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Null Poison Ch195

Worth the 3 Gold Coins

“First of all, there are three highly dangerous places in the great forest of Roza. The first is basically the entire east side area of the forest, where the ground is entirely a swamp. There’s knee level water pretty much everywhere, making it not only hard to move around but on top, that place is also filled with all sorts of dangerous creatures. Monsters that suck on your blood, or monsters that can discharge electricity, and then there’s also various carnivorous underwater creatures as well, so as a rule of thumb it’s in your best interests to just completely avoid the entirety of the East Area.”

“Really? I never knew that the East area was like that.”

“Also, at the end of the swamp is a cavern. That’s probably the most dangerous place. Even I don’t know much in detail but apparently, it’s as dangerous as the cave of Bahamut. This is one of the two most dangerous places in the entire forest……….But well, you’d have to cross the crazy swamp to get there in the first place so I wouldn’t pay it too much heed.”

At the east of the great forest of Roza was a place that was that I needed to watch out for it seems.


I’m a bit curious about the swamp as well but, the cave itself had most of my curiosity.

I don’t plan on heading anywhere close to there until I get completely used to the rest of the Roza forest  but, at some point, I’ll have to go and explore the East area as well.

“Alright, I got that the East Area is dangerous. So what’s the other dangerous place you were talking about?”

“That would be the northernmost area of the Roza forest. This place is mostly unexplored still but, they say that a certain tribe lives in the region past the north of the Roza forest. That tribe is said to be extremely dangerous and it has been a saying since old times to not approach the northern area of the Roza forest.”


“A certain tribe you say………..? Are they human?”

“I don’t the details either but, they’re rumoured to be a tribe of either demon-kin or maybe even Maneaters. Anyhow, just avoid going to the northmost area of the forest.”

Demon-kin eh……….

I don’t know much about these maneaters, but I do know some about the demon-kin.

The Demon Lord that the first hero defeated was also one these demon-kin after all. Their special characteristic is the magical stone embedded in their forehead.

In terms of classification, it’s put somewhere between races like Dwarves or Elves and monster races like Ogres and goblins.

It’s also because the beastmen races are said to be close to the demon-kin that they were subjected to heavy discrimination.

“So the Northern area is also a danger zone………I was right to look for information after all.

“Kakaka, told you I won’t disappoint, didn’t I? Well, I’m not done yet though. I’ll make it worth the 3 gold coins. Next, I’ll talk about dangerous monsters. AS far as the South Area goes, there’s 5 monsters that you should run away from the moment you see them.”

After areas, came info on monsters.

While hoping to hear about some interesting monsters that could be turned into food for Ongneer, I paid extra attention to his words.

“First of all, when you enter the forest from Edestor’s side,——-close to the southern most part is a nest of Orcs. This nest is led by an Orc King so it’s a huge problem to deal with. It has the ability to make even normal Orcs as strong as Orc soldiers so you have to be very careful.”

One of the 5 monster to be cautious of happened to be the Orc King.

Though he does explain that the main danger comes from it being a herd led by the Orc King, rather than from the Orc King alone.

Well, I’ve already dealt with those but there’s always a chance that there’s another one in a forest this big so I should keep in mind regardless.

“The second one is…….this is also a monster that treats the south area as its territory. Crow Ornith. It’s jet black bird monster, and they say if it sees, you’re basically as good as dead. No one knows exactly where it actually lives either. And neither does anyone know what kind of attacks or skills it has either.”

“Really lacking on info on that one huh. Isn’t this one also close to the area near Edestor?”

“I mean, there’s a reason they say you die if you see it. No one who saw it ever made it back alive. Anyway, just be wary of any black coloured flying monster that you might run into.”


Crow Ornith, another one that lives in the South Area.

If it’s like a bird, I wonder if it’s similar to the Strange bird monster of Carlisle forest.

A monster that no one has survived seeing eh? Must be a seriously dangerous one if rumours like that exist.

………or rather, I wonder if the strong presence I sensed during my exploration was this bird monster.


It was much stronger than even the Orc King and it was in the South area so the likelihood is high.

Considering the skills I got from Carlisle’s bird monster, I really wanted to use this Crow Ornith for Ongneer as well but……..that’ll have to wait for a while.

