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Null Poison Ch213


Since I had bought some low level mana potions on the way, there was no worry of me entering mana burnout again but the mental fatigue was horrible.

I had to maintain maximum concentration for pretty much the entire day, and during the 30mins of training after learning [Anti Magic], I showed more focus and concentration than perhaps I had ever in my entire life.

I was feeling all faint in the head, and I was at a point where I might fall asleep the moment I lost focus but, I hadn’t yet lost the sensation from before either, so I was almost equally excited as well.

But if I keep up like this, my fatigue won’t fully recover by tomorrow so I wanted to quickly go back and take a bath, and then rest on my bed.

For that reason, I was quickly walking back to [Gorush] but……….



Ever since entering the crowded main street, I could feel someone watching me from somewhere.

At first I thought it might be someone I know, but I soon realized that the gaze was not a favourable one, and was more like they were keeping an eye on me, monitoring me.


And they had completely hid their presence as well so I knew they were almost certainly an enemy of mine.

Due to the intense practice for [Anti Magic], my senses and focus were still heightened so I noticed it but beyond that, I had no idea who they were or where they were watching me from .

Was it another pursuer, or was it just someone that just happened to target me, kind of like how Esta and Ralf when I first met them in Realzard.

I couldn’t tell but………..the fastest way to know was to catch them and make them talk.

Of all times, why did it have to be now when I am so exhausted already? While complaining, I left the main street and entered a more quiet, empty street.

Since there were too many people on the main street I couldn’t narrow it down to the person but, I’ll catch them quickly in a more empty place.

And if they don’t follow me here, I’ll just leave it and go home.

Since I didn’t know when they might come to attack me, I activated my skills to stay at the highest level of vigilance as I walked through a less popular street.

It was from further afar, but the person watching me was still there.

Just barely out of the range of [Mana Sense] and [Life Presence Sense].

I wanted to lure them a bit closer but, I don’t think they’ll come any more near to me.

And I also confirmed that it wasn’t a group but just one person alone so——

“………..What a pain. I guess I’ll go and catch them instead.”


I muttered to myself finding this method to be too boring and slow, I quickly turned towards the person and dashed straight towards them.

[Flesh Enhancement][War Dance][Gale][Physical Ability Boost][Leg Strength Enhancement]

Activating multiple battle skills immediately, I rushed in towards the pursuer with the fastest speed I could currently put out.

For a second, they thought of running away after seeing me rush straight towards them but after realizing that it would be impossible to escape from my speed, they gave up on hiding and came out in the open to face me directly.


………..I don’t recognise them.

It was a blonde man in his 30s. Medium build, not too tall and certainly not someone you would expect to be a strong fighter.

From a glance, I felt like I could easily take them on but, just in case, I activated my detection skills to check.

[Life Presence Sense][Mana Sense][Perception Enhancement]

Their life presence was normal. But the mana sense, made me feel that something was wrong——–

“You……..Are you Mielle?”

Realizing the reason behind my discomfort, I uttered Mielle’s name.

Her entire body had been covered in mana, which created the perfect camouflage but, after seeing the old man’s mana for the past two weeks constantly, I was able to catch the irregularity as well.

I wasn’t sure but, this was almost certainly the Disguise magic used by Mielle that I saw back in the capital.

The feeling I had now was similar to the discomfort I felt back then.

“…………..How did you know? My disguise now should have been even more perfect from back then.”

With anger mixed in her tone, Mielle spoke up after a period of silence.

At that instant, the face in front of me began to morph and twist just like last time, and gradually lost all shape or form.

It almost seemed like she melted but soon, it turned into a different face——-the same face of the actual Mielle that I recognised.

“Ah, so it was Mielle after all. Following me secretly like this, what the hell do you want from me?”

“——-Hah? ‘what do you want from me?’ you say! Are you saying that you don’t have an idea of what you did!?”

“Sorry, but I can’t think of anything. If anything, you should be in my debt no?”

“Debt? Oh are you still going to insist that what you did was ‘doing me a favour’ and not an act of revenge?”

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I thought maybe feigning ignorance might work but………judging by her anger, looks like my little letter had an incredible effect.

Everything went well, exactly like I had planned, and it succeeded in sowing discord between Mielle and Klaus.

Which means, I can feign ignorance either.

“……….I guess there’s no point in lying now. I just got a good opportunity to throw off Klaus, so I used you for it. My bad.”

I apologized but Mielle was still shaking in anger.

And I could sense her mana gathering into her left hand.


“You really think I would forgive you easily!? I have been searching for you to kill you all this time!! I never thought I’d find you in Edestor of all places but……….I will make you pay for making a fool of me, for completely ruining my life!!”

While raging with resentment like a mandwoman, Mielle began preparing to use some powerful magic.

To think I’d end up finding actual use for my new ability less than an hour after I properly learnt it.

And the magic Mielle was prepping was not a beginner magic like I was practicing with but was close to an advanced magic.

………….but, it doesn’t really matter whether its beginner magic or advanced magic, as long as I match the mana, the result will be the same.

My only real worry was that, although I had drunk a mana potion, I still had been training with Anti Magic for a long time before this, so we’ll have to see whether I have enough mana or not.

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