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Null Poison Ch219

Future Plans

“That’s enough of party introductions for now, and let’s get to the main topic. When are you guys returning back to the capital Mielle? Because there’s info I want you to gather there.”

“Honestly, I don’t know either. Our party runs on the demands of our princess. But well, the last dungeon capture failed in the end, so I don’t think she’ll give up until she’s made it floor 50 like Klaus.”

“Which means, it’ll be a while before you go back to the Capital then.”

“So it seems. Of course there’s always a chance that she suddenly says she’s bored of the dungeon and we go back out of nowhere as well though………..that dumb princess, never stopped complaining while we were in the dungeon after all.”

Perhaps recalling her dungeon experience, Mielle clicked her tongue in annoyance.

She really is foul mouthed huh.


“I’ll take it as a 90% of not returning then. Which means any info gathering in the capital is not happening any time soon………..”

In that case, there’s really not much Mielle can do for me right now.

I already got all the info I wanted out of Mielle, and so I guess she’ll just have to stay on standby until she can gather more new info.


To be honest, I’d rather be spending my time focusing on improving my skills and ability as well so just not having the constant threat to my life is a big plus on its own.

I guess I can have her look out for and report to me if any enemies or pursuers might show up in Edestor, but outside that, I can leave Mielle alone until she goes back to Edestor.

——for a second I came to that conclusion, but then I recalled, she was the party member of the princess.

And if what Mielle told me is true and she doesn’t get along with Klaus, perhaps it is worth it to make a connection with her as well.

Of course, that could also lead to more trouble as well but, I’m sure she also has info that only a princess would be privy to.

“I don’t think there’s much I can do for you right now. I’ll work properly once we return to the capital so, let’s maintain our distance while we’re still in Edestor——“

“Hey Mielle, can you introduce me to this princess?”

“Hah? Are you aiming for the Princess as well? You should give up on that. She always has that muscle brained straight laced partner of hers by her side at all times. You’ll get killed instantly.”

“You misunderstand. To kill Klaus, I need connections with influential and strong people, so I was wondering if she’d be interested in cooperating with me.”

“Firsstly, I doubt it. That dumb princess has no interest in the common people, I doubt she’d be even willing to listen to you.”

So unless I have so sort of incentive, she won’t even entertain listening to me eh.

…………the only thing that could catch her interest is the fact that I am the [Sword God]’s brother.

To be honest, I don’t want to use the name of the guy I was trying to get my revenge on but, if I don’t use every little advantage I can get, I’ll never get to Klaus anyway.

And that includes Klaus himself.


“You don’t think she’ll be interested even after knowing that I’m Klaus’ older brother?”

“If you tell her that, I guess she might be willing to listen a bit but……..that’s very risky you know? I know I said that the princess hates Klaus but, that’s only based on her attitude and what I inferred from watching them from the side. There’s always a chance they have some kind of connection behind everyone’s back. Her hateful attitude could always be a ploy to make it harder for other to monitor them.”


“Klaus and the Princess could be working together in the shadows? And what are the chances of that actually being the case though?”

“Oh, close to zero. Like I said, I really do think they hate each other, and the chances of them working together is unimaginable to me. However, it’s not confirmed, and thus not impossible either that’s all.”

“Then, it’s fine to tell her. I’ve already resolved myself to crossing dangerous bridges the moment I joined hands with you Mielle.”

I’m not going to be faltering from risks of this level.

In the off chance, the Princess and Klaus were in fact allies, and my info leaks, I’ll still have lots of ways to work around it.

“Alright. In that case, I’ll tell her about you. Of course, she might still refuse even after knowing you are Klaus’ brother, and if she leaks your info to Klaus, don’t blame me for it, that’s all I’m asking.”

“yeah, I promise I won’t. But, if I find that it was not the princess but YOU who leaked my info……….there will be no mercy.”

“LIKE I SAID, I have no intention of betraying you!! I really want that necklace back as well so I’ll fully co-operate with you.”

With this much extra warning, it should be fine.

Now I have to wait for the princess to take the bait, and honestly I have no idea if she will.

From how Mielle talks about her, she doesn’t seem like a person who’d be interested but, it’s fine if nothing comes out of it.

As long as she isn’t connected to Klaus, there’s no demerits towards me.

“Alright. I’ll leave the talk with the princess to you……….Also, when are you going to contact me again? I want to hear the Princess’ reply as soon as possible as well, and if you go back into the dungeon, it’ll be impossible to contact us right?”

“I’ll choose when to contact you guys again if you don’t mind. I don’t know what nonsense the princess might drag me into next so please understand.”

“Sure, fine.”

“As for how I’ll contact you, I guess I’ll just walk and come to meet you. Which inn are guys staying in again?”

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“Not the Inn, you can come to the store called [Magic Cave]………..Esta, it should be fine right?”


“Yes. Phillip-san is almost always there so I’ll tell him in advance next time I see him.”

“Alright. Once I get the answer from the Princess, or if its decided when we return to the capital, I’ll go this shop to contact you.”

“Yeah, I’m counting on you.”

And with that, our discussion with Mielle ended.

There wasn’t much to gain from today, but I did get a potential appointment with the Princess, and got Esta and Ralf to meet Mielle as well, so it’s enough I guess.

Leaving Mielle who was still sitting there alone, we were about to leave the alley when——

Perhaps she forgot to tell us something, as Mielle suddenly loudly shouted to call us back.

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