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Null Poison Ch206

Zero Talent

After leaving the weird room, I followed the old man back to his original work room.

In the meantime, unlike before where he was making an annoyed face, the old man was looking at the piece of paper I had filled with a serious expression.

Did he enter his teaching mode, or was it something else that made him curious——–I had no idea but, at least it looks like he was finally taking this seriously.

“Sit down there.”

“……..So, what the hell was that earlier? Can you explain a bit.”

“You wouldn’t understand even if I did. Forget that, and answer my questions instead…… everything written on this paper true?”

“Yes, it’s all exactly as the paper says. I can’t use any magic, and in fact, I haven’t even been able to sense my mana.”


“In that case, this is extremely peculiar………..I’ll give the conclusion first, you have absolutely no talent for magic. ———Or rather, your body is well suited for magic but you have utterly zero talent for using it for magic properly.”

“What does that mean? I don’t get it.”

“According to the appraisal done in that room, your body most certainly possess a more than decent amount of mana, I can tell. However, if you can’t use magic even after possessing that much mana means your brain simply isn’t proficient at using magic.”


………I see.

I sort of get what the old man was trying to tell me.

I never had any talent for magic in the first place, but thanks to Eggmash I had raised my magic stat to such a high level that it had created this irregularity.

My body was never supposed to be capable of using magic but I had no made it so that it had more mana than the average person.

That had thrown the old man into confusion.

“So you’re saying that it’ll be hard for me to learn magic?”

“Well, that’s the gist of it yes. Even with all this mana, to still not  being able to use magic………hofofo, being talentless truly is pitiful eh.”

“……….well if you can’t teach me magic, the jewel ——-“

“I never said I can’t. Depending on method, anyone can learn how to use magic after all.”

Since he seemed like he was mocking me, I was going to fire back at him but the old man quickly added another statement to stop me beforehand.

I never liked his attitude in the first place so if I really had no talent, then I would have simply given up on it but………can he really teach even someone with no talent like me on how to use magic?

Perhaps, I can have some hope after all.

“Really? If you can, tell me how.”

“I will of course. You’re the one who jumped to a wrong conclusion………here eat this medicine, and then follow me again.”

The old man handed me a vial with a jet black liquid that was giving off a dangerous smell.

It certainly didn’t look like a potion, and to be honest I didn’t want to drink it but, I took a deep breath and instantly gulped it all down.

How do I put this……….it’s like I drank some chemical. It was really bitter.


A normal person would have definitely thrown up but, thanks to constantly eating horrible poisonous plants, this was well within tolerable range for me.

Compared to Greath’s Ongneer, this was like ten times better in taste.


“——ooh! First time seeing one who didn’t puke it all out on their first attempt. While it isn’t interesting but it’s good to see that at least you have some guts contrary to your looks.”

“I’m just to this kind of shit. Anyway, hurry up and take me wherever we’re going.”

“I know, I know. Follow me.”

This old golem guy, I thought it was weird that he was staring it me after giving me the vial but I guess he was really hoping to see him puke it all out eh.

I don’t think I will ever come to respect this old man——–while thinking that, I followed the old man entered a big, wide room with a couple dozen people already inside.

Judging from their similar attire and the fact they were practicing magic, they’re all probably this old man’s students.

They’ll greet him happily every time he passed them so I guess even this eccentric old man had disciples that actually liked him.

I also saw Esta in the room practicing magic as well, so I assume this is the Practice hall.

“We’re going into a room further inside from here. Normally only I’m allowed inside, so be grateful that you get the chance to see it.”


“Who the hell feels thankful from getting allowed into some random room?”

Retorting back, we entered into the inner room from the Practice hall.

It wasn’t as wide as the practice hall itself, but it was still pretty big.

How many rooms are there inside this building………

 Edestor rent was already pretty high, and the fact that this old man was able to rent such a huge building just showed how rich he was really.

“So what do I have to do? I assume I need to do something to become able to use magic?”

“No, you don’t really have to do anything specific. Simply relax yourself, and focus on what you are about to feel so that you never forget this sensation.”

“I have to do nothing? What do you——-“

Before I could finish my question, the old man fired some magic straight at me.

I panicked and tried to dodge but it was from extremely close range so I couldn’t move in time and took it head on.

The moment the magic hit, it felt like my neck was being choked, and I became unable of using my voice.

Because of that I struggled to even breath, as I put my hands on my neck and desperately tried to suck in air……….but no matter how much I tried, no air entered inside.

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While watching me desperately struggle, the old man simply walked to a chair and sat down and continued to watch me as if he was watching something funny.

——–this old fucker, I will definitely kill him.

My hands and knees were on the floor, I tried to grab on to the old man to try and make him suffer with me but, when I tried to get close, he fired more magic at me.

Struggling already, I was unable to dodge anything……….and the moment the magic hit me, I completely lost my consciousness.

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  1. Vyda Avatar

    So trial by fire…
    Since he is unable to feel the mana inside his body, the only solution is to try and feel it through external forces.
    Normally in a battle this is impossible since the other person is literally trying to kill you with their magic. Also this method wouldn’t work with a normal person, otherwise they would be gravely injured even at the touch of the most elementary spell


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