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Null Poison Ch217

Event Report

A lot of things had happened today, and my body was basically screaming in pain now but……..

I think I needed to tell Esta and Ralf about Mielle at least.

Once again making sure that I hadn’t been followed by someone else, I entered our room.

Since I had wasted a lot of time with Mielle, it was late night already though I didn’t know the exact time right now.

I was originally resolved to waking both of them back up but, the lights in the room were still on so they might be awake still it seems.


“Chirs-san, you’re late! Phillip-san said you had left a long time ago so I was really worried!”

“Where even were you!? We tried searching around for you as well you know? What were you doing till this late at night??”


“Sorry for making you both worried. I got dragged into a bit of a mess……….I know it late, but do you two mind keeping me company for a while?”

“A mess…… say? So something irregular did happen!”

“We can always delay our tomorrow’s work for another day worst case, so sit down and explain to us what actually happened!”

“Alright. I’ll explain everything that happened after I left [Magic Cave].”

And so, I explained everything to them, how I got ambushed by Mielle, and how I then turned Mielle into becoming my co-operator as well.

Since I did this all without ever consulting either of them, I was worried they might be against my decisions but, surprisingly they listened to me talk till the very end without speaking a single word.

“——-And that’s about it. Did you get everything?”

“Yeah I understood what happened but, this Miellle, you sure we can trust her? I’m not one to object to anything to you say Chris but, that dirty necklace as our security doesn’t seem like it’s enough, or is that just me?”

“The necklace is just an insurance. I talked to her directly so I am pretty confident it’ll be alright, that’s why I accepted her becoming a co-operator. Also, the necklace itself seems to be very important to Mielle for whatever reason, I’m certain……….How about we try it on you too, Ralf?”


“Try what exactly?!”

“Well, let’s see if Ralf has anything he’s hiding from us.”

“As if I’d have something like that. How are you going to find it our anyway?!”

“You just need to listen to my questions, and just stay quiet Ralf.”

Explaining that, I activated [Hearing Enhancement] and [Perception Enhancement].

And after confirming his normal heart rate, I began asking Ralf some questions.

“Ralf, do you have anything you have kept secret from me or Esta?”

The moment I asked, Ralf’s heartbeat rate suddenly spiked.

Of course, there ‘s always a chance that it’s simply because of suddenly getting questioned like this, but the increase in heart rate is almost proof that he has been hiding something.

“So you do have something.”

“I do not! I haven’t kept any secrets from you two!!”

“Then, let’s see what your secret is about…………..Is it regarding the dungeon………..maybe love and romance……….maybe your job…………or is it money—–Ah, so it IS money related.”

“Wa-wait a minute!! I get it, I get it so please stop!! I get that the necklace is in fact important so let’s continue with our actual conversation, yes?!”

“Ralf, I have things to ask so won’t you tell me in detail about everything later on?”


Hearing Esta’s cold voice, Ralf’s back straightened from fear.


There was a little reaction when I mentioned the dungeon as well, so I assume he’s hiding something that’s related to his earnings from the dungeon or something like that.

Well, I’ll let Esta handle the interrogation itself later, and I returned back to the main topic.

“Just like I did right now, I figured out that the necklace would be the best choice to keep as a collateral so it should be fine.”

“Well, I can at least confirm it’s a credible method alright………….I’m still a bit worried considering she tried to attack you out of nowhere at the capital Chris but, as far as working as your co-operator goes, I don’t think you’ll find anyone more qualified than her no?”

“I agree with Ralf. It has also made it much for safer for you to explore Edestor as well so I have no objections against making this Mielle person into your co-operator either.”

Looks both of them were convinced with my decisions.

It was a risky move but, looks like they understand that it’s for the best.

“Still, I didn’t expect this Mielle to aim for your life out of nowhere! There’s still been no info on whether the Princes and her party had come out of the dungeon or not.”

“Well according to the person herself, they came out literally just a short time ago. Maybe they left right after you left the Dungeon as well Ralf.”


“I see. And then she happened to be in Edestor, coincidentally saw you and decided to follow!? The timing is a bit too unfortunate, man Chris, you are really one unlucky guy!”

“Well, it resulted in me getting a co-operator instead so could you even call it ‘unlucky’ anymore? Well, it was right after my magic practice so that certainly sucked. I’d rather not have to deal with that again.”

I had drunk the high level potions that I stole from Mielle but my headache still showed no signs of disappearing and my fatigue was horrible.

I wanted to go to sleep asap, or else I really might fall ill again. That’s how bad it was.

“Speaking of, how did your magic training under Phillip-san go? Did you finally learn the magic you were practicing?”

“Yeah, I safely managed to learn it. I’ll show it to you sometime later Esta, so look forward to it.”

“So Chris-san has also finally become a true magic user! I can’t wait to see what it’s like!”

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“It’s just one basic magic and one more, that’s not even really a proper magic, but yeah. ………Well, that talk went on longer than I imagined but that’s it for my report. Any questions? If not, I’d like to go to sleep already.”

“None here! You explained everything, and I get your decisions as well.”

“Same here.”

“I see. Then……….it’s already late night but, let’s go to sleep quickly. As for the request that we were planning to take tomorro–today I guess, I’m sorry but we’re going to have to postpone it.”

“No worries! You get your rest. Me and Esta will go and do some easier request in the meantime.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

With everything told, our long discussion finally ended.

While stretching and rotating my shoulders, I somehow moved my heavy body into the shower.

And as soon as I lay down on my bed and close my eyes, I slipped into a deep slumber.

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