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Null Poison Ch193

Potion Synthesis Request

The next day after I returned from the forest.

Since I had so much stuff to do, I decided to take this day as a break, and went out into the city alone.

By the way, Esta is back training with the Golem old guy, and Ralf was back in the dungeons.

Since Snow couldn’t be taken everywhere, Snow was house watching.

To be honest, Snow must have been tired from the two week long trip to the forest as well because for the first time, Snow didn’t try to follow me out and so in that sense as well, it was better to have Snow stay home and rest properly.

“Now I called it a break day, but I had a mountain-load worth of things that I needed to do.

Quickly, I made my way to the alchemist’s place [Gaddfoura].

With both the raw Jinpi Leaves and one of the Jinpi potions that Shantell made in hand, I came to Gaddfoura which had been introduced to me by Bors.


Why you ask/ of course, to have her recreate the jinpi potions here as well.

When I came last time, she confirmed that she’d be more than willing to make custom potions so I’m sure she could recreate Jinpi potions as well.


My only worry was whether she’d be suspicious of me for asking to make a poison potion or not but………I’m sure, it won’t be too much of an issue.

“Welcome……….Oh, well if it isn’t the young lad that came with Bors. Didn’t expect you to show up so quickly again.”

As I entered the store, Trisha called out to me from behind the reception.

……..also, there was another woman who was talking to Trisha before I came in that started looking at me.

A fair skinned blonde that had a delicate look to her.

But, contrary to her looks, I could instantly sense a strong presence from her.

[Mana Sense]—–As expected, her magic power is on the same level as Esta, maybe even more.

Her looks may deceive, but she was almost certainly an adventurer, and/or a magician.

“Yeah, I’m here to put in the request for the potions I talked about before.”

“Ooh. Trisha-san, how rare to get a potion creation request eh?”

“Surprisingly, Bors actually brought in some work for me………..So, what kind of potion would you like me to make?”

While lightly chatting with the smiling woman, Trisha asked me so.

I hesitated over how to explain this and then figured, the best way would be to just straight up show her the real thing.

“I want something similar to this one. I don’t know all the specific details and ingredients used in making it but I do have the one main ingredient that is the base for this potion.”

“Let me see………Hm!?? Is this a poison potion?”


“You can tell from just a look? Yes, it is one indeed.”

Trisha held up the potion against the light and observed and instantly recognized that it was a poisonous potion.

I guess with the years of experience as an alchemist that she might have, these things can come to you from just a glance.

“A request for a custom potion is a rare one already, and on top it’s for a poison potion……..No, I suppose it’s a request precisely because it’s a poison potion eh?”

“Pretty much. No matter where I looked, I couldn’t find anything close to what I wanted after all.”

“That makes sense. As for why you need them, well, it’s none of my business, I won’t ask so don’t worry.”

“I mean, I wouldn’t mind telling if you want to know though.”

“I’d rather not know. Now then, wait here for a while. I need to examine the potion in detail inside.”

Like Shantell, I guess she also assumes that I have nefarious uses planned for this potion.

Seeing Trisha go inside her room with the potion, I sensed a strong gaze from the side.

………I was planning to ignore her but, her continuous gaze made me curious and I ended up turning to look at her anyway.

The blonde haired woman gave a slight smile when our eyes met.

“hey, hey. You are Chirs-kun right?”

“……………Why do you know my name?”

“Well, I wonder why indeed?”

Raising her index finger, the blonde answered my question with a question.


I don’t sense any malice from her so she’s probably not a pursuer, and considering her little conversation with Trisha just some moments ago………

“An acquaintance of Bors?”

“Oh, correct! Good job. I’m from the same party as Bors, the name’s Rupert. I’ve heard a lot from Bors about you Chris-kun. Also, allow me to thank you once again for forming a party with Bors and helping him out.”


I figured she was a an acquaintance of Bors but I never expected this blonde woman to be the same Rupert that was supposedly seriously ill and bedridden.

I was sure that they would be a man, so it was unexpected.

“Oh, so you’re Rupert. If you’re walking around the city now, I assume you’ve recovered from your grave illness?”

“Hmm, well I haven’t fully recovered yet to be honest but, I’m definitely much better now. Today as well, I came here to get some more medicine for myself you see. Though, I didn’t expect I’d get to meet you as well Chris-kun. Guess I got lucky.”

“So you haven’t fully recovered eh? You seemed pretty energetic so I wrongly assumed you had. My bad.”

“Well, you weren’t wrong either though. In fact, I’m planning on rejoining the party from tomorrow as well.”

“Is that so. So you’ll see Bors tomorrow then right. Send him my regards in that case.”

“Sure. I’ll be sure to bring up the fact that I got to meet and talk to you.”

Saying that, Rupert laughed seemingly amused.

To continue the conversation, I figured I might as well ask more about Bors but………just then, Trisha returned back from the inside.

“Oh, you two seem to be having a fun chat. Getting along well I assume?”

“oh we’ve only made some small talk but………like Bors said, he’s an interesting kid so I got curious that’s all!…….Well then, since I got my medicines, I’ll take my leave now. Chris-kun we’ll talk more if we happen to meet somewhere else again okay?”

“Sure. Take care.”

Seeing off Rupert as she left while waving her hand, I continued my talk with Trisha in regards to the potion.

To give a concise conclusion, the recreation of the Jinpi potion was indeed possible, and thanks to me bringing in a sample as well, the overall costs of production will also be reduced by quite a bit.

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Of course, she couldn’t give an exact sum until she actually got to work and made one but, right now her estimates put the cost at around 2 silvers per one potion.

It was hardly cheap but still well within my expectations, and if all works out well, my supply of Jinpi potions for the future will be set.

For the time being, I handed over a huge quantity of Jinpi leaves and 5 gold coins to her, and officially put in the request for the synthesis of these potions.

She told me to come back after some time, so I’m thinking I’ll pay a visit after I have made one more trip to the Roza forest and come back with more leaves and money as well.

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