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Null Poison Ch218

Face to Face Meeting

By the time I woke up again, the sun had already begun to set again.

Since it was close to dawn when I fell asleep, it seems like I really slept like a log till late.

There were no signs of Ralf, Esta or Snow in the room, and like they said last night, they must be out doing requests.

While loosening my stiff body as I got up, I checked my condition overall and——-alright.

While I was still slightly tired, I didn’t fall ill or anything this time.

To fully recover, I wanted to sleep a bit more but, I had to go meet Mielle tonight to talk again as well.

While I waited for the two to return, I prepared to get ready leave soon.



I took a shower to wake myself up fully, and by the time I changed my clothes, they were back.


Looks like they were dong requests as expected as even the usually energetic Snow seemed tired as it walked in slowly wagging its tail.

“Oh, Chris, you’re awake?”

“Yeah, about time I woke up eh. My body still feels a bit heavy but can’t be sleeping all day either. How did it go for you guys?”

“We were completing requests like we said. It was a bit worrying without you Chris-san so, we only took a gold rank request.”

“After the dungeon as well, Snow’s played a huge part once again! Both me and Eta barely got to do much!”

“I know right! Snow pretty much finished the request on its own. It’s detection skills are high as well. Snow’s really grown into such an excellent child!”

Getting lots of headpats from both of them, Snow howled happily.

Compared to even platinum rank monsters, Snow simply has better movement skills as well after all.

And its body has gotten a lot bigger as well, so Gold rank ones will be a pushover for it.

“Snow, thanks for working hard in my absence. I’ll treat you to some good meat next time.”



I wondered if it understood what I said clearly as Snow jumped into my arms happily.

While petting Snow’s head, I explained my plans for tonight to Ralf and Esta.

“Sorry to trouble you both right after you’ve come back from work but……..we need to talk for a bit.”

“Talk? Mielle related I assume?”

“Yes. I forgot to tell this yesterday but, I planned to meet Mielle again today. I’m planning on heading there now but, what about you guys? I don’t mind taking you two along and letting you meet her as well.”

“Of course I’ll come then. I’d like to this person face to face at least once after all.”

“I’ll go too then! I’ll stay out of your discussions but like Esta said, I’d like to see what she looks like at least once.”

“In that case, let’s go together. Snow, sorry but you’ll have to stay and watch the room this time.”


And so, with these two in tow who had just come back, I headed to the place where I planned to meet Mielle.

Said place was of course, the same empty alley where I beat and tied her up.

We didn’t decide on an exact time, and had just vaguely said we’ll might at night again.

Since the sun had only just begun to set, there’s a chance she might not even be here still but…….


When we got there, I saw Mielle sitting and poking the ground all alone, looking bored.

“Is that the Mielle you told us about?”

“Yeah, that’s her.”

“You said she was a master of disguise but………is that her real body?”

“It is. That’s Mielle without her disguise. She can change her gender, age, height, basically everything, so if she allows it, I can ask her to show it to you later.”

“Ooh we get to see her disguise live. Can’t wait!………..Also, unlike my expectations, she’s a real cutie huh! Chris, did you actually punch this cute girl with full strength?”

“Of course. She was the one who attacked me. I’m not the type to go easy on someone just because she’s a woman.”

“Well, you’re not wrong I guess but………….it’s kinda amazing how you don’t get shaken by anything huh.”

Ignoring Ralf who was staring at me like a weirdo, I walked towards Mielle.

I activated all my detection skills, and checked whether there was someone else hidden nearby but, at the very least there was no one in my detection range.

As promised, Mielle had come alone.

“Kept you waiting huh.”

“About time you came…………..Are two behind you your comrades?”

“Yes. This is Esta, and that’s Ralf. Since we are working together Mielle, I figured you should at least know their faces as well so I brought them with me.”

“I’m Ralf! I’ve heard it all from Chris. I know you were an enemy at first but if you’re going to help us from now, let’s get along. We’ll be in your care!”

“And I’m Esta. I’ll admit I’m still not fully convinced about you but that’s why I’ve come here, to make sure of things as well. A pleasure to meet you.”

“You probably know already, but again, I’m Mielle. I was tricked by your leader here, lost my place, a former elite. Right now I’m in a party with this country’s Princess. I don’t plan on antagonizing you guys ever again, so please no need to be so on guard.”

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Introducing herself as a former elite, Mielle shook hands with Ralf and Esta.

Her words still held venom within, and while she said she had no intention of opposing us, it was clear she still held a grudge.

I really should make it a habit to always be on guard when meeting Mielle from now on as well.

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2 responses to “Null Poison Ch218”

  1. joseph Avatar

    Thats a short chapter. But still thank you for it


  2. Bloog Avatar

    “Of course. She was the one who attacked me. I’m not the type to go easy on someone just because she’s a woman”
    Kazuma would be proud.


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