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Null Poison Ch201

Skeleton Horde

The number of skeletons popping out of the ground was a lot more than I originally expected but, in the end they were just mere skeletons.

Since I was using my skills as well, just a light swing of my sword would pulverize the brittle bones of these skeletons.

Since I jumped straight into the middle of the horde, I was completely surrounded by enemies on all sides but I just continued to swing my sword around me without ever being in any real danger and moved ahead until I reunited with Snow.

Then, we finally began targeting the Skeleton Warriors and mages that I had been avoiding until now.

I took on the warriors and Snow handled the skeleton mages, and we both launched our attacks simultaneously.

Skeleton warriors were basically normal skeletons but equipped in full armour, and a sword & shield.


And the equipment wasn’t some cheap leather either but proper iron armour, so even though it was still a skeleton, you couldn’t fight them too carelessly.

Making sure that my concentration levels don’t drop, I launched my assault at the dozen or so Skeleton Warrior rushing towards me with their swords raised.

Paying attention to what parts were covered by their shield or armour, I made a couple of feints to create openings and stabbed my sword at directly only at the places where their white bone was visible.


Just because they were armoured up, doesn’t mean that their insides became stronger as well after all. It’s still the same old skeleton.

In the middle of it all, I’ll also throw in a couple of leg sweeps to destroy their balance as I continued my assault and in a matter of moments, the skeleton warriors that were trying to surround me had all been destroyed like this.

Since there were a couple Skeleton mages still standing, I quickly moved to go and help Snow finish them off.

Unlike the Dead Lich, that was wearing a high quality red robe, these mages were covered in a tattered black robe and were equipped with a simple wand.

The magic they could use was also only elementary level magic but, since there were a lot of them, actually dealing with them all was bit more troublesome than you’d think.

Snow had been doing well, moving around, dodging and killing when it could but, that was way too much effort for me so I just rushed from up front and began my onslaught.

As long as I can get close enough, I can rip through these mage in a single slash.

Cutting down the fire ball that was launched at me by one of the skeleton mages, I instantly rushed near it and then cut it down with a horizontal slash.

Since I can keep track of all of them whenever they use any magic, I can continue killing them all like this as long as it stays this way.

Perhaps because they had been buffed by the Dead Lich, their magic did feel a bit stronger than normal but in the end , it was still elementary magic and I could cut it down with a slash of my sword.

And so, with matching my pace with Snow, we hunted down the rest of the mages.



After cutting down the 20 or so Skeleton mages alongside the normal skeletons that kept on popping up from the ground here and there, we finished our scrub hunt and then took a breather.

On the other side, Esta & Ralf, who were facing the Dead Lich, their magic duel was still continuing in full force.


I had been throwing sidelong glances towards Esta to keep an eye on their battle just in case but, when it came to magic, Esta and the Dead Lich were basically evenly matched.

And adding the Tank Ralf into the mix meant that Esta clearly had the upper hand and was pushing but……….the battle still showed no signs of concluding.

But, now that Snow and I had hunted down all of the Dead Lich’s Skeleton army, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the final result of this battle was already decided.

If me and Snow also attacked the Dead Lich now, this stalemate will be instantly overturned in a matter of minutes.

I wanted to battle the Dead Lich as well, so I did consider throwing myself into the mix as well but………

Well, Esta just looked she was having a lot of fun duelling this Dead Lich.

So much fun that she was smiling ear to ear as she fired one intermediate magic after another.

Since the opponent was an undead, it was impossible for me to get a read on its expression but, the Dead Lich continued to counter this barrage from Esta with some ever-changing dynamic magic of its own.

It wasn’t because I was underestimating the Lich or anything but, I instinctively felt that not helping her here and simply watching over their battle right now was the correct decision for the sake of Esta’s own growth.

Of course, it seemed like she might lose, I will instantly rush in to support but, until that happens, I’m thinking of letting Esta handle this by herself.

As for Snow, I asked it to take care of the basic Skeletons that still continued popping out here and there, and I simply waited by the side, ready to help whenever needed as I continued to observe the battle between Esta and the Dead Lich.

——this is my first time seeing a magic duel of this high level, and I must admit, it had its own beauty to it, different from a normal physical duel.

In close combat, reading and reacting to the opponent was critical, so if a trained person watched that, they’ll find enjoyment but for a normal person, all the little techniques will be lost to them and go above their heads and the fight itself will not look more than basic scruffle.

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However, in a magic battle, the flashiness of the spells was great enough to make it so that even a normal person watching would be highly entertained.

Since Esta used all 4 basic elements evenly, colourful energies of red, green, blue and brown all flashed about in the area, and the Dead Lich was adept in a compound magic that used Water and earth magic, to create a Mud like magic that he could manipulate to its will and used it to defend against Esta’s attacks.

Esta’s magic was, like I said, flashy as hell, and made even me, who didn’t even understand the M of magic, feel all excited; and on the other hand the Dead Lich was handling these flashy attacks perfectly.

Since Esta was on the attacking side, I felt a bit more relaxed in watching like this and I almost felt like cheering her from the side; that’s how moved I was from the sight in front of me.

Every once in a while, the Dead Lich would manipulate the Mud magic to launch an attack as well but all of those were perfectly parried away by Ralf.

Honestly, a part me really felt like Ralf helping out by acting as her guard was quite frankly ruining the look of the battle but………..

I had no place to interject here, so I quietly watched from the side and waited to see what kind of conclusion this battle will reach.

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