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Null Poison Ch192

Gambling Nature

“So that’s how it is. Ralf, did you find a rare one then?”

“Exactly! I found a silver treasure box. It’s right at the middle when it comes to rarity but, apparently 60% of all the treasure boxes found are wooden so this was still very rare in comparison, or so I was told!”

“60% are wooden eh……….I guess, getting rich quick from the dungeon isnt as easy as it might sound.”

“Pretty much! By the way, 30% are copper, Silver is about 9%, and the remaining 1% is gold……..a platinum one shows up only like once every year or so, that’s how rare it is! In the first place, finding a treasure box in and of itself is pretty rare, and even if you do find a rare box, it’s not necessary that it might have something truly valuable inside! As for me, even after 2 whole weeks of dungeon diving, I found only 2 boxes. And even then, people said I was insanely lucky to find two in such a short time.”

So not only are the boxes themselves scarce, they even have a rarity to it making it really harsh.


Even if you find a silver or gold box, there’s still a chance, albeit low, to get some trash item from it as well……..

When you consider all that, while it’s still attractive, it’s pretty obvious that completing requests as usual is far more efficient and safe.

“So, was the other box you found a wooden one, Ralf?”

“Yep! Since it was  wooden one, I opened it right away, and found 3 intermediate mana potions inside!”


“So you sold the rare one, the silver box without opening then right?”

“The Scarletite adventurers, that I talked about, told me that it would sell for higher if I sold it unopened!…….Well, of course if you open it and get a super rare item or equipment from it, it’ll sell for even higher though! But just the chance that I could get a shit item instead as well, made me worried so I chose to sell it unopened!”

“From what I hear, these treasure boxes sure are interesting.——-In fact, I’m surprised you of all people were able to resist opening it, Ralf. Knowing your personality, I figured you’d open them the moment you saw it.”

“I did want to open it but I endured it with all my willpower okay!! Since I blew all my money before diving into the dungeon after all! Shiit! Even though I was hoping to forget about it and move on, you’ve made me recall it all. What if it had something really good inside aah………….”

He started wondering what the contents of the silver box were and began to regret not opening it again it seems.

Looking at him now, I need to be careful to never ever let Ralf gamble with money.

“From what I understand from Ralf’s report, the dungeon sure sounds fun in many ways! It looks like there’s a lot of monsters here as well so it might be a good place to train as well.”

“Yeah, seems like it. I’d like to go and take a look as well if not for those academy students supposedly there but………….hey Ralf, did you happen to meet the students from the capital by any chance?”

“Nah, apparently they are deep into the dungeon right now so I never saw them. Since it was the princess and all, I did hope to get a good look at her but no luck!”

“I see. So I assume you won’t know much as to their fighting style either then.”

“Actually, I do know a little in that regard! One of them is a knight, who’s the Tank of the party like me. And another is a magician like Esta, who’s supposedly very skilled. And lastly, the princess is an extremely powerful attacker; and that’s the entire 3 man party!”

“A 3 man party like us eh? Now if only they had a pet like Snow as well, it would be the exact same.”

“Well for a 3-man party, this is pretty much the best composition of members when it comes to balance after all! And as far as their abilities go, well, considering how deep into the dungeon they are, it’s natural to assume they are pretty damn strong as well!”


As expected of an academy where the students with the best jobs from all over the country are gathered, even ignoring Klaus, there’s a lot of very talented people there.

Even though they are all the same age as myself.

Considering the battles and experiences we’ve been through, there’s a chance that we’ll fare better in a real battle but……..I shouldn’t be underestimating anyone here.

“A Knight and a princess eh……….Chris-san, this Knight, wouldn’t he be the one he heard of from the info broker in the capital? The [Holy Warrior] that was part of the Royal guard? The princess was obviously the [War Princess] which leaves——-the magician. It must be either the [Sage] or the [Necromancer] right?”


“It’s not necessary that the entire party is made of people we heard of from the info broker you know, that said……….it is the Princess’ party. Highly likely the ‘knight’ is part of the royal guard, and the chances of the magician being one of those two is definitely high.”

Until Esta said it, it had completely left my mind but there is a good chance that the [Sage] or the [Necromancer] were here.

And if it really was the [Sage]——-it was Mielle, the only other person other than Klaus that I personally know of from the academy.

I don’t really understand what kind of job the [Necromancer] even is but, if they’re classified as a magician, it’s more likely that it is in fact the [Sage] that is here.

Which means…………Mielle who almost certainly would have a vendetta against me is currently inside the Edestor dungeon.

To buy more time for myself and to disrupt the relationship between Klaus and Mielle, the decisions and actions I took on that day were not something I regretted but……….

Mielle being in the same city as me can be a bit of a problem.

“Chris, what happened? You’re frowning!”

“There’s a chance that the magician you mentioned is the one who knows me. Now, it’s even further certain that I cannot go anywhere close to the dungeon for now.”

“Wait, are you serious!? I really wanted to go dungeon diving with you at least once! I wanted to introduce you to the Scarletite adventurers as well!”

“I’m not certain but I can’t take any risks unfortunately. Once the princess and her party return back to the capital, I can start going to the dungeon then.”

“Guess we’ll just have to wait for them to finish their dungeon clear eh! ………Well, that’s about it for my report.”

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All said and done, I’ve learnt a lot of interesting info from him.

I really want to go to the dungeon, and I’m curious about the Scarletite adventurer.

I honestly wanted to try and talk to the princess as well without revealing my identity of course, but with Mielle in her party, that might be impossible.

Since she’s probably the best source of info on Klaus, I’ll have to figure out a different way to make contact with her.

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