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Null Poison Ch214

First Real Usage

This wasn’t training however, this was a real battle.

If I ended up fainting like I did after using my first [Fire Ball], it’d be all meaningless.

I exhaled deeply, and fully focused all my concentration towards Mielle.

I further activated [Hearing Enhancement] and [perception Range Enhancement] as well, and matched every action that Mielle made with my own.

Her breathing, the quantity of mana that flowed through her body as well as the nature of it, every delicate movement; I traced it all perfectly.

I had been practicing only against the old golem man so I didn’t realize it because I had nothing to compare him to but, seeing Mielle now, I could tell that she was making a lot more unnecessary movements and was generally much more easier to imitate than him.

One of the four gods that created the world——

“[Anti Magic].”


The moment her chant began, I activated [Anti Magic].

I felt like I was using a lot more magic than I had used for this until now but, I think I just avoided entering mana burnout.

The magic that Mielle was about to use was apparently Ice based magic, and I could feel flowing the cold air towards me from even before the magic fully activated.


I did have [Cold Resistance] as a counter as well but, if it held this much cold energy, if I got hit I’d almost definitely die regardless of any resistance.

If I can’t block her chant, I’ll be in a life threatening dilemma indeed but——

“[Ice Cryonisis]”

Mielle’s chant ended, and the moment she spoke the name of her spell, the [Anti Magic] I had launched made a direct hit.

It instantly melted into her body through her hand, and the advanced level ice magic that she was about to activate, completely died out.

Mielle didn’t seem to understand what had happened, as she just stood there with eyes wide open in shock.

In her head, she must have been already imagining me dead in her ice after she launched her magic, but the reality was, that her magic had failed long before any of that could happen.

Seeing her reaction, I’m sure she’s never even experienced failing to activate a magic in her life.

To use this obvious chance and opening, I instantly narrowed the distance between us.

All 5 of my skills, [Flesh Enhancement][War Dance][Gale][Physical Ability Boost][Leg Strength Enhancement], were still active.

Mielle panicked and tried to stop me when she saw me coming close but, I instantly reached right in front of her and dove in, and before she could do anything else——

Slammed my fist cleanly right into her abdomen with full force, fainting her instantly in the process.



I ended up using it out of nowhere against a really strong opponent but, looks like I succeeded.


While looking down on Mielle who lay unconscious on the ground, I exhaled a deep breath.

I mean I knew she was a [Sage] and all but, I didn’t think she’d suddenly use advanced magic——that too, a compound  magic all of a sudden.

Now, I was far from my best condition as well so I was very happy that I was able to end the battle instantly.

I was on the verge of mana burnout, and I barely had any stamina left, so after confirming that there weren’t any other people around us, I deactivated all my skills.

And then I searched through Mielle’s belongings with zero hesitation——–Ooh, I knew she’d have potions on her.

 I stole a normal and a mana potion, and gulped them both down instantly.

“……….Were these both high grade potions? As expected of a rich lady.”

Muttering to myself these things, I then tied up Mielle completely to stop her from running away.

To be honest, I wanted to use something like iron chains to restrain her but, it’s not like I’d be carrying something like that around with me so I just used a random cord I found to just seal her movement at least.

Now as long I keep my steel sword at her neck, I doubt she’ll try to do something.

While I waited for Mielle to wake back up, I let the potions do their job and heal me and……..

About 30mins later, Mielle finally woke up.

“…………..Oww, where am I——–“

“About time you woke up. I ddin’t know how long you’d take so I had no choice but to waste my time watching over you, you know?”

“Chris! I’ll kill you!”

“Oh dear, at least assess your current situation before acting all bold. Your limbs are both tied up, and if you move even a bit——-I’ll chop your head off.”

Since she just woke up, it looks like her memories of what happened there in the end were still vague.

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I calmly explained her current situation to Mielle, and threatened her to stay put in her place.

“………….Right, my magic didn’t activate, and then you——–“

“Exactly. Thanks for suddenly messing up all on your own though.


“Wh, why did I suddenly fail my magic now of all times!?!”

“Oi, keep your voice low. Or I’ll cut you down.”

On top of all her already pent up anger, now she had been further restrained by me.

Because of that her head seemed to be in a mess, and her mood was really weird so first of all I made her calm down.

“You will answer everything I ask now. Depending on your answers, I might consider letting you live as well.”

“Wh-who would let you——-“

“Are you perhaps thinking that I thinking that I can’t kill you? Remember Carlo, of [The Maginicks]? I already killed him as well.”

“Carlo of [The Maginicks]………? Wait, you mean that guy from the underground organization that was working for Klaus!?! How do you know that name——-A-alright. I-I’ll answer any question you have so don’t kill me please.”

“Good girl. If you make any suspicious movement, you die instantly. And I’ll warn you, I can see the flow of mana as well.”

The name of the [The Maginicks].

Hearing that as well as Carlo’s name, her face was drained of all colour and Mielle quickly began pleading for her life.

Looks like Carlo really was a well known villain in the capital.

Well, with his appearance and strength, I always knew that that was no normal guy but, looks like everything he said back then was true indeed.

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  1. Uhl Avatar

    Good. Give that arrogant, hypocritical witch a reality check and make her realize that going around trying to kill people does NOT give her the moral high ground. Ever.


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