“Stay wary of black flying objects. Got it. I’ll run if I see anything similar.”

“Putting aside whether you’d be able to run away or not, yes, that’s the wise thing to do. The third and fourth monster are somewhat similar, Rex Bill and Medicine Ant. Rex Bill is a monster that’ll stick to your body and suck all your blood. It’s only 10cm in length but, it has powerful fangs and can tear into your body and enter inside. Once it’s gotten inside your body, it’ll keep on sucking all your blood and swell up…………….and then explode your insides.”

I never ran into this monster on my first trip but, this sounds crazy.

The monster itself doesn’t sound that strong so it’d be hard to detect it as well, and it won’t be of use to make Ongneers either.

Truly the worst kind of enemy for me.

” Medicine Ant was similar in type to Rex Bill, only about 5cm in size. This one’s biggest characteristic was the fatal amount of poison it holds in its body. If you crush it under your feet, even a normal person could still kill it but, if it bites you, that’s a one way ticket to the other side. Medicine Ant’s worst attribute however was its personality. Even though it was small and had no other strengths outside its poison, it was unusually aggressive and ferocious. It’ll attack any monster no matter the size if it sees them.”

Rex Bill was a scary one, but in comparison Medicine Ant was pretty easy to deal with. For me anyway.

Thanks to [Null Poison], I basically don’t have to worry about any kind of poison, ever.

As for the Rex Bill as well, I think I’ll be fine if I use [Skin Strengthen]………

Since its uses stamina, I can’t keep it activated all the time while I explore though.

Thinking it that way, I once again realized how abnormal my unique skill [Null Poison] was that continued working all the time without any stamina cost.

This might be the difference between common and unique skills.

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“It’s amazing how these 2 small monsters are in the top 5 dangerous monsters of the area  eh. Once again makes you realize the scale of how big the great forest of Roza really is.”

“Well, most people will be automatically cautious of bigger monsters automatically after all. The really scary ones are the ones that can attack when your guard is down. They say the creature that has taken the most human lives in this world is the mosquito after all. Not some monster.”


“The thing the that makes you itchy when it stings you, that thing?”

“Yeah that’s the one.—–Well, to be fair, the one that has killed most humans is, other humans actually but……’s boorish to point that out eh?”

Henjak said something very dark without a care in the world.

Pretending to not hear it, I asked about the last monster on the list.

“………..So what’s the last one? Is it another small monster?”

“No, not this one. The last one is a monster called forest lizard. It looks like a dragon, and people say it has a gentle personality but make no mistake, it’s a carnivore so you can’t let your guard down. In terms of pure strength, it’s above even the Crow Ornith.”

“Much gentler than Crow Ornith, but also stronger you say?”

“Pretty much. It won’t attack you unless it’s very hungry but, in the off chance it was hungry——-well, you’ll end up as its meal before you know it.”

Taking a breather after talking about the 5 monsters, Henjak then lit another cigarette to smoke.

He’d provided me a with a lot of useful info, except maybe about the Orc King I guess, but I still had one big thing I was still curious about.

It’s about that monster that had already become the host for the Ongneer when I found it.

The rabbit like monster. From the size and quality of the Ongneer plant, I know it was not a weak monster at all but……..

“I need to ask one more thing about monsters. Do you know of a humanoid monster that looks like a rabbit? It’s got knuckles equipped in its hands as well.”

“What the hell’s that? I’ve never heard of anything like it.”

“……….I see. It’s fine if you don’t know. Alright, let’s move on to the next topic then.”

I already have the Ongneer of the rabbit like monster so even if I don’t get more info on it, it’s fine since I’ll get its abilities anyway and I’ll figure out how strong it was from the boost in stats I get from its Ongneer.


If it was a strong enemy I would have like more info but, it can’t be helped if he hasn’t even heard of it.

From there, I asked Henjak about the plants that live in the Roza forest, the forest’s topography, any rumours on the fruit of skill, basically I got my money’s worth of info from him.

There was still a lot I didn’t know, and as expected of someone referred to as the master of plant gathering, he was well versed in the details regarding the Roza forest.

Once again I was glad that I came to Henjak looking for more info.

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