him quickly start talking.

“Yeah, I do so, so start talking quickly.”

“First of all, in these two weeks, I was able to clear all the way to floor 10 of the dungeon!”

“Is that……..good?”

“Well, to be honest I’m not clear on the details either but, I think it’s pretty damn good! They say any party that clear floor 10 is considered an intermediate level adventurer, and not to mention, I did it solo, not with a party!”


………….If what he says is true, then that does sound pretty incredible.

Parties are usually made up of 4 to 6 members.

This would mean that Ralf had basically matched 4-6 adventurers worth of effort on his own.

Looks like he’s gotten a lot more stronger than I originally realized.


“If you have finally gotten a better feel for your own strength than diving into the dungeon was the right decision. So? What was the dungeon like?”

“The easiest way to explain it would be to call it a collection of multiple underground caves filled with monsters I guess? Also, the number of monster was genuinely ridiculously high. Not to mention, they show up out of nowhere, like they literally grow out of the floor and walls so you always have to stay on your toes for sudden situations.”

“I guess it makes sense why people would only challenge the dungeon in a party due to things like these. So were there any other solo dungeon divers like you at all, Ralf?”

“The ones I saw or met were all in parties! I did hear that there were other Solo adventurers but I never met one in these two weeks.”

“………I’m glad you didn’t die at least.”

If monsters can show up out of the floor or walls then you could very easily get surrounded so if your guarding abilities weren’t top notch, you’d basically be defenceless when attacked from all directions.

In that sense, perhaps going solo like this really suited Ralf who was fully specialized in guarding.

………well, saying it ‘suited’ him might be the wrong term to use.

Better to say that Ralf was one of the few people who could make solo dungeon diving work.

“Well I guess so! It really was hard but at the same time, I feel like I was really able to dedicate these two weeks to solely my own improvement so it was worth it! Also, because solo goers like me are so rare, I got to know and meet all sorts of incredible adventurers as well!”

Looks like Ralf got acquainted with a lot more new people.

If I recall, it was also Ralf who led the talks with the [Silver Winged Lion] as well, so it could be that Ralf just had a very high communication skill.

“So who do you men exactly by incredible adventurers? Are they someone famous in Edestor?”

“I think so, yeah! I mean, they were rank Orichalcum adventurers!”

“Scarletite*? Isn’t that a rank even above Diamond?”

*(T/N: This is a bit weird. Ralf calls them Orichalcum, but in the JP txt Chris goes ‘Scarletite?’ as if they are both the same rank and the words are interchangeable whereas earlier in the chapters the way the author wrote it implied they were different, Orichalcum being above Scarletite. It’s unclear right now so I’m TLing it literally. It could be a mistake by the author as well of course. So I’ll see how it’s explained in the future and fix accordingly. It’s likely that Ralf’s dialogue is a typo and it should be Scarletite there as well instead of Orichalcum.)


“It is! In fact they were the ones who held the floor 50 fastest clear time record until your brother…….Klaus came and broke it!”

Well there was a Scarletite rank request at the guild so I did wonder if there were some here but as it turns out, Ralf just went and made friends with them.

The record holders before Klaus eh.


Just their titles alone imply how incredible they must be so I want to meet them in person as well.

“Introduce us as well, next time. I want to meet them too.”

“Of course! They were all nice people so I’m sure they’ll be nice to you too Chirs! I even got some tips from the person who acts as the tank of their party as well!”

“Ralf really does find a way to get along with people very quickly.”

“I mean, they just had this easy to talk to aura around them, maybe that’s why? Also, I think I myself have become a lot calmer in general.”

“that’s true……..ever since your injury healed, you’ve gotten a lot less moody and edgy since. In the past, you were always angry at everyone and were just not a nice person in general.”

“Hey Esta, you are the last person I want to hear that from!!”

I thought that our first meeting was unique, with the circumstances being what they were, but it sounds like Ralf was that antagonizing towards everyone it seems.

Well considering his parents and his upbringing, it’s pretty understandable to say the least but, it’s still nice to hear that he’s fixed his personality since then.

“We’ve digressed from the topic so let me bring us back. So any other stories from the dungeon? Like about the treasure boxes you talked about before?”

Returning to the topic at hand, I asked Ralf so.

When I did, he wagged his index finger with a triumphant look.

……..seeing his expression, honestly pissed me off sometimes.

“As for the treasure boxes……..actually, I found a really amazing one!”

“A nice one? Did it have a nice item in it or something?”

“Nah, I sold it before opening it so I don’t know if it had a good item or not!”

Unable to understand what he meant, I ended up tilting my head in confusion.

Are you telling me unopened treasure boxes themselves have value……..?

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“What do you mean? Explain properly.”

“So you see, there’s 5 types of treasure boxes that you can find in the dungeon. Starting from normal wooden boxes, and then there’s ones with copper, silver, gold and finally platinum embedded in them! The normal wooden ones with nothing embedded are the most common ones to find, and there contents aren’t too special either. On the other hand, a box with Platinum embedded in it——-are the rarest to find and can contain super rare items and equipment inside!”

I see.

So there’s 5 categories to the boxes and the contents varied between the rarities.

I do recall hearing from Ralf how the dungeon was basically designed to attract people to it but……

This rarity thing was also something humans really enjoyed.

And I was so no stranger to it, as my own interest and curiosity towards these rare treasure boxes was very quickly rising.

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