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Null Poison Ch194

The Master of Plant Harvesting

After leaving [Gaddfoura], I made my way back to the main street.

To gather more info on the great forest of Roza, I headed to meet a person that I had been told of by Trisha.

Apparently, they were a master at gathering and harvesting plants, and around 60% of the potions Trisha sold were made out of ingredients that this person brought for her.

Normally, their main spot for gathering is the Grotta forest, which was a place further beyond the dungeon but, this person should also probably know a lot about the great forest of Roza as well, or so I was told.

Roza forest was a truly unique location so not even the usual info brokers had much about that place, so I had no choice but to ask other curious and whimsical adventurers or specialists if I wanted to know more.


Also, I could potentially find a book like Botanist Otto’s Travelling Records, to gain more info as well so if the person I’m going to turned out to be of no use, I’ll switch plans to that and try and find a similar book.

While running all these different plans to gather more info inside my head, I reached the house of this so called master.


It was currently just before noon.

If he was out gathering plants today then he might not be here but, there’s always a chance that it was break day for them today so I came just in case.

He lived in a independent single house, a rarity in Edestor, and while the size of the house was hardly big, considering how expensive land was here in Edestor, even buying this house must have cost a whole lot.

While my thoughts instantly went towards the money involved, I rung the bell on the house.

There was no reaction even after one press so I rung the bell again.

Since there was no reaction again, I decided to press it a third and last time when……

The door opened, and a lone old man appeared.

He must have woken up just now, as he looked quite listless.

I felt bad for ruining his nap but, I really needed the info so I spoke up without hesitation.

“Are you Henjak? I came here after hearing about you from Trisha of [Gaddfoura].”

“………..Sorry, you’ve got the wrong person.”

“But I’m sure I got the right house. If it’s not you, then perhaps someone lives with you has that name surely?”

“I’ve never even heard of the name.”

While scratching his neck, the old man continued denying it.

Now I’m sure I got the right house and Trisha is not the type of person to lie for no reason either.

……….So, this old man just can’t be bothered and is pretending to not know.

“I see. I guess it can’t be helped if I got it wrong.”

“Yeah, so you can leave—–“

“So, I guess I’ll just have to bring Trisha all the way here and have her personally check. Old man, thanks for the info.”


Realizing that I was gonna return again anyway, he clicked his tongue showing his displeasure openly.


Seeing his reaction, there was no doubt that this man was Henjak.

……….I’m not letting you go until I hear all the info I want old man.

“huh, so you are Henjak after all.”


“That damn old lady Trisha, getting me involved in useless shit……….So brat, the hell you want from me?”

“I just want some info. If you want, I’ll even pay you for it.”

“Don’t care about the money kid. I just want you to leave me alone as quickly as possible.”

“I have no intention of leaving until I get all the info I want. In fact, I’ll come visit everyday until then, if that’s what you want.”

He probably sensed that I was not someone that would falter, so while still making a truly displeased face, he pointed his thumb to his door and invited me inside.

He must be living alone, as the house was a cluttered mess, and it was impossible to call it clean even if as pure flattery.

The strong and peculiar smell of plants was filled in the house, more so than even the alchemist’s store.

Properly looking around, he seemed to be sun-drying plants in the house just like I did in my base, and that’s where the strong smell came from.

“Just take a seat where ever. And I don’t have tea to serve.”

“That’s too bad. I was hoping the so called master of plant gathering would have some truly unique tea leaves to serve his guests.”

“Keh, as if I’d have something like that…………So? What do you want from me? Just get to the point.”

Showing clear discomfort towards my light banter, Henjak sat down on the floor in the middle of the room, and I followed and did the same.

Seeing this room, I wanted to ask about more plants than just the ones in Roza forest but, let’s start with the main reason I was here.

“I want you tell me everything you know of about the great forest of Roza. Like I said before, I will genuinely pay you for any good piece of info.”

The moment I said the name of the great forest of Roza, Henjak’s lazy attitude until now suddenly changed.

He picked up a cigarette that was lying on the ground and took a deep puff——-and then began to talk.

“The great forest of Roza……… that’s an odd place to be wanting info about. Brat, are you curious about the fruit of skill?”

I guess, when people ask of the great forest of Roza, it’s usually in regards to the fruit of skill.

I guess a lot more people before me have also come to ask Henjak about it.

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“Well, if you do know anything about the fruit of skill, of course I’d like to hear it but, I want to know more than just that. I want to know about everything that exists in that forest, what dangerous monsters are there, what kinds of plants, every single thing.”

“Hoo, now you’re a rare type of guy………well at least, you don’t underestimate that place for one.”

“Obviously. Only a fool would underestimate a forest that big that was still shrouded in so many mysteries.”

“Alright. I’ll say this in advance, I know nothing about the fruit of skill. If that’s alright with you……..”

After pausing there, Henjak raised three fingers.

I’m assuming three gold coins for the price of the info.

I don’t know how good even is the info he had in regards to that place but, if it’s even anything useful, it would be all worth it.

“If your info’s actually worth that, I’ll gladly pay it.”

“It’s a deal then. I won’t disappoint, don’t worry.”

Henjak picked up the three gold coins I placed on the floor, and preciously placed them inside his pocket.

Then, he straightened his back to fix his posture and while smoking, began talking about everything he knew.

